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Hey there! Consider me just a person who's been having fun contributing things to the wiki here. I love making gifs and like to add what I can with the two save files I have right now! Don't mind me as I pop up around here and pass by. I made some contributions, mostly images, back in 2017 so I wanted to come back again since the Switch release!

Making my own page here and adding information about myself makes it feel as if I'm trying to be social, but I am not a very social person and don't like being in groups like servers or forums. I may have chatted a small amount in 2017, but nowadays I'd rather be silent and be on my way. I'm still open to anyone wanting message me though, just know that I'm not someone who can approach others very easily nor am I able to really hold conversations. I like to be friendly, optimistic, and silly when I can!

I love making and using my original characters! I literally have over 250 characters. A majority I used in my main game in my main save file are Splatoon characters, but in post game I tried to feature other characters more lol (I also love talking about them)

In my main game, my jobs were Thief, Cat, and Imp. I then nabbed the Vampire job the moment it was accessible to me because Vampire is my favorite job :3

I'll make a proper thing to show off my characters at some point. I've recently been really busy