Uncharted Galados is the final region of Galados Isle.

It is an unexplored jungle full of dangerous enemies and lost treasure. At the end of the mystical path is the Replica Dark Lord, who protects the island's treasure.

It consists of four stages in a line, with the fourth being the boss. The second and third stages serve as enemy gauntlets with minibosses at the end. They are not true bosses as they can be refought endlessly.

The enemies here are rather difficult and it would be comforting to have a team of lv30+ and over 200HP.


Areas around Uncharted Galados


  • The dungeon's environment/theme is reused from Realm of the Fey areas, meaning that it's possible to encounter events that are unique to this environment ("giant" variation of the dream event, "tomato" song event, etc.).
  • It also has the same layout as the Elven Forest temporary dungeon in Realm of the Fey that can only be able to access during quests.
  • Uncharted Galados does not have an arrival clip when the player first enters the area.


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