Hello there! Names's Jewelraffe! I love this game and I hope you enjoy yourself here!

I also use Discord. My name is Jewelraffe#8264 so you can verify it's me :P I have a Pingas icon.


We know what you're here for, to see what lunatics populate my inns. Here you go


  • CDI Link, the hero. (Currently Cool Elf)
  • Robin (Fire Emblem) the Cautious Mage
  • T-Rex (Prehistory) the Airheaded Cleric
  • Waluigi (Mario) the Cool Thief


  • Mewtwo (Pokemon) the Laid-back Scientist
  • Dolan (Internet) the Energetic Cat
  • Mettaton (Undertale) the Kind M-Pop Star

Fey Realm

  • Peach (Mario) the Cool Princess
  • Ike (Fire Emblem?) the Energetic Imp
  • Flowey (Undertale) the Cautious Flower


  • Ganondorf (Zelda) the Stubborn Vampire
  • Morshu (CDI) the Stubborn Tank
  • Ackbar (Star Wars) the Kind Chef
  • Gandhi (History) the Kind Cleric (Recruited from quest)


  • Great Sage Gwonam (CDI)
  • King Harkinian (CDI)
  • CDI Zelda, in love with Luigi and rejected Bowser Jr.


  • Dark Lord Pingas
  • Genie Morshu2

2 Morshu the Ally was made postgame when I forgot about this guy. Too lazy to fix and it fits him.

For the curious: My name's a portmanteau of Jewel + Giraffe.


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