Miitopia Job - Thief

Swift as the wind, with a repertoire of skills designed to confound enemies.

-Job Description

Thief Description

【Miitopia】 - Thief Play Demo

【Miitopia】 - Thief Play Demo

The Thief is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on area-of-effect damage and enemy disruption.

Their Weapon of choice being a Dagger.

Their Clothing is called Gear.

With extremely high Speed and decent HP and MP, the Thief is the party's confounder of enemies and stealer of snacks alike.

The Thief's default attack hits all enemies, but the strength progressively weakens as it goes down the line.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 10 258 357
MP 5 83 182
Attack 8 62 351
Magic 3 82 181
Defense 6 93 399
Speed 12 120 219


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Attack multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Booby Trap Lv. 3 2 "Place a trap before you to interrupt and counter an enemy attack.'' - 15% Only protects against physical attacks; ranged attacks will still hit. Damage done by the trap is relative to the Mii's Attack.
Pilfer Lv. 5 5 "Attempt to steal snacks from enemies. Doesn't always work." - 100% Obtain HP Banana or MP Candy from the enemy. If the Thief has 3 snacks on them already, you won't be able to use this skill. This skill doesn't work on enemies that have already been stolen from.

If a Mii uses Lend a Hand, the Thief will steal more HP Bananas or MP Candies, but only if they don't have any snacks or have just one.

Backflip Lv. 9 - "Occasionally dodge physical enemy attacks. (auto)" - 15% Gives the Mii a 15% chance of dodging physical attacks.
Whirlwind Blades Lv. 10 8 "Dance like the wind, slicing and dicing many enemies in your path." 0.75 30% Hits 3 times on random enemies. If a Mii uses Lend a Hand, it can hit up to 6 times.
Sneak Attack Lv. 15 7 "Hide behind an enemy and catch them unawares for great damage." 2.4 25% Deals great damage in exchange for losing a turn. The Mii cannot assist, be hit, or have Sprinkles used on them while hiding.
Phantom Strike Lv. 23 15 "Hit the enemy over and over again with a phantasmal flurry of attacks." 0.4 30% Hits 6 times on random enemies. If a Mii uses Lend a Hand, it can hit up to 9 times.
Huge Trap Lv. 28 10 "Put a big trap in front of the whole party to counter enemy attacks." - 15% Identical to Booby Trap, but effective for the whole party. Raises friendship if the enemy attempts to hit a friend. Damage done by the trap is relative to the Attack of the Mii being targeted, not the Thief's Attack.
Rock Rain Lv. 33 20 "Cause a landslide of rocks to fall from above, crushing the enemy." 0.6 30% Hits all enemies 5 times. If a Mii uses Lend a Hand, it can hit up to 8 times.





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