Neksdor Desert Map
The Underground Maze is, as its name suggests, an underground cavern accessible from a cave entrance in Wetland Way. This area contains one noticeably bright spot, which houses a Mysterious Jewel required to open a door located deep in the dungeon.

The Genie of the Lamp is first encountered by the player in this dungeon, which functions as his temporary hideout. The location is later emptied once the Genie is dealt with. Not much later, the player will have to access this dungeon again to find one of the missing faces resulted from the Dark Lord's attack on Neksdor Town.

A temporary dungeon used by Travelers' Hub quests and has the same course structure as the Underground Maze goes by the name of Underground Labyrinth.


Areas around Underground Maze


  • At one point, the player encounters a Minotaur as a miniboss before reaching the locked door, which, considering this dungeon's name, may be based on the Greek mythology's Labyrinth, a maze-like construction where the Minotaur from this mythology dwells in.


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