"This beauteous immortal flourishes the forces of darkness with flair."

-Job Description

Vampire description

The Vampire (Japanese: ヴァンパイア; Vampire) is a secret job in Miitopia. They are a very powerful class that has different elemental attacks and can steal HP. It is unlocked by obtaining the Bat Charm, which can be found by helping a Vampire in the Travelers' Hub, specifically the quest where the boss is a Pop-Up Puppet.

Their weapons of choice are Bats.

Their clothing are called Suits.

When hit physically, if they have the Curse ability, they can cause half damage they took to the enemy who attacked them, as well as having a chance of reviving on their own after dying.

The Vampire's default attack hits all enemies, but the strength progressively weakens as it hits more enemies. Vampires also by far have the largest max HP and can deal both strong physical and magic attacks. Their main drawback though is that they are also one of the slowest jobs aside from the Tank job, typically moving after everyone else on the battlefield (including monsters) has had a turn.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 13 325 424
MP 8 131 230
Attack 8 86 396
Magic 7 185 482
Defense 5 87 380
Speed 5 50 149


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Attack/Magic multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Curse Lv. 7 0 "Enemies suffer when they try to hurt you. (auto)" - - Inflicts half the damage taken from enemies who physically attack the Mii, rounded up. Activates 100% of the time. Ignores Defense and Magic, making this good against Rare/Very Rare Snurps. Will not work if the Vampire runs out of hitpoints after taking a hit.
Revive Lv. 10 1 "Sometimes get back up after having fallen in battle. (auto)" - 50% The Mii is revived with only 1 HP but will also use up their turn.
Poison Mist Lv. 13 10 "Emit a noxious cloud of poison that damages all enemies." 0.9 (A) 30%
Bite Lv. 17 1 "Sink your fangs into an enemy and absorb HP from them." 0.5 (A) 30%
Chill Mist Lv. 21 20 "Freeze all enemies with a breath of ice-cold air." 1.5 (A) 30%
Enthrall Lv. 25 15 "Bestow vampiric powers on a friend so they can revive at random." - 30% Gives the effect of Revive to one Mii for the current battle only, the affected Miis irises will turn red as well. The effect disappears after the afflicted revives once.
Bat Tornado Lv. 29 20 "Summon a colony of bats to swarm around and hurt an enemy. (magic)" 2.2 (M) 50% Has 30 base power. While this move is used like a magic attack it strikes enemies like a physical attack, bypassing a Fiend's magic defense, for example.
Scorching Breath Lv. 33 35 "Damage all enemies with a fearsome blast of fiery breath." 2.2 (A) 30%


  • The Vampire is tied with the Cleric, the Imp and the Scientist for having the highest base Magic among all jobs, at 7.
  • Ironically, the Vampire job (if they are on a level between Lv. 35 or higher) is the best counter against the Fiends/Terror Fiends due to their revival abilities and gaining a special advantage of bypassing through their high magic resistance.
  • It is very much possible to obtain the required quest for this job before the post-game and beat it as well, allowing the player to obtain the job itself, unlike the Elf job, which can only be obtained in a post-game area.
  • Attacks that do not make physical contact like the Moles' rocks will not trigger Curse.
  • The Vampire along with the Mage and the Imp are the only classes to not cause a relationship boost or resentment towards another teammate through battle.




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