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The Team roster is accurate

Some of the other characters are not accurate.

The Heroines

Kia Switch profile.jpg

Sakura switch profile.jpg
Rachael switch profile.jpg
  • Rachael an original character, as the Kind Cleric.
Kanna switch profile.jpg

  • Hinata from Naruto, as the Kind Warrior.
  • Cadpigprofile.jpeg

  • Sally from Animal Crossing, as the Kind Princess
  • Poppyprofile.jpg
    • Amy an original character, as the Cool Mage.

    Buttercup the horse profile.jpg
    • A kind horse who follows the team.

    Chapter One Characters (3DS version)

    Kia Greenhorne.JPG
    • Mr. A (original character) as the Carefree Guide.
    • Linda (Bob's Burgers) as the Cheery Granny.
    • SpongeBob (SpongeBob Squarepants) as the Sassy Child.
    • Yuki (Who ever she is.) as the Worried Mother.
    • Yuki (original character) as the Lovey-Dovey Couple (Man).
    • Katsumi (original character) as the Lovey-Dovey Couple (Woman).
    • Douglas (original character) as the Sarcastic Guy.
    • Jason (original character) as the Dubious Mayor.

    Royal Court kia.jpg
  • Tim (original character) as the King.
  • Hikari (original character) as the Princess.
  • Jake(original character) as the Besmirched Noble's Son.
  • Any guy I pick. (Any guy I'm familiar with) as the Prince from a Nearby Land.

  • Castle Guard kia.jpg
  • Plankton (SpongeBob Squarepants) as the Serious Soldier.
  • Boruto (Naruto) as the Lax Soldier.
  • Ike (Fire Emblem) as the Royal Support (Left).
  • Sasuke (Naruto) as the Royal Support (Right).

  • Chapter Two Characters (3DS version)

    Nesksor kia.jpg
    • Sachi (original character) as the Dancing Guide.
    • Anthony (original character) as the Rambling Old Man.
    • Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls) as the Shady Merchant Daughter.
    • Steve Harvey (Real Life Actor, Comedian, Talk Show and Game Show Host.) as the Shady Merchant Father.
    • Bill Nye (Real Life person) as the Worried Explorer.
    • Squidward (SpongeBob Squarepants) as the Prickly Husband.
    • Kimi (original character) as the Prickly Wife.
    • Isabelle (Animal Crossing) as the Desert Celebrity.

    Reggie the Genie.jpg
  • Reggie (Real Person, Nintendo of North America's President) as the Genie of the Lamp.

  • Chapter Three Characters (3DS version)

    Realm of the Fey kia.jpg
    • Boswer Jr. (Super Mario Bros series) as the Injured Elf.
    • Snoop Dog (Real Life person, Rapper) as the Fab Fairies Fan 1.
    • Oliver (Vocaloid) as the Fab Fairies Fan 2.
    • Len (Vocaloid) as the Fab Fairies Fan 3.
    • Natsuko (original character) as the Scaredy-Cat.
    • Angie (original character) as the Green-Eyed Lady.
    • Garfield (Garfield comics) as the Lazybones.
    • Gumi (Vocaloid) as the Mischievous Witch.

    Fab Fairies kia.jpg
  • Luka (Vocaloid) as the Eldest Fab Fairy.
  • Miku (Vocaloid) as the Middle Fab Fairy.
  • Rin (Vocaloid) as the Youngest Fab Fairy.

  • Other NPCs (3DS and some are in the Switch Version)

    Dark Lord Mr. Nasty.jpg
    • Mr. Nasty (original character), as the Dark Lord.
    as well in the Switch version

    Kia's pictures.jpg
    as well in the Switch version

    Kia's mine mine!.jpg

    Kia's mine as well.jpg
  • Rolly (101 Dlamatians: The Series (1997)) as the Roaming Gourmet.

  • Ed i guess (didn't make).jpg
  • Ed (Ed, Edd n Eddy I guess it's him.) as the Prodigious Postman.

  • It's Marie!.jpg
  • Marie (Splatoon) as the Nintendo Fan.

  • Jason what...jpg
  • Jason (Friday the 13th movies) as the Roving Photographer.

  • Narutooooo! lol.jpg
  • Naruto (Naruto) as the Town Guide (Travelers' Hub)

  • Kia's pics 23.jpg
  • Molly (original character), as the Scholarly Pioneer.

  • Blogs

    • How to upload clearer pictures instead of cellphone quality: Here

    Trivia from my game

    • I have played Tomodachi Life.
      • Most of the Miis who appear in my game have also been on my Tomodachi Life islands, Sunnydale and LoveyDovey.
    • On both Tomodachi Life and Miitopia, My look-a-like Mii hates cotton candy for some reason.
    • My main teammates are never the Lazy personality or in the Tank class.
    • I usually change my Cat and Cleric teammates whenever I restart the game.
      • The Great Sage (Emi), The Dark Lord (Mr. Nasty) and The Desert Celebrity (Isabelle) are always the same NPCs .
    • I also play the Animal Crossing series, can't wait for New Horizon.
      • My AC:NL dream addresses are here.
    • I might be the only person who knows that this game is center around the power of friendship (The only romance is the couples in the first and second towns and thing with the Greenhorne Princess).
      • It's so funny how a lot people don't know what 'Camaraderie' means.
      • The same with 'Soulmate', it can mean different things.
      • It's even funnier because most of the folks who do this, are the ones who beg for games where the characters are only just friends.
    • The internet kinda ruined this game for me (The meme cringe is annoying, surprise it's not the fandom's misinterpretation of friendship, because it's super cringy too.). Same with some others, I try my best to stay away from it's fandoms. I know I'm on this fan wiki, but I'm just trying to help put down accurate info and pictures.

    Things I don't understand or other things from this game. 

    • The sickness feature is kinda annoying, I really hate it when I'm trying to level up a teammate and the game decides to make them sick. Especially when it's the character you have control with.
    • Trying to buy stronger outfits or weapons for a Mii and they come back with an banana or candy can be kinda annoying too.
    • Whoever translated the NA version, needs to be fired. That one fossil is called a 'Horseshoe Crab' not a 'Hermit Crab', was this person drunk or just dumb.
      • I really hope this is fixed in the Switch version.
        • Spoiler alert, they haven't. -_-

    My Animal Crossing squirrel team (3DS version only)

    ACNL squirrel team Miitopia by Accfsally.jpg

    Mii Qr codes

    All my Mii qr codes are on my blog (link below). Some Miis on this page are may not be in it, because I didn't make them.  

    Warning: A lot of them are original character Miis with some being actual characters from things:





    None at the moment.