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Wetland Way (Japanese: 湿った道 Shimetta Michi; Wet Road) is a muddier area that separates West Neksdor Desert and East Neksdor Desert. It contrasts the dry and hot environment of Neksdor in general, as it's noticeably more damp, with some flowing water on the ground and the hills being covered in mud. In the main story, the only path that leads to East Neksdor Desert is blocked off by boulders until all Neksdor townspeople are rescued.

This area's point of interest is a cave that leads to the Underground Maze, which is first accessible when the player is tasked to capture the mischievous Genie.


Areas around Wetland Way


Stage 1

A forking path. Has 1-2 battles. The left path is labeled "Treasure path", and the right path is labeled "Here be moles". On the Treasure Path, the first chest contains 4 Jade Butterflies. The second chest contains 3 Game Tickets. The third chest contains 360G. The chest at the end of the right path contains a Strata Sundae ★★. Gives 60-138 EXP. Warning, the right path is difficult for low-level Miis.

Battle 1 - Mole x4 (right path)

Battle 2 - Evil Mole, Mole x2 (right path)

Stage 2

A forking path. Has 1-2 battles. The chest on the upper path contains 2 Banshee Tears ★. Gives 35-87 EXP.

Battle 1 - Man Mural, Lady Mural

Battle 2 - Cacti Stack x4 (upper path)

Stage 3

A straight path. Has 1 battle. Gives 90 EXP.

Battle 1 - Jade Butterfly x6

Chest Stage

A straight path. The stage contains a golden chest, which gives either a new weapon or new clothing for a party member. The first chest contains 6 Jade Butterflies.


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