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The Tower of Despair (Japanese: 神の塔 Kami no tō; Tower of Gods) is a dungeon introduced in the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia. It is located in New Lumos, and is unlocked after successfully taking on the Tower of Dread. It stands at around the same height as the Tower of Dread, having eight floors in total.

Floor Monster(s)
1F 6 Elite Goblins
2F Heavy Golem
3F 3 Neon Pharaohs
4F Colossal Serpent
5F 4 Gourmet Burgers
6F 2 Blue Goddesses and a Red Fiend
7F Light Lord and Light Sage
Apex Boss Snurp


The Tower of Despair as it appears on the in-game map.

The Tower of Despair is a large tower with a large globe-like structure on top of it. Both the tower and the globe may be crumbling apart, as bits and pieces of its walls are missing. Hexagonal patterns are present on the tower, and it is surrounded by dark clouds that swirl around it. It is also partially submerged in the stormy waters surrounding New Lumos.


The interior of the Tower of Despair is similar to its exterior, with hexagonal patterns lining the walls and floor and large holes in the walls. Each hexagon has a faint red glow surrounding it, and some of them have Mii eyes and mouths imprinted in them. A stormy haze is visible from outside, with red-tinted clouds surrounding the tower and rubble easily seen flying across the sky.

The Top Floor of the Tower of Despair is similar to the other floors, but the broken globe around it is slowly rotating, and the outlines of the tower alternate in varying colors by fading to black, and then glowing again. The storm clouds are also a much darker, purple hue.


It's highly recommended that you have a full team of Miis at level 50 with Legendary Equipment. A Cleric is also recommended due to it having a 100% chance to revive with Giga Resurrection and can heal the entire team with Giga Panacea.

Unlike the Tower of Dread, the Tower of Despair includes multiple battles against three or more bosses, so jobs like Cats and Mages that can hit every enemy at once can prove very useful.

Try to conserve your Sprinkles especially HP and Shield as you'll need them on the later floors of the Tower. Only use your life sprinkle if your healer is KOed or you really need to revive someone as a last resort. Safe Spot any Mii that is low on HP or MP or to hide a certain Mii from attacks, because of this it is vital that you keep the order your Mii characters and enemies act in mind.

Try bringing a Mii from the Traveler Hub, they follow you where ever you go until your complete their quest. While their quest is unfinished, try bringing them to the Tower Of Despair, they can help in many ways, and cannot be interacted by enemies either.


  • In the game files there are drop rates and experience points that enemies can drop, but similar to the Tower of Dread, enemies do not drop anything on defeat so nothing is gained from beating them as the player cannot fight them outside the tower, but also like the Tower of Dread, the player can use the Cat's Steal Grub skill to obtain grub from them.