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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

Wields powerful swords, and is skilled at both attack and defense.

-Job description

About Warrior


【Miitopia】 - Warrior Play Demo

The Warrior (Japanese:せんし; Senshi) is a job in Miitopia that focuses on single-target damage and party defense. For their equipment, their weapon of predilection are Swords and their clothing are Armors.

Boasting high HP, Attack, and Defense, the Warrior is the perfect physical party member but lacks Speed and Magic.


Stat Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Best equipment Max food stats Maxed stats

(Lv. 50 + equipment + food)

HP 12 310 +99 409
MP 4 62 +99 161
Attack 12 114 +238 +99 451
Magic 0 10 +99 109
Defense 5 94 +213 +99 406
Speed 5 48 +99 147

Attacks & Skills

The Warrior's default attack is melee single-target only.

Skill Learned MP Cost Description Attack multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Jump Slash Lv. 3 5 "Leap into the air, and slice down to strike an enemy from above." 1.5 50%
Proud Protector Lv. 5 5 "Focus on defense to absorb the damage aimed at a friend." - 100% Protects allies from taking damage from an enemy's regular or physical attack, and reduces damage the user takes that turn by 20%. Also increases the friendship gauge. Warriors may end up refusing to protect resented allies.
Snap Out of It Lv. 7 4 "Snap a friend out of it when they're not themselves. (auto)" - 50% Removes emotion-based status effects from allies, such as Crying. Even removes the Nightmare and Evil status.
Spin Slash Lv. 12 7 "Swing your sword in a big circle, striking all enemies in the vicinity." 0.75 50%
Double Slash Lv. 17 7 "Unleash two powerful slashes in succession." 0.85 50% The user hits two monsters, or one monster for combined damage.
Darkeye Slash Lv. 22 12 "Slice an enemy, dealing heavy damage if they're wearing eyes." 2.1 50% Does more damage if used on monsters with Mii eyes.
Super Snap Out of It Lv. 29 0 "Snap a fallen friend back into action with a whopper of a wake-up call." - 100% A zero-MP skill that has a 50% chance of resurrecting a fallen ally, restoring 10 HP.
Super Spin Slash Lv. 36 18 "Whirl your sword around in a large circle to mow down all enemies." 2.1 50% Stronger version of Spin Slash.


Expand to see the full list of Swords:
Picture No. & Name Attack Stat

(Does not stack)

Buy/Sell Price

(Price Sum)

01SquireSword-removebg-preview.png Squire Sword

N. 01

+1 None
02BronzeSword-removebg-preview.png Bronze Sword

N. 02

+3 140 G
03BeeSword-removebg-preview.png Bee Sword

N. 03

+10 310 G

(450 G)

04PinkRibbonSword-removebg-preview.png Pink Ribbon Sword

N. 04

+16 570 G

(1020 G)

05SteelSword-removebg-preview.png Steel Sword

N. 05

+23 920 G

(1940 G)

06ChopperSword-removebg-preview.png Chopper Sword

N. 06

+31 1300 G

(3240 G)

07UtilitySword-removebg-preview.png Utility Sword

N. 07

+37 1900 G

(5140 G)

08PaladinSword-removebg-preview.png Paladin Sword

N. 08

+45 2500 G

(7640 G)

09DragonSword-removebg-preview.png Dragon Sword

N. 09

+53 3300 G

(10940 G)

10BlackKatana-removebg-preview.png Black Katana

N. 10

+61 4100 G

(15040 G)

11Arm-WrestlingSword-removebg-preview.png Arm-Wrestling Sword

N. 11

+70 5000 G

(20040 G)

12HeroSword-removebg-preview.png Hero Sword

N. 12

+84 6600 G

(26640 G)

13PharaohSword-removebg-preview.png Pharaoh Sword

N. 13

+98 8400 G

(35040 G)

14TurquoiseRibbonSword-removebg-preview.png Turquoise Ribbon Sword

N. 14

+113 10000 G

(45040 G)

15MuscleSword-removebg-preview.png Muscle Sword

N. 15

+129 12000 G

(57040 G)

16LightSword-removebg-preview.png Light Sword

N. 16

+145 15000 G

(72040 G)

17BlackDragonSword-removebg-preview.png Black Dragon Sword

N. 17

+163 17000 G

(89040 G)

18MagmaKatana-removebg-preview.png Magma Katana

N. 18

+180 20000 G

(109040 G)

19EmperorSword-removebg-preview.png Emperor Sword

N. 19

+205 24000 G

(133040 G)

20LegendarySword-removebg-preview.png Legendary Sword

N. 20

+238 30 000 G

(163 040 G)

Expand to see the full list of Armors:
Pictures No. & Name Defense Stat

(Does not stack)

Buy/Sell Price

(Price Sum)

01SquireArmor-removebg-preview.png Squire Armor

N. 01

+1 None
02LeatherArmor-removebg-preview.png Leather Armor

N. 02

+4 140 G
03BeeArmor-removebg-preview.png Bee Armor

N. 03

+9 210 G

(350 G)

04CopperArmor-removebg-preview.png Copper Armor

N. 04

+13 310 G

(660 G)

05PolkaDotArmor-removebg-preview.png Polka-Dot Armor

N. 05

+17 430 G

(1090 G)

06MonsterArmor-removebg-preview.png Monster Armor

N. 06

+21 570 G

(1660 G)

07AdventureArmor-removebg-preview.png Adventure Armor

N. 07

+25 730 G

(2390 G)

08WoolyArmor-removebg-preview.png Wooly Armor

N. 08

+29 920 G

(3310 G)

09IronArmor-removebg-preview.png Iron Armor

N. 09

+33 1100 G

(4410 G)

10BronzeArmor-removebg-preview.png Bronze Armor

N. 10

+38 1300 G

(5710 G)

11MachoArmor-removebg-preview.png Macho Armor

N. 11

+41 1600 G

(7310 G)

12CamoArmor-removebg-preview.png Camo Armor

N. 12

+46 1900 G

(9210 G)

13SilverArmor-removebg-preview.png Silver Armor

N. 13

+49 2200 G

(11410 G)

14HeartArmor-removebg-preview.png Heart Armor

N. 14

+54 2500 G

(13910 G)

15GarishArmor-removebg-preview.png Garish Armor

N. 15

+59 2900 G

(16810 G)

16MagicArmor-removebg-preview.png Magical Armor

N. 16

+67 3700 G

(20510 G)

17SuperArmor-removebg-preview.png Super Armor

N. 17

+75 4600 G

(25110 G)

18SteelArmor-removebg-preview.png Steel Armor

N. 18

+84 5500 G

(30610 G)

19HeroArmor-removebg-preview.png Hero Armor

N. 19

+92 6600 G

(37210 G)

20ShellArmor-removebg-preview.png Shell Armor

N. 20

+101 7800 G

(45010 G)

21AncientArmor-removebg-preview.png Ancient Armor

N. 21

+109 9000 G

(54010 G)

22VikingArmor-removebg-preview.png Viking Armor

N. 22

+118 10000 G

(64010 G)

23RavenArmor-removebg-preview.png Raven Armor

N. 23

+127 11000 G

(75010 G)

24NeonArmor-removebg-preview.png Neon Armor

N. 24

+136 13000 G

(88010 G)

25GoldArmor-removebg-preview.png Gold Armor

N. 25

+145 15000 G

(103010 G)

26SpaceArmor-removebg-preview.png Space Armor

N. 26

+158 17000 G

(120010 G)

27SamuraiArmor-removebg-preview.png Samurai Armor

N. 27

+171 20000 G

(140010 G)

28SacredArmor-removebg-preview.png Sacred Armor

N. 28

+185 23000 G

(163010 G)

29DragonArmor-removebg-preview.png Dragon Armor

N. 29

+199 27000 G

(190010 G)

30LegendaryArmor-removebg-preview.png Legendary Armor

N. 30

+213 30 000 G

(220 010 G)

31RaggedArmor-removebg-preview.png Ragged Armor

N. 31

+0 Roulette Only

Sell : 50 G


  • "Go! Double Slash!" (Double Slash skill)
  • "I'll protect you!" (US) / "Try getting past my armour!" (EU) (Proud Protector skill)
  • "Keep it together!" (Female) / "Snap out of it!" (Male) (Snap Out of It skill)
  • "Ready! Raaarrrr!" (Spin Slash and Super Spin Slash skills)
  • "Wake up!" (Super Snap Out of It skill)


  • Warrior Stats
    • The Warrior is tied with the Cat and the Tank for having the lowest base max MP, at 4.
    • The Warrior has the highest base Attack stat among all jobs, at 12.
    • The Warrior is tied with the Cat for having the lowest base Magic, at 0.
  • Warrior Equipment
    • Each version of the Warrior's Armor uses two distinct models. The first model (first used for the Squire's Armor) has a helm with a visor and a plume, that sits on top of the Warrior's head. The second model (first used for the Polka-Dot Armor) has a horned helm which includes a cowl, wrapping around the Warrior's head, leaving no hair visible. The Legendary Armor uses the second model.
    • The Utility Sword and the Adventure Armor resemble the outfits worn in the anime Attack on Titan.
    • The Light Sword is a close reference to the lightsabers in Star Wars, the main weapon that the Jedi and Sith use.
    • The helmet for the Neon Armor will still expose the wearer's hair despite using the headgear model. This is because the headpiece is coded as a "Hat" type instead of "HeadGear" that other headpieces of this model use.
    • The Magical Armor resembles Sheikah Technology from Zelda. Usually they have a light blue glow and eyes, very similar to the Magical Armor.
    • The Steel Sword has a resemblance to The Master Sword from Zelda.
    • The Chopper Sword resembles Ganondorf's sword in The Legend of Zelda Spaceworld 2000 tech demo. It also looks very similar to the Lynel Sword.
    • The Hero Sword Is based on the Ultima Weapon from the Final Fantasy series, specifically, it's appearance in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.
    • The Steel Armor, especially when colored red, resembles the armor of the Black Knight from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
    • Unlike other jobs that have 30 different pieces of clothing, Warrior's have 31 sets making it have the second most clothing of all jobs, beaten only by the Pop Star due to the male and female variants.
  • Attacks & Skills
    • If a Warrior uses Snap Out of It, a male Warrior will say, "Snap out of it!" while a female warrior will say, "Keep it together!"
    • A Warrior using Snap Out of It on an ally that the Warrior has a quarrel against will cause the affected to be knocked backwards (like when taking damage from the Distracted quarrel) instead of flinching in place.
    • Darkeye Slash uses the same Eye as the Face Steal move that the Dark Lord does.
    • If a Warrior uses any skill and does reduced damage, the player can hear a metal clang after attacking an enemy.
    • If a Warrior uses Proud Protector and is about to be attacked by any Scorpion which makes the message, "Sayonara!" pop up, they still will not be able to survive the attack.
  • Other
    • The description for the Warrior is slightly different in the UK, it says: Wields massive swords, and is versed in both attack and defence.
    • In the Casting Call, there is a unique Skill that is never seen in the Final Game.
  • In promotional materials from Nintendo of Europe gives the character used in the Warrior's official artwork the following name:
    • The warrior is named "Eric" in NOE material, but also named "Demetrius" in Nintendo of America's promotional material. Additionally, the official QR Code of the character simply gives him the name "boy"(sic). Both regions, however, describe the character as the idea of the player's own Mii.
    • The Switch version of the game also includes the character as the default Mii for the Lax Soldier, albeit with a lighter skin tone and the name “Bernie.”
    • In NOA's material, the character is also displayed as Laid-back, hiding behind the character used in the Cat's official artwork.


Official Artworks, Sprites & More

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Skill 3DS Nintendo Switch
Jump Slash Jump slash.jpg Jump slash first time Switch v.gif
Proud Protector Proud protector.jpg Proud-Protector-SW.gif


Snap Out of It Snap out of it.jpg Snap-Out-Of-It-SW.gif
Spin Slash Spin slash.jpg Spin Slash first being used switch ver.gif
Double Slash Double Slash.JPG Ezgif-3-25f9912c85ba.gif
Darkeye Slash Darkeye slash.jpg Darkeye-Slash-SW.gif
Super Snap Out of It Super snap out of it.jpg Super-Snap-Out-Of-It-SW.gif
Super Spin Slash Super spin slash.jpg Super-Spin-Slash-SW.gif