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I never thought I'd be obsessed over a quaint little game like Miitopia, let alone loving the game so much I'd take part in helping to build the wiki. Funny how things work out, eh?

Dear God... it's taking over!

Btw... Neksdor's Battle Theme is still the best song in the game in my opinion. Although, pretty much every song in this game is freaking amazing!

Not gonna lie... I got this idea off of Jewelraffe. ~w~

More pictures will be added eventually. I have over 1,000 in storage I have to dig through.

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Meet Mii, err, umm... me and the crazy characters I team up with during the events of Miitopia!

One Last Photo - Personal Use.jpeg


Pw Amber Mii - Personal Use.JPG
Pw Amber Plain Traveler - Personal Use.jpeg
Pw Amber Warrior - Personal Use.jpeg
Pw Amber Imp - Personal Use.jpeg
Pw Amber Flower - Personal Use.jpeg

Previous Forms:

Powerwing Amber (AKA Pw Amber) is actually an OC of mine I've had since I was like... five, or so?! Damn... She's supposedly a half-dragon (but whatever the other half is, is a mystery) who lives on Vortices Isle with a bunch of her friends of various species, creeds and sometimes games. Her best friends being an anthro turtle girl named Rapha, a feral firecat named Jinga, a derpy ex-swordsman named Sephy and a Shadow clone named Vex. They commonly get into wacky adventures and hijinx together, or they tend to just cause a bit of light-hearted trouble.

I won't bore you with how she came to be (it's a weird and complicated joke backstory involving a P-Wing, dragon and the Gameboy Kid Icarus game), but while she has received a true backstory since then, I've never released it to the public. Be that as it may, I've been using her as an avatar online and in games for as long as they've been a thing. Her personality is pretty much like mine, except she's way more extroverted, hot-headed and mouthy. She's toned down a little over the years, but her old self still comes out from time to time.

In Miitopia head-canon, she and Sephy get bored one day and decide to play a game, a LARP, if you will. He tells her to travel to the nearest town where he claims he'll surprise her with his new clothes. Little do they both realize that he'll get himself possessed by the The Dark Curse along the way, turning their little game into something more real!

As of now, Pw Amber is close friends with all her party members, especially with Vex. In fact, she might be getting a bit too close to him. She very rarely gets into quarrels and has only used Bluff twice. But, she almost was disowned and kicked out of the group for disliking Cheesecake. HOW COULD YOU!? She's also complete trash when it comes to gift-giving and very rarely manages to give presents her friends somewhat enjoy. Plus, due to changing various jobs constantly, she might be having an identity crisis.

Greenhorne Heroes

Baeset Mii - Personal Use.JPG

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 24
  • True Species: Purrloin

Baeset Rajpuri is another OC of mine I created back in 2011 for the now-defunct deviantArt Pokemon/Animal Crossing group. However, unlike the group, Baeset is still active. She's a quirky, tiny but chubby, Hindu anthro purrloin who's very childish and energetic despite her hardships and tragic past. As of now, she's addicted to food, especially sweets; loves cooking and is a bit of a pet hoarder, especially of the bug variety. She loves video games, plushies and doing nerdy things, like LARPing. Although she dated and was almost married once, she's currently single. She's not in any hurry to date again, though. She does have an adopted espurr daughter whom she loves to death and a nerdy absol best friend who acts as an uncle to her daughter. Baeset is planning on searching for her lost dad sometime in the future.

In Miitopia head-canon, Baeset is in the process of searching for her dad when she accidentally comes across Pw Amber in trouble. She decides to use her expertise in cooking skills (as well as a deadly cast-iron skillet) to assist in battle and eventually joins her side for awhile. Although the original quest is to defeat the Dark Lord, she hopes of finding her dad along the way too.

As of now, Baeset has been getting along with most of the group, however, she's been in a fair amount of quarrels due to cooking extremely spicy food. She and Jace especially bump heads, due to feeding him spicy food the most and he has a weak stomach to begin with. Baeset also seems to be the least picky when it comes to grub. Due to her love of cooking and food, there's very little she won't eat.

Read more about Baeset here: Offsite Link

Morgana Mii - Personal Use.JPG

  • Morgana Vomer (Original Character) the Cool Mage
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 21
  • True Species: Houndoom

Morgana Vomer is another OC of mine I created back in 2012 for the now-defunct deviantArt Pokemon group. However, unlike the group, Morgana is still active today. She's a very serious, mature, mysterious and very lovely German anthro houndoom. She dresses in luxurious dresses, typically of the gothic variety, and has a very spooky vibe about her. The fact that she can see and talk to spirits might have something to do with it. Morgana is very stoic and introverted and tends to keep her emotions to herself, especially her happier ones. However, ever since meeting Jace and falling in love with him, she's allowed herself to open up a bit as well as show a more kindly and loving attitude. She still loves the creepy and macabre and likes to get under people's skin if possible. She loves birds and making her own plushies (they used to be voodoo dolls, but she no longer practices this). Morgana works in the veterinary business alongside Jace and does her paranormal work on the side. She's currently engaged to Jace and the two of them are planning on being married in July. The two of them are hoping to have children in the future as well.

In Miitopia head-canon, Morgana is lead by a mysterious voice to assist Pw Amber in her time of need. Seeing as though helping others is part of her job, she joins Pw Amber and Baeset to fight the Dark Lord and thank the deity she did! As a mage, Morgana is a powerhouse when it comes to black magic and she's capable of constantly one-shoting enemies before they can even take a turn.

As of now, Morgana tends to keep to herself, although she's very close to Pw Amber, Muta and especially Jace. The two of them seem to be as close in Miitopia as they are in their own universe. In fact, while Morgana tries to hide this fact, it's blatantly obvious to others. Oh, the things they can hear in that inn... She's experienced one very bizarre quarrel but hasn't had any negative issues involving her Cool personality on the battlefield. She's somewhat picky with grub, but not annoyingly so.

Read more about Morgana here: Offsite Link

Jace Mii - Personal Use.JPG

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 20
  • True Species: Nidorino

Jace Hemlock is an OC my friend Rachael created back in 2012 for the now-defunct deviantArt Pokemon group, the same one Morgana was in. However, unlike the group, Jace is still active today. He's a very sweet, kind and gentle anthro nidorino who loves to play guitar and sing, although he wasn't always like this. He used to be very nervous, whiny and broody, not to mention a huge brat that hated the world and wanted everyone to stay away from him. He dressed in a stereotypical emo fashion and did the stereotypical emo things. However, when he met Morgana, he instantly fell in love with her. Although the two of them had a bit of a rough start, they eventually got to know one another and wound up attached to the hips. Jace eventually became a better person, although he kept some pretty weird quirks, like having an obsession with skulls and other spooky things. He still continues to dress emo-like, but he's wearing less makeup and looser pants at least. He and Morgana are currently engaged and working together in the veterinary business. He hopes they can have lots of kids in the future. Jace also does his singing and guitar play with his friends on the weekends when they have free time.

In Miitopia head-canon, Jace is busy playing a gig when he gets a call from Morgana telling him she has someone to assist. Never wanting to leave his fiancee's side, Jace drops everything to get to the inn Morgana said she would head to next. After that, he joins her and Pw Amber's party on their quest to defeat the Dark Lord. He's very sensitive emotion-wise and not very strong, but his golden voice is very helpful for support... as long as he's not being a brat.

As of now, Jace prefers to hang around Pw Amber, Quinn and especially Morgana, of course. Although, he's supposed to be the main man for dispelling quarrels, he's also constantly in midst of them, despite his Kind nature. Whether it's due to taking things too seriously, going easy on enemies, his weak stomach being force-fed spicy food, or just going into brat-mode, he seems to be fighting with someone at least once per region. Baeset and Blaze seem to be the common targets. Thankfully, these episodes don't last very long. He's also extremely picky with grub, making it difficult to raise his stats.

Read more about Jace here: Offsite Link

Neksdor Heroes

Vex Mii - Personal Use.JPG

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: ??
  • True Species: Hedgehog

Vex is a fan-character my friend Rachael created in 2005, or sometime around then. He's a third generation Shadow the Hedgehog clone originally known as Project Shadow Mach III. I can't explain most of his history since my friend can't seem to remember it. All I can recall is, at some point, Vex was brought to Pw Amber's island where he could be protected and rehabilitated. It was extremely rough for the first couple months as Vex suffered from violent mood swings, PTSD and physical pain in general. Eventually, the Shadow clone managed to slowly recover and warm up to those around him. He and Pw Amber became surprisingly close along with Vex gaining a very loving, curious, excitable, almost child-like, but still a bit amorous personality. He no longer worries about proving himself to be better than the original Shadow or his clone 'brothers' and is more focused on making himself more unique. He's more prone to doing silly, unpredictable things and has a much more positive outlook of the world.

In Miitopia head-canon, Vex begins to worry when Pw Amber doesn't return home for almost a week and doesn't call. So, he quickly goes on a blind search for her. He speaks with various NPCs and manages to follow her trail of defeated monsters to eventually find her at an inn in Neksdor not too long after her original Greenhorne Team were kidnapped by the Dark Lord. Although her new Imp form shocks Vex after a minor misunderstanding, the two of them have a happy reunion and team up to not only take on the Dark Lord, but save Pw Amber's new friends as well.

As of now, Vex has been a very useful member of the team. His multi-attacks are surprisingly strong and he's the fastest character in the game. He's also Pw Amber's primary go-to for Butt Jab. Strangely, he's only used his thieving skills once and really late in the game. Vex very rarely gets into quarrels and when he does, he makes up quickly. He's not very picky with grub and is one of the three teammates that actually likes Goblin Ham! He's close to Blaze, Jinga and especially Pw Amber. While he and Pw Amber might have a thing going on, he had an uneasy crush on Jinga for a short time, which the will-o-wisp didn't reciprocate.

Jinga Mii - Personal Use.JPG

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: ??
  • True Species: Will-o-Wisp (Feline variety)

Jinga Mettomb Ra is actually an OC of mine I created back in the 90's, or so. I can't seem to remember. She was inspired by Luna from Sailor Moon and Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo, but ended up being her own character. Jinga is Pw Amber's somewhat-trusted battle partner and mascot. Being a will-o-wisp, she can take on many forms such as a small fireball with a face (her natural form), to a cute catgirl, to an almighty flying firelion mecha! However, she prefers to stay in a feral firecat form, as that's most comfortable for her. Jinga is highly intelligent and kind, albeit she has a slightly high opinion of herself and can occasionally get bossy. However, she's a huge coward and ultimately hates confrontation. Despite her strength, Jinga prefers to run and hide, rather than fight. She can be roused to battle if someone she cares for is in serious trouble, or she's tempted with fish.

In Miitopia head-canon, Jinga notices Pw Amber is missing, but unlike Vex, she waits a few more days just to make sure no one's jumping the gun. After a few days of tracking, she eventually finds the duo in another inn and reluctantly adds herself to the team. She doesn't like the idea of having to fight a Dark Lord, especially considering who he is, but the firecat knows Pw Amber will not rest until he's defeated and her friends rescued. So, Jinga figures the sooner they get this over with, the sooner they can go home.

As of now, Jinga's been a very powerful member of the team. With her Cat-based attacks, she can take out almost any enemy with ease... as long as she's not wasting a turn Warming Up, Sharpening her Claws, or Stealing Grub. Since she's Cautious, she tends to keep a low profile and tries not to cause trouble. She seems to have a crush on Sonic, but is too shy to tell him; plus, she knows Blaze likes him too and doesn't want to compete with her. She's close to Pw Amber, Vex and Muta, although Vex and Muta can at times make her nervous. She's only gotten into one quarrel, but it was a violent one and with Muta of all Miis! Thankfully, they made up and their friendship has deepened since then.

Quinn Mii - Personal Use.JPG

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18
  • True Species: Arbok

Quinn Salabog is another OC of mine I created back in 2014 for the now-defunct deviantArt Pokemon group, the same one Morgana and Jace were in. Unlike those two, Quinn's currently on hiatus. She's a very kind, girly, ditzy and sweet anthro arbok who used to live on an isolated tropical island with other serpent pokemon. This turned her into a very sheltered girl who had no idea how the modern world worked. Even now, she still struggles to maintain a normal life on the mainland, but due to her size, species and low-street smarts and book smarts, it's been very difficult. She's also very love sick, a hopeless romantic, if you will, who pines for love and marriage, but can't seem to find a boy who will stick with her for long. Still, she tries her best with both and has faith that someday fate will smile upon her.

In Miitopia head-canon, Quinn happens to be in Neksdor and accidentally stumbles across Pw Amber and her ragtag crew. After speaking with them and finding out their quest, Quinn asks if she can come along to help them. She's been practicing medicine and healing magic and really wants to prove herself useful to someone in the world, and maybe her heroism might attract a cute boy her way. She also no longer wishes to travel alone, so she pretty much becomes a team member whether they wanted it or not. Thankfully, they all did.

As of now, Quinn has been a very versatile character. Her healing magics are invaluable and she's surprisingly strong with attacks and extremely resistant to blows. Her Airheadedness has been more of a blessing than a hindrance and makes her look adorkable in the process. She's very close to many of the team members, but she's especially close to Pw Amber, Jinga and Blaze. She's had the occasional quarrel, but it never lasts long. Most of the time, she's the one to prevent quarrels from occurring. She's very maternal, always wanting to make sure her friends are happy and healthy. She makes sure to give good gifts and visit those who become sick.

Read more about Quinn here: Offsite Link

Realm of the Fey Heroes

Muta Mii - Personal Use.JPG

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19
  • True Species: Glameow★

Muta Lacarde is another OC of mine I created back in 2013 for the now-defunct deviantArt Pokemon group, the same one Morgana, Jace and Quinn were in. Although her character is on a semi-hiatus, there's plans to bring her back, at least in a non-canonical sense. So... how to describe Muta? To put it bluntly, Muta is a very loud, intelligent and crazed glameow whom loves to speak in the third person and is also quite eccentric. She likes to babble on and on about scientific things and typically will insert bits of bragging about her own genius while she's at it. She puts nearly all of her own opinions and facts on the highest pedestal possible and can't help but correct others if they say something she feels is wrong. Of course, some of Muta's babblings and actions might not seem right to most, due to how insane they tend to be, but the glameow insists everything she says and does is 100% correct!

Also, to put things in a more frightening perspective, Muta is a glameow that CANNOT be trusted! She's a very psychopathic, sociopathic, uncaring and unethical scientist that will do ANYTHING to achieve her goals. She loves science as much as she loves herself and will dedicate any of her causes to one or both. She's very much a loner, preferring to work with her experiments and machines. However, if she begins to take interest in you, even the slightest bit... BEWARE! She's very manipulative and might either see you as a threat to eliminate, or a tool to further her own agenda. By all accounts, Muta should be a super villain, but there's a certain something that hasn't pushed her over the moral event horizon yet... Maybe there's something or someone out there that could change Muta's heart and use her genius and abilities for the pursuit of the greater good, but so far, nothing has worked.

In Miitopia head-canon, Muta is seemingly lost in the Fey Realm when she accidentally bumps into Pw Amber. The latter explains to Muta that she had lost her friends and was turned into a Flower. The glameow was somewhat intrigued by this phenomenon, but when asked what a scientist was doing in the mythical land such as this, Muta just said she was there for scientific purposes and was specifically looking for the fairies' main dwelling, but refused to explain any further. Pw Amber offered Muta a chance to find the place, if the scientist agreed to partner with her for awhile. Muta, of course, agreed, albeit at the time, she didn't have a slight interest in sticking with Pw Amber any further than the Elven Retreat. However, upon seeing the strange Flower's "power" and the fact that she was chasing a Dark Lord quickly changed her mind. This wasn't out of fear or pity, but of power! Just think what would happen if Muta was able to defeat the Dark Lord and steal his power all for herself! Think of all the minions that could become her slaves and experiments! The opportunity was too great, so away she went!

As of now, Muta's been a pretty reliable member of the team, even though most of the team members know the scientist is a ticking time bomb. Her chemical concoctions tend to destroy most enemies in her wake, but she does have a bad habit cutting corners, due to her laziness and lack of focus for the immediate. Muta's also bad for hiding behind her teammates, especially Pw Amber, and starting many Quarrels and even fighting tooth and nail with Jinga on one occasion! Strangely, it seems Muta might have felt some sort of friendship towards a few members, since she's immediately apologized to Pw Amber and Jinga and seems to be somewhat closer to them than any other team member. Is it a true change of heart, or is it all an act!? Certain team members, like Blaze, don't fully trust her, and try to stay on the glameow's good side to avoid being the next experiment. Perhaps eering to the side of caution is a smart thing, since Muta has been caught doing face-removal experiments and even placed her own face on a Dark Lord portrait ON PURPOSE!

Read more about Muta here: Offsite Link

Sonic Mii - Personal Use.JPG

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • True Species: Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is, well... Sonic. (More coming soon.)

In Miitopia head-canon, coming soon.

As of now, coming soon.

Blaze Mii - Personal Use.JPG

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18
  • True Species: Cat

Blaze the Cat is, well... Blaze. (More coming soon.)

In Miitopia head-canon, coming soon.

As of now, coming soon.

Reoccurring NPCs

Exactly what it says on the tin! These are various NPCs that appear again and again in my Miitopia game.

Dark Lord/Ex-Dark Lord Sephy

Dark Lord Sephy - Personal Use.jpeg
Ex-Dark Lord Sephy - Personal Use.jpeg
  • Sephy (Final Fantasy VII - Parody Version) the Dark Lord

Genie of the Lamp: Pippin

Genie Pippin - Personal Use.jpeg
  • Pippin Bisoto (Original Character) the Genie

Darker Lord Light

Darker Lord Light - Personal Use.jpeg

Roaming NPCs

Reborn and Great Sage - Personal Use.jpeg
Quizmaster Waluigi - Personal Use.jpeg
Worried Explorer Gordon - Personal Use.jpeg
  • Gordon Ramsey (Actual Person) the Worried Explorer
  • Noodles (Original Character) the Reborn

Town NPCs

NPCs that are found within my game's various towns. Most of them require their poor faces being rescued at some point.

Greenhorne Residents

Greenhorne Residents - Personal Use.jpeg
  • Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog) the Carefree Guide
  • Muriel (Courage the Cowardly Dog) the Cheery Granny
  • Isaac (The Binding of Isaac) the Sassy Child
  • Toriel (Undertale) the Worried Mother
  • Sploot (Splatoon) the Lovey-Dovey Boy
  • Splut (Splatoon) the Lovey-Dovey Girl
  • Nick Cage (Actual Person) the Sarcastic Guy
  • Iwata (Actual Person) the Dubious Mayor

Greenhorne Castle Residents

The King and His Guards - Personal Use.jpeg
  • Mikado (Sonic Fan Character) the King
  • Papyrus (Undertale) the Serious Soldier
  • Sans (Undertale) the Lax Solider
  • Sigma (Sonic Fan Character) the Royal Support (Left)
  • Lancelot (Sonic & the Black Knight) the Royal Support (Right)
Malestra and Scourge - Personal Use.jpeg
  • Malestra Malestrom (Original Character) the Princess
  • Scourge (Sonic the Hedgehog: Archie Comics) the Besmirched Noble's Son

Neksdor Residents

Neksdor Residents - Personal Use.jpeg
Prince Radi - Personal Use.jpeg
  • Radi del Fuego (Original Character) the Prince from a Nearby Land
  • Pearl (Splatoon) the Dancing Guide
  • Mr. Dink (Doug) the Rambling Old Man
  • Buddy (LISA the Painful) the Shady Merchant Daughter
  • Brad (LISA the Painful) the Shady Merchant Father
  • Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda) the Prickly Husband
  • Nabooru (Ocarina of Time) the Prickly Wife
  • Peggy Hill (King of the Hill) the Desert Celebrity

Fab Fairy Sisters

Fab Fairies - Personal Use.jpeg
  • Corona Storm (Original Character) the Youngest Fab Fairy
  • Ira Rajpuri (Original Character) the Middle Fab Fairy
  • Selena Vomer Hemlock (Original Character) the Eldest Fab Fairy

Elven Retreat Residents

Fey Realm Residents - Personal Use.jpeg
  • Peter Griffin (Family Guy) the Injured Elf
  • Saria (Ocarina of Time) the Scaredy-Cat
  • Jack Black (Actual Person) the Fab Fairies Fan 1
  • Robby Rotten (Lazy Town) the Fab Fairies Fan 2
  • Groose (Skyward Sword) the Fab Fairies Fan 3
  • Mandy (Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) the Green-Eyed Lady
  • Terry Hintz (LISA the Painful) the Lazybones
  • Raven (Teen Titans) the Mischievous Witch

Travelers' Hub Pre-Post Game

Goomba Guide - Personal Use.jpeg

Note: Most are characters that I've done quests for before post-game.

  • Goomba (Super Mario Bros.) the Town Guide
  • Isabelle (Animal Crossing) the Orator Cleric
  • Paula Deen (Actual Person) the Culinarian Chef
  • Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) the Starry-Eyed Mage
  • Rick (Rick and Morty) the Punster Scientist
  • Garfield (Garfield) the Punster Cat
  • Alucard (Castlevania) the Studious Vampire
  • Batman (Batman) the Kung Fu Thief

Until next time...

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See you soon!

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