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This term refers to the starting "job" the player has when a new game is started. If you are looking for quest givers (also referred to as Travelers), see Travelers' Hub.


"Behold, a simple traveler."

-Game intro

Traveler description

Traveler's stats as seen in the Party menu.

In Miitopia, the Traveler serves as a template for a basic Mii's appearance, as in Mii characters that have no combat jobs or NPC roles assigned to them yet. Travelers have no weapon and wear a robe (its color is based on the Mii's favorite color) with a thick collar, a small brown bag, a pair of shorts, and brown sandals. In case of the latter, the whole clothing does not count as armor, thus providing no boost to stats.

Traveler is the hero's default job since the start of the game. He/She ends up being reverted to this job twice by the Dark Lord in the main story. Despite this, the Guardian Spirit will always suggest a new combat job for him/her in both cases, thus all battles in the entire game never involve the Traveler job.

Despite the fact that it is never used in battles, the Traveler has its own stats. However, it has no combat skills.


LV. 1
HP 10
MP 1
Attack 1
Magic 1
Defense 1
Speed 0


  • If the Traveler is compared with the combat jobs:
    • It has the lowest MP, Attack and Defense compared to all combat jobs.
    • It is tied with the Tank for having the lowest base Speed, at 0.
  • The only NPC with this job by default is the Reborn Mii. This makes him the only NPC with the Traveler appearance in the lower difficulties of "Who Am I?" questions (which involve guessing the correct NPC look; no party members appear) during the Quizmaster's challenges (normally, most quiz types default all featured Mii characters to the Traveler look).
  • The Traveler job is used as a failsafe if a hero's job value in the save data is invalid.
  • In the Nintendo Switch version, guest Mii characters from the Travelers' Hub appear as Travelers inside the Inn regardless of their job.