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To start off with a high note, here's one of the main reasons why I love Miitopia (and games featuring Miis in general!):

RIP AWikiBoy.jpg

Anyway, hi guys! I'm MegaPiggy.

I am currently finished with the main story on my cartridge. It is REALLY!!!! fun and the characters well... I Change everything in Mii Cast Everytime a New Character Appears, sooner or later I may run out of Miis Thanks to the Travelers' Hub. No game else is able to bring out this warm, fuzzy feeling I get playing this game. Also I Think i'm Addicted to it now...


Noah The Warrior.jpg

I'm MegaPiggy (obviously not my real name), 12 year old American. I absolutely love games with Miis in them. Why? Because you can choose your characters, instead of the game developers going "*boop* no body likes this character but I don't care!" (heck, you get to even choose the characters in the TRAILERS!). Add the super cute and cheesy charm into that and you get probably one of, if not my favorite game of all time.

I also enjoy the "spirit of adventure" factor that comes with the game. While some may feel that Miitopia might be shallow and repetitive, I don't really think that way. It's a nice escape from the stress that is the real world, and it feels... sort of real. It doesn't really feel like you're just watching people beating up monsters and saving things, and at the end, you don't feel satisfied. The immense amount of humor and humanization that the game gives just makes the game feel... human.

It really does feel like you're traveling to save the world (people's faces being at stake might be pretty ridiculous, but still is quite original) from the Dark Lord. I felt genuine connections with the more major characters, such as my teammates and the Great Sage, who I made to be my friends. It really gives out that warm, fuzzy feeling, no?

While this game may be a hit or miss for many people, I feel like this is a game that people should try out, whether it'd be for adding people you know and love, writing prompts, or making up your own story. This game hits close to home for who I am, even if I know that the game isn't perfect.


MegaPiggy Finale.jpg

One thing I was really excited about when I was going to buy the game is making able to choose your party members... in more ways than just one. Most of my teammates consist of my friends and one of them is from Yo-Kai Watch. It's really charming to be able to see your friends fight alongside you, and with the consistent humanization and relationship aspects, it really feels like I am with them, even if it's not really them.

And without further ado, here are my party members. These are my current main members, and unless I actually bother to train up the extra Miis I make, I will only list the 10 members from the main story.


Noah Stats.jpg
  • Based on myself. I chose to become a warrior because I thought it was the most interesting of all the classes (Because of it's Strongest MP Move) and of course it is.
  • I gave him the Energetic personality because it was the one I thought it was most fitting around the time, Because if I Stay up till 11:00 PM and Wake at 6:00 AM (7 hours of Sleep), I Still have alot of energy.
  • I gave him that war cry because I Meh is Basically My Catchphrase. I never changed it because well, It's my Catchphrase.
  • Reclasses include Thief during the journey in Neksdor and Chef during the journey in the Realm of the Fey.



Emily Stats.jpg
  • Based on my Crush. :P
  • I gave her that war cry because she loves this YouTuber Called Aphmau (I Watch Aphmau too).
  • I gave her Kind as a personality trait because she really is kind.
  • Classed as a Mage because she is magical...


Gabby Stats.jpg
  • Based on Emily's Friend which is my friend as well.
  • I gave her that war cry because she REALLY Loves Art as well as Thea My Neksdor Imp.
  • Her personality is Laid-Back Because it fits with her real life personality. She is pretty Laid-back when it comes to everything...


Kenny Stats.jpg
  • Based on my Weirdest Friend of All (Even though I am weirder).
  • I made his personality Stubborn because, well.... he has pretty much ALWAYS been Stubborn.
  • I made him a Thief because it REALLY fits...
  • I made that his War Cry because he like this show (as well as Me and Emily).



Jibanyan Stats.jpg
  • A super duper satirized and flanderized version of a person I know. No harm in making this character.
  • I made his war cry that because well, this is a flanderized version of him, of course I had to make his catchphrase as silly as that. This pretty much goes the same for his personality being Cautious.
  • I made him a Scientist because of the person this is based off from has an affinity for science in general. I can't think of a reclass.


Primalina Stats Screen.jpg
  • This is based off another person I know from the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. However, her name comes from one of her main original characters, Primalina.
  • I made her an Energetic Female Pop Star because it fits with her personality as a whole. A DEFINITE reclass for her will be Princess.
  • I made that her war cry because of her affinity for her senpais. Granted, she doesn't do EVERYTHING for them, but this is all in good fun.


  • Another person from the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, and a good friend of mine. This is actually his Mii from his friend code. Man, do I have so many people from that site as party members.
  • I made him Stubborn as well because I felt like it was most fitting. Imp is also in the same boat as this. I also have Vampire as his current reclassing option because I think it really fits a lot and looks really cool on him.
  • I made that his war cry because of how he sees himself whenever it's time for fun and games.

Realm of the Fey


Sonia Stats Screen.jpg
  • She's Sonia Nevermind from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
  • I made her an Airheaded Princess because of course, it fits the most. Airheaded because of dialogue I remember from around the first chapter with Teruteru, and Princess because well, duh, she's the ULTIMATE Princess.
  • It's pretty obvious why I gave her that war cry, as you can probably tell.


Kazuichi Stats Screen.jpg
  • He's Kazuichi Soda from Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
  • I was deciding with Laid-back and Energetic until I decided to go with the latter. How ironic considering that those two are total opposites.
  • He's a Tank due to him being the Ultimate Mechanic, and I couldn't see anything else that could go better with that talent.
  • I changed his war cry to that because it fits more than the other one. It's honestly really funny to see him say that after using Sonia as a human cannonball.


Terry Stats Screen.jpg
  • Yet ANOTHER person from the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. We're not very close compared to the other people in this list.
  • I made her a Cool Flower because well, it fit the most. Solar Flare is pretty much what she uses as some kind of persona. Reclass might be Scientist as well (man do I think so many people should be Scientists). I made her war cry some meme they say in the wiki I never really got, but I felt like it also fits the most (same reasoning in why I chose everything, hehe).


My cast is a mix of Family, Friend, TV Shows, YouTubers, and Miis I Made. I also really liked being able to choose who's in the cast,

Central Characters

Ditto Reborn and Abdallah the Great Sage.jpg Flowey The Dark Lord.jpg
  • Flowey - The (Ex-)Dark Lord
  • Abdallah - The Great Sage/Darker Lord/Darkest Lord
  • Ditto - The Dark Curse Reborn

Roaming Characters and other semi-important NPCs

  • Jayden - Prodigious Postman
  • Rootbeer - Roving Photographer
  • Lego - Quizmaster
  • Ben - Roaming Gourmet
  • Deven - Worried Explorer
  • Inky - Scholarly Pioneer
  • Abbs - Nintendo Fan
  • FGTV Duddy - Town Guide


Greenhorne (town)

  • Papa - Carefree Guide
  • Gaga - Cheery Granny
  • Nolan - Sassy Child
  • Nicole - Worried Mother
  • Nicholas and Rylie - Lovey-Dovey Couple
  • Nick - Sarcastic Guy
  • PuppyDog - Dubious Mayor

Castle Guard

  • Papyrus - Serious Soldier
  • Sans - Lax Soldier
  • Eva - Royal Support (Left)
  • Nicky - Royal Support (Right)

Royal Court

King and Royal Guards.jpg Jamyr and Alyssa.jpg
  • Snorlax - King
  • Alyssa - Princess
  • Jamyr - Besmirched Noble's Son
  • Brock - Prince from a Nearby Land



  • Genie - Roel

Neksdor Town

  • Karen - Dancing Guide
  • Nicky Sr. - Rambling Old Man
  • Aisha and KillEmAll - Shady Merchant Family
  • Robin and Starfire - Prickly Couple
  • Think - Desert Celebrity

Realm of the Fey

Fab Fairies

Fab Fairies Meadow, Luna, and Celestia.jpg
  • Luna - Eldest Fab Fairy
  • Celestia - Middle Fab Fairy
  • Meadow - Youngest Fab Fairy

Elven Retreat

  • Lucy (Fairy tail) - Injured Elf
  • Fab Fairy Fans
    • Piggy - Eldest's Fan
    • Ocey - Middle's Fan
    • foxey - Youngest's Fan
  • Natsu (Fairy tail) - Scaredy-Cat
  • Erza (Fairy tail) - Green-Eyed Lady
  • Gray (Fairy tail) - Lazybones
  • Mirajane (Fairy tail) - Mischievous Witch