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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

Very Rare Snurps (Japanese: 激レアピョン Geki-rare Pyon; Very Rare Pyon) are larger and much rarer Rare Snurps. Like their smaller cousins, they only take 1-4 damage. However, their higher HP, as opposed to the Rare Snurp, increases the chance it will flee before it can be defeated.

The Worried Explorer can offer a quest where the last boss is a Very Rare Snurp.

There is a spot in Otherworld where there's a chance to meet three in a single bout. Defeating any of them is very difficult but rewarding.


Very Rare Snurps are huge compared to most other Snurps and appear to be made of crystal. They sparkle like all Rare Snurps. Under the Dark Lord's control, a pair of Mii eyebrows and eyes are attached to this monster.


The challenge is to defeat the Very Rare Snurp before it vanishes, however it can vanish before the player even gets a turn due to its high speed.

Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Attack Hits a Mii for heavy damage. 70% 100%
Escape Jumps up and disappears. No reward is gained and the enemy leaves battle. 30% -

Speed tip: Its Speed is 100, so Mii characters with high Speed bonuses with Hyper Sprinkles or multi-hit skills can put a dent in them before they get their turn.

With max Speed bonus from food, only the Tank will be unable to out-speed it.

Enemy Statistics

Very Rare Snurp
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
Very Rare Snurp.png 15 150 10000 10000 100


There is a spot in Otherworld off the normal map with a "Snurp hunt" path accessible right before the Darkest Lord. Three bouts of either bonus or normal Snurps will attack; the third bunch will often be 3 Very Rare Snurps with 2 Rare Snurps. A maximum of 64,000 EXP can be gained if all of them are beaten, making this spot the best EXP farm in the game.

The only other guaranteed location is as a Worried Explorer quest boss, but it can flee like its non-boss encounters. If this happens, the quest is cleared as normal albeit without the massive EXP reward. Higher levels of the quest can spawn 3 Very Rare Snurps too.

A few strategies can be utilized to maximize the experience gained from a single Very Rare Snurp encounter:

  • A very effective way to take Very Rare Snurps out with ease is to bring a Vampire that knows Curse and whom will take more than 30 damage from the attack of the Snurp (which can be done by setting the Vampire's clothing to their default or ragged Suit). Curse, since it ignores Defense and Magic, will instantly kill the Snurp if it attacks the Vampire.
    • If the player has memorized the Speed stats of all their party members and know the order in which the players and monsters will take their turn, the player can abuse this knowledge by putting one of their Miis in the safe spot while the Very Rare Snurps are attacking, thus increasing the chance that the Snurp will attack the Vampire from 1/4 to 1/3.
  • It is actually possible to keep Rare and Very Rare Snurps from disappearing by causing them to dance. This can be done with Earworm, Dancing Arrow, or by bringing the Youngest Fab Fairy to the level after accepting one of her Quests.
  • Miis that can hit multiple targets at once with a single standard attack (Thief, Pop Star, Flower, or Vampire) are very effective as the amount of damage will always be 1, meaning that their attacks will be more efficient than all other classes who can only deal the same amount of damage to a single target per turn.
    • A Pop Star or Imp Mii can also indirectly do this as well by using Encore or Butt Jab, respectively, on one of the above Miis to give them a second turn.
  • A Mii with Hyper Sprinkles will always deal 3 damage to the Very Rare Snurp instead of 1, regardless of level or stats. This can be combined with some of the above strategies to increase the overall damage dealt.
  • The player can bring a Traveller NPC from the Travelers' Hub (Such as the aformentioned Youngest Fab Fairy) to the stage to fight alongside the party, thus increasing the overall damage dealt.
  • Clerics can potentially defeat Very Rare Snurps easily by using Righteous Anger, however this strategy is less reliable as it is more heavily dependent on RNG than the others listed here due to only having a 50% chance to succeed.
  • Spicy Dish will always deal 4 damage to Rare Snurps and Very Rare Snurps, making it the single strongest attack that can be used against them. However this strategy is also not very viable as it can easily lead to resentment and infighting within the party unless the Chef is a Traveller.

Note that these strategies only boost the chance to beat Very Rare Snurps; they can still run away from the fight in most scenarios.


  • Like the Rare Snurp, its weaker variant, the Very Rare Snurp has 10,000 Defense and 10,000 Magic, which explains its defensive nature. Aside from the Rare Snurp, no other monster shares the same Defense stat as the Very Rare Snurp.
  • It is one of the few monsters with 10,000 Magic, the highest Magic stat among all monsters. The others are Fiend, Rare Snurp, Terror Fiend, and Red Fiend.
  • It is one of the few monsters that can flee without a Kind Mii's Spare quirk.
  • The Very Rare Snurp is the only higher-tiered variant of the special snurps that can be found in the Otherworld's "Snurp Hunt" spot.


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