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Tschilly Peak (Japanese: 吹雪の山 Fubuki no Yama; Blizzard Mountain) is the tallest, coldest mountain in the Powdered Peaks. It is a post-game area first unlocked by taking one of the mandatory post-game quests from the Travelers' Hub. Taking said quest involves uncovering a quest dungeon that lies at the top, also called Tschilly Peak.


  • Head to Tschilly Peak (random dungeon; mandatory post-game quest).


Travelers' Hub quest only

The info for this place's first quest can be found here.

Level 20-29 quests

Level 30-39 quests

Level 40-49 quests

Level 50 quests

Areas around Tschilly Peak


  • The player can view this area early via the northmost path on Arid Frontier.
  • If you go to the Arid Frontier's northernmost path and do an outing, you might bump into enemies in Tschilly Peak and you will be able to get the Powdered Peaks' Battle Theme together with enemies exclusive to the area.
  • The name "Tschilly Peak" is a play on "Chilly Peak".


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