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The Villa

After defeating the Darker Lord (aka "Great Sage", The Darkest Lord), the Villa will be open. In addition, 5 Mii characters will automatically move in to the Villa (three of which who fought the Darker Lord's hands, and the remaining two for the Darkest Lord). This will make room for 5 extras to stay at the Inn.

The Villa allows the player to modify the party in any way they like, such as moving a Mii to the Inn or Villa, swapping a Mii with someone in the Inn and villa, or ditching a Mii.


Because the Villa is big enough for 90 people, a total of up to 100 Mii characters can be party members in the game, with 10 at the Inn and 90 at the Villa. The player can also sort Mii characters between the Inn and the Villa. This also allows the leading Mii to be changed by swapping the Hero Mii out, which will affect the cutscenes that normally involve the Hero, even if the Hero Mii is placed back into the party (unless the Hero Mii's move into the Inn ends up swapping their positions back).

How to access the Inn and Villa

IMG 4480.jpg

Once the villa opens, the player can sort the party while at an Inn at any time by selecting "Sort party" in the menu. Note that if the party happens to be split from falling rocks, the player is unable to access the Villa until the party is reunited.

Moving a Mii to the Inn/Villa

A Mii can move in to the Villa or Inn at any time. However, if the Inn in full or the Villa is full, a Mii cannot move there and must be swapped with another Mii living where they want to go in order to move in.

Swapping a Mii with another

Another feature is the ability to swap two Mii characters with each other's spots. This allows a Mii in the Inn to swap with a Mii in the villa.

New friend

Screen after selecting New Friend

This option allows creation of a new Mii to become the Hero's traveling companion.

  • By default, the created Mii will move into the Inn. However, if the Inn is fully booked, the Mii will be forced to stay at the villa.
  • Up to 99 (excluding the Hero) Mii characters can be saved as traveling companions.

Ditching a friend

This option allows the player to say goodbye to a traveling companion forever.

  • By ditching a Mii, it is not possible to get them back or get their data back.
    • Please be careful while deleting such data, as it cannot be restored.
    • Though interestingly, it will still keep the "teammate"-based monster's face it was attached to before the associated Mii was ditched.
  • Only Mii characters at the villa can be ditched.
  • The protagonist cannot be ditched. If the player attempts to do so, it will fail with the error, "You can't ditch yourself! You need you!"


  • Unlocking the villa unlocks the mechanic allowing the Hero to be left out of the party, and also unlocks the condition in which it's possible for the Hero to be a victim of the Cold mechanic.
  • For some reason, in the Nintendo Switch version, all Mii characters displayed in the first screen of the "New friend" menu (used to display Inn residents to see if there is an available empty spot there) are rendered without Makeup & Wigs if they have been modified with either customization.