The Travelers' Hub (or Traveler's Hub; Traveller's Hub in European English version) is a region in Miitopia, located at the very center of the world. It is first accessible after defeating the Dark Lord in Karkaton. This serves as the main location for finding new quests. The player can also check the percentage of their collected medals by talking to the Town Guide at the entrance.

In the Nintendo 3DS version, visitor Mii characters are randomly generated either from the game's preset Mii characters or from the Mii Central if Spotpass is enabled. In the Nintendo Switch version, the first time the player unlocks this location, the player will be asked whether to allow popular Mii characters visit Travelers' Hub or not, the setting of which can be changed later via the "Mii characters" option on the title screen. This will download said Mii characters into the Travelers' Hub (indicated by a loading screen upon entering), mixing them in alongside the Mii characters from the player's in-game Mii list that have no role(s) assigned to.

Town Guide

"The number-one man for intel. If someone's heard it, he knows it."

The first Mii to greet the player when they first arrive at Travelers' Hub. After the player beats the game, they will tell them the percentage of the medals they've collected so far if they agree to show him their medal collection.


"A traveler in need of assistance who found a way to the Hub."

The main source of new quests (and thus, more items and gold). Travelers come in various appearances, jobs and even levels. Three quest-giving travelers are randomly-generated each real-time day. Some ask the player to do simple errands like delivering a present to an NPC Mii, some ask the player to travel through a specific dungeon, and some ask the player to escort the Traveler while traveling through a specific dungeon. These Travelers are more likely to be recruitable when the player talks to them again after completing their favors (if the player chooses to recruit them when the prompt shows up), with the only confirmed exception from this category being the delivery Travelers. Travelers based on unique NPCs (the Youngest Fab Fairy, the Worried Explorer, and the Quizmaster) always have their own type of quest based on the character instead of being decided randomly, though the quest locations tend to be still random. Unlike the randomly-generated Travelers, these NPCs remain unrecruitable.

Prior to the post-game, the player has to collect Sky Scraper Jewels from completing preset quests from this region, presumably as a way to introduce the Hub's "quest" mechanic to players.

Friend from Nimbus

Friend from nimbus.png
"Friend of a mage. Supposed to have been living happily in Nimbus..."

The friend from Nimbus is a main story NPC that only appears in one of the Travelers' Hub's main story quests. As the role name suggests, this Mii is a friend originated from Nimbus, a location the Mage NPC requested the hero to go to with while looking for the Darker Lord's whereabouts. The friend from Nimbus ends up having their face attached to a UFO, so the hero has to defeat it to clear the quest.

The Mii for this role is decided randomly by the game only after the player takes the Mage's quest, so it is not possible to preemptively recast this character in the Mii Cast menu until said condition is fulfilled.

Kidnapped Friend

Kidnapped friend.png
"Friend of a thief. Dragged off by a monster to the Powdered Peaks."

The kidnapped friend is a main story NPC that only appears in one of the Travelers' Hub's main story quests. As the role name suggests, this Mii is a friend of a traveler, specifically that of a Thief, that ended up kidnapped by a monster. Said kidnapped friend is said to have found one of The Sky Scraper jewels only to be whisked away to the Powdered Peaks, specifically at Ghontu Cave, where the face ends up attached to the Ice Queen. Rescuing this Mii rewards the player with the left eye jewel.

The Mii for this role is decided randomly by the game only after the player takes the Thief's quest, so it is not possible to preemptively recast this character in the Mii Cast menu until said condition is fulfilled.

Lost Friend

"Loves going sightseeing, but somehow always winds up in the wrong place."

A character that only appears when the player decides to take a quest with the objective of rescuing a Traveler's missing friend. As its role name suggests, this Mii ends up getting separated from their friend (the quest giver) and thus getting lost in a random temporary dungeon, where their face ends up attached to a boss monster. So, boss battles involving the Lost Friend allow the guest Mii that temporarily accompany the party to participate.

As mentioned before, the Lost Friend won't appear in the game until the player takes a quest involving said Mii, so it is not possible to preemptively recast this character in the Mii Cast menu until said condition is fulfilled.

Abducted Friend

"Whisked away by a monster, leaving a worried friend behind."

A variant of a Traveler's friend who, as its role name suggests, is captured by a monster. Despite the different wording, quests involving this Mii and the Lost Friend share the same objective: Find a Traveler's friend inside a temporary dungeon, where said friend's face ends up on a boss monster. If the quest giver joins the party for that quest, he/she will get to fight alongside the player's party.

Because their appearance is triggered by taking a quest involving this type of NPC, it's not possible to preemptively recast them in the Mii Cast menu until said condition is fulfilled.

Quest types

There are a few quest types given by Travelers.


Read more: Rank

The most common quest type, denoted with a paper icon and a difficulty name when the player walks close to a Traveler with this request. Despite the different wording of the request (dependent on the Traveler's personality trait), all quests belonging to this type involve the party traveling into a temporary dungeon to defeat a boss monster hiding there. The boss monster can either be a rare, powerful variant of a certain species, possess the client's face, or possess the client's friend's face.

Quest Level Boss Level
Rank I 20-25 23
Rank II 26-28 28
Rank III 29-31 31
Rank IV 32-34 34
Rank V 35-37 37
Rank VI 38-40 40
Rank VII 41-43 43
Rank VIII 44-46 46
Rank IX 47-49 49
Rank X 50 50

Depending on their request, the client may join the party temporarily. However, if the client's face is attached to the boss monster, the player will be left fighting with their usual party.

After clearing a quest of this type, it is possible to recruit the client that requested it. The client will have preset weapon and clothing (the former can only be seen earlier if they became a temporary party member) and level (based on the quest level) as well as preset personality not previously seen until the player recruits them.


Denoted with a gift box icon. Usually pops up one at a time whenever the Travelers' Hub updates the quest list, this quest type involves the player delivering a package or gift to a random talkable NPC found throughout Miitopia. Similarly to the "present" event in the Inn, the receiver's reaction varies depending on the package/gift given, however it doesn't influence the quest success or reward.

Dessert hunt

Exclusive to Youngest Fab Fairy. Like the common "adventure" quest type, it involves the party going into a temporary dungeon to fight a boss monster. The Youngest Fab Fairy will always accompany the party when this quest is taken, and her reward is always in the form of some grub.

Snurp hunt

Exclusive to the Worried Explorer. It's much like an "adventure" quest type, and is denoted by the same icon, but all monsters encountered belong to the Snurp species (except for encounters triggered via certain events).

The boss battle consists of two common Snurps plus either a Rich Snurp, a Delicious Snurp, a Very Rare Snurp, two Gold Snurps alongside a Rich Snurp, two Tasty Snurps alongside a Delicious Snurp, or two Rare Snurps alongside a Very Rare Snurp. At higher difficulties, the two Gold, Tasty, and Rare variants are replaced with the stronger ones (which makes two common Snurps plus three giant Snurps), though it's also possible for the boss battle to involve all three "giant Snurp" variants. No quest rewards are gained from this type of quest, as the reward is part of the quest itself.


Exclusive to Quizmaster, denoted with the Quizmaster's hat as the quest icon. Like "errand"-type quests, this quest doesn't involve battling monsters. Instead, the Quizmaster requests the player to visit them in a random temporary dungeon where the player has to take on three quiz challenges.

The quizzes are randomized per challenge (even if the player fails and retries), so the player has to be ready for all quiz types from various difficulties, especially the final challenge, where the quiz type is always "Quiz Remix", meaning the player has to face against three consecutive questions each with a random quiz type and difficulty.

Preset post-game quests

Main article: Permanent Quest

After viewing the credits the first time, the Travelers' Hub will provide six preset quests (only differentiated by quest level (though still have preset level range each) and quest giver) that will not go away even if the player does not take them for the day. Half of them, especially the first of such quest, focus on the post-game region Galados Isle as a way to introduce it to the player.

Clock manipulating

Due to the fact that the player will receive new quests every 24 hours, some players have attempted to adjust their Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch clocks to refresh the Travelers' Hub quests faster. However, adjusting the 3DS/Switch clock in any way will reset the 24-hour timer. It will not resume until the next day, thus halting the player's progress in the post-game.

The 24-hour timer controls not only the quests, but also the daily questionnaire in the 3DS version and the daily letter in the Nintendo Switch version, and the refreshing of the bosses in New Lumos.


  • This is the only region to have no region map of its own, and thus, the only region to have no explorable stages.
  • Unlocking this region will activate the "sickness" mechanic that lasts for the whole game.
  • Lost/Abducted Friends will be shown wearing the clothing of Travelers in the Mii Cast menu, however, while being rescued, they will wear clothing identical to some male Greenhorne residents.
  • In the "Snurp Hunt," if the whole party is at max level, the Snurps in the dungeon will be replaced with larger variants. Gold Snurps will be replaced with Rich Snurps, Rare Snurps will be replaced with Very Rare Snurps, and Tasty Snurps will be replaced with Delicious Snurps.
  • Adventure quest levels are determined by the party member with the highest level in the Inn.
  • The notification for "popular Mii" setting upon unlocking this region on the US Nintendo Switch version uses the Europe menu term "Mii" when it should be "Mii characters".
  • For some reason, on the Nintendo Switch version, even though the quest giver's icon is displayed properly if he/she has makeup on, upon completion his/her icon lacks it on the "quest completed" screen. This seems to happen inconsistently, as there are makeup-laden Mii characters still displaying their makeup normally on the completion screen. This also happens if a quest gives out Equipment, with the screen to give it to a Mii having the Miis Out in the Party keeping their makeup.
  • The Town Guide is known as the Well-Informed Bod in the European English version. In the Nintendo Switch version, his default name in that region is Snoop.


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