Tschilly Peak (Japanese: 吹雪の山 Fubuki no Yama; Blizzard Mountain) is the tallest, coldest mountain in the Powdered Peaks. It is a post-game area first unlocked by taking one of the mandatory post-game quests from the Travelers' Hub. Taking said quest involves uncovering a quest dungeon that lies at the top, also called Tschilly Peak.


  • Head to Tschilly Peak (temporary dungeon; mandatory post-game quest).


Travelers' Hub quest only

The info for this place's first quest can be found here.

Level 20-29 quests

Level 30-39 quests

Level 40-49 quests

Level 50 quests

Areas around Tschilly Peak


  • The player can view this area early via the northmost path on Arid Frontier.
  • The name "Tschilly Peak" is a play on "Chilly Peak".


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