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Here is a leaderboard created by Fandom users for those who challenge the Tower of Dread.

Both the old and new boards have been kept.

Bravest Heroes Rankings

Rank Successful? User Try Team Sprinkles Used Safe Spot? Date of Entry (MM/DD/YYYY)
1st Mastered Lusterdustrous 1st

Level ~34

Cool Elf, Cool Vampire, Cautious Pop Star, Laid-Back Imp

-- -- 08/24/2017
2nd Yes DreilDream 1st

Level ~45

Kind Vampire, Cool Cleric, Energetic Mage, Air-Headed Warrior

-- -- 08/24/2017
3rd Yes Lost-Paisley 1st Level 48~50Cautious Warrior, Kind Mage, Stubborn Flower, Laid-back Vampire All except Life -- 09/07/2017
4th Yes Flamechar33 2nd Level ~45 Nonspecific, but Yes -- 08/06/2017
5th Yes Tired Blupi 1st

Level 50

Laid-back Mage, Stubborn Cleric, Cool Warrior, Cautious Thief

Life Sprinkle only Yes 09/09/2017
6th Yes GaganTopia 7th

Level ~50

Laid-back Elf, Kind Chef, Cool Imp, Laid-back Cleric

Only one shield sprinkle Yes 09/7/2021
7th Yes AssassinPerson 5th

Level ~50

Nonspecific, but Yes -- 08/11/2017
8th Yes Courtney Springer 2nd Level~50

Laid-back Thief, Airheaded Cleric, Cool Warrior, Stubborn Female Popstar

All except Life, kept all until Dark Sun uses Big Bang -- 08/23/2017
9th Yes Miderb 2nd Level ~45

Stubborn Flower, Energetic Mage, Airheaded Vampire, Airheaded Imp

All except Hyper, used life sparingly throughout run Oh my yes 10/22/2017
10th Yes Marcia Aeris 2nd Level ~44

Kind Chef, Laid-back Thief, Energetic Pop Star, Stubborn Vampire

HP (used all of it) and Shield (only used once). Started using on the Apex. Abused 10/28/2017
11th Yes iam109candy 1st

Level 50

Laid-back Imp, Kind Cleric, Kind Elf, Cool Vampire

Only used shield and hyper during the last two rounds Abused 11/9/17
12th Yes ReecidyBoi 1st All level 44

Cool Mage (Hero)

Stubborn Cleric

Energetic Cat

All except for HP which I had around 200 left Yes 4/6/2021 (4th of June 2021)
11th No (Lost to Dark Sun) bashformat 1st

Level 40 all

Kind Mage, Laid-back Cleric, Kind Chef, Cat

Minimal use of HP and MP (less that 60 for both). 2 uses of Shield during Evil Sage fight. Hyper and Life unused.

"Oh my yes"

Miderb, 10/22/2017


(6th of June, 2019)


No (Lost to Dark Sun) Jewelraffe 2nd

Level ~45

All except Hyper. -- 08/23/2017
14th No (Lost to Evil Sage) Camren Springer 1st Level~48

Cool Tank, Kind Female Pop Star, Cool Mage, Cool Cat

-- -- 08/23/2017
15th No (Lost to Evil Sage) MegaPiggy 2nd

Level ~38

Energetic Warrior, Kind Mage, Laid-back Cleric, Stubborn Thief

Yes, All of my Sprinkles Abused It 10/22/2017


No (Lost to King of Hounds) JosephtheRandomDude 1st

Level ~31

Kind Imp, Kind Cleric, Energetic Warrior, Energetic Mage

Nonspecific, but Yes --


17th Yes Aski1 6th

Level 39

Cautious Elf, Cautious Scientist, Laid-Back Chef, Kind Cleric.

All Except Hyper Only if HP/MP was low 03/4/2018
18th Yes SFishle2 8th Level 41


Level 50


Level 50

Male Pop star

Level 50


Some of all Proctecting\MP and HP low. Can't remember.
19th No (Battery died at Dragon King) ICANDOANYTHING 2nd Energetic elf, kind cleric, energetic tank, chef, all level 50 Forgot Yes
20th No (Defeated by the Dark Sun) Brittanmii 1st (LEADER) Kind Tank

Airheaded Mage

Cautious Imp

Cool Thief, All level 50

Used HP sprinkles until down to 57 sprinkles, used Life sprinkle Abused too much (I’m sorry, Safe Spot, I just had to do it-) 14/3/2021
21st No (Defeated by Dark King and Queen) KorkOnTheFork 2nd ~ Lvl 37

{LEADER} Cool Imp

Cautious Warrior

Cool Flower

Energetic Chef

Most of all sprinkles A b u s e d ???

SpiritusLuminis: First try, all level 50. No sprinkles, No safespot. All had around 20 relationship with eachother (MC: Vampire, laid-back. Cleric, Cool. Cat, Energetic. Mage, Cautious.

Flamechar33: 2nd Try, around Level 45 each. Abused Safe Spot heavily as I wasn't using sprinkles until the Evil Sage. Completed Apex.

AssassinPerson: 5th Try, Apex. Defeated the Dark Sun without any of the team dying due to Safe Spot and Sprinkles. Team Level 50 (one 49), all with Legendary Clothes and Weapons

Jewelraffe: 2nd try, defeated by Dark Sun, Team Level ~45 (one 35) with strong gear. Will reattempt later.

Courtney Springer: 2nd Try, Apex. Defeated the Dark Sun while keeping every Sprinkles until it uses Big Bang. Team Level 50, all with Legendary Clothes and Weapons. All sprinkles except Life used after Dark Sun's Big Bang.

Courtney Springer's little brother, Camren Springer: 1st try, defeated by Evil Sage, Team Level ~48 with almost high clothes and weapons. Will try again later.

DreilDream: 1st try (I didn't want to make any attempts until I had a high leveled team), Apex. Defeated the Dark Sun with Team Level ~45, half of the team with legendary weapons, and made heavy use of the Safe Spot. Finished with two members alive, although everyone had vampire powers.

Lusterdustrous: First try, only 1 lvl 35 and 3 lvl 34's when attempting. Team was Cool Elf, Cool Vampire, Cautious Popstar, Laid-back Imp. Did not have any Legendary gear - a bit of it was far from the best - Elf was wearing Super Raiment for example. Using the Safe Spot was a must. Had high relationship (68) with one character which the Popstar abused heavily.

MegaPiggy: Second try, defeated by Evil Sage on Floor 6. Had Level 37-38 team members. Used Energetic Warrior, Kind Mage, Laid-back Cleric, Stubborn Thief. Did not use Legendary Gear Because I Didn't have it, but I Did use gear that was a little higher than Hero Gear. Abused Safe Spot, then used sprinkles at Dark King and Queen. Will Try Again to beat those him.

JosephtheRandomDude: First try, defeated by King of Hounds on Floor 4. Had Level 30-32 team members. Used Kind Imp, Kind Cleric, Energetic Warrior and Energetic Mage. Didn't even use Safe Spot and only used Sprinkles. Will try again.

Tired Blupi: First try, defeated Dark Sun. Only Life Sprinkle is used (and no others), the rest is Safe Spot abuse, Cleric's heals, and occasional snack use. Uses Level 50 party (Laid-back Mage (with max Magic), Stubborn Cleric, Cool Warrior, Cautious Thief), all with Legendary equipment. Basically a "mains + 'any' job(s)" run. Relationship level averages at 68 (min. 52, max. 84).

GaganTopia: 7th attempt, 3rd victory (counting every playthrough; I lost 3 times on my first one, and once on my second, but that was with worse teams). Just played the Tower of Dread at level 50 cause I was bored, had autobattle on for extra challenge. I ended up not using any sprinkles, apart from one shield sprinkle in the Evil Sage battle, that I didn't even end up needing as the Sage destroyed it before the Tower of Flame attack, and he wasn't even targeting my Cleric. So I could easily do better, but this fine for me. Safe spot was abused a bit. My team all had legendary gear/weapons, and high relationship, levels (all above 50).

Miderb: Second try, defeated Dark Sun. Safe spot is your friend, use it even if you don't think you need to. You will need to save your sprinkles for the last two fights, especially shield. Don't waste Shield sprinkles on Dark Sun, Big Bang Can bypass them. Team had second best gear (before legendary) save for my main, who had the legendary Flower/Leaf. Heal whenever you can and don't try going in until you're level 43 at least.

FinalBossEncounter: Second try, completed. Safe spot abused. No sprinkles until Evil Sage. All level 50 with legendary gear. Cool Mage, Energetic Warrior, Cautious Cleric, Laid-Back Thief. Lvl. 99 relationships, no conflicts. No MP used by main character until King of Hounds.

Marcia Aeris: Second try, first one that I actually took seriously (my first attempt was an accident), and ended up defeating the Dark Sun. I started using Sprinkles during the Dark Sun fight as well. Not only did I abuse the Safe Spot (for MP recovery and for one Mii to avoid attacks), but my Pop Star also abused Love Song, although for the most part, it wasn't used. My first death was on the floor of the Evil Sage, one of which that could have been avoided by using the Safe Spot.

Relationship chart by the end of the run was:

  • Kind Chef (MC): Level 63 with Pop Star, Level 99 with both Thief and Vampire
  • Laid-back Thief: Level 76 with Vampire, Level 24 with Pop Star
  • Stubborn Vampire: Level 14 with Pop Star

Equipment was:

  • Kind Chef: Legendary Frying Pan, Master Uniform
  • Laid-back Thief: Ninja Star, High-Tech Gear
  • Energetic Pop Star: Angel Mic, Aurora Outfit
  • Stubborn Vampire: Legendary Bat, Platinum Suit

Mornstar559: To be perfectly honest, I thought I was screwed. Took 40 minutes and a lot of safe spot moving. Used all my sprinkles on the Dark Sun. And this was my first try! (and yes, this is legit. I was really lucky.)

Sprinkles Used/Safe Spot Usage:

  • MP: None
  • Safe Spot: Highly spammed.


  • Cool Warrior (MC): LV 41 with Cleric, LV 69 with Mage, LV 34 with Elf
  • Kind Elf: LV 44 with Cleric, LV 23 with Mage
  • Cautious Mage: LV 28 with Cleric

Equipment and Levels:

  • Cool Warrior: LV 44, Magma Katana, Space Armor
  • Kind Elf: LV 41, Angel Bow, Kyudo Rainment
  • Cautious Mage: LV 41, Mystic Wand, Faux-Snakeskin Robe
  • Energetic Cleric: LV 41, Mystery Staff, Holy Vestments

SkullheadedSpy: 1st attempt, beaten Tower of Dread without using any sprinkles, abusing the Safe Spot heavily.

Jobs used:

  • Cool Vampire: LV 50, Legendary Bat, Legendary Suit (MC)
  • Cautious Cleric: LV 50, Legendary Staff, Legendary Vestments
  • Stubborn Scientist: LV 50, Legendary Flask, Legendary Lab Gear
  • Laid-back Mage: LV 50, Legendary Wand, Legendary Robe


  • Vampire (MC): 55 x Scientist, 35 x Mage, 49 x Cleric
  • Scientist: 24 x Mage, 55 x Scientist, 54 x Cleric (Cleric angry at Scientist)
  • Cleric: 43 x Mage, 49 x Vampire, 54 x Scientist (Cleric angry at Scientist)
  • Mage: 35 x Vampire, 24 x Scientist, 43 x Mage

DarcyFoster: Completed first attempt.

  • Team composition: Laid-back Mage; Cool Warrior; Energetic Cleric; Stubborn Scientist (all level 50 with their job's Legendary clothing and weapon).
  • Safe spot and Sprinkles usage: Safe spot used heavily to save Sprinkles and HP bananas for Dark Sun battle. Despite this, MP Sprinkles were used during Dark King and Queen battle (due to other fighters needing their HP replenishing to save their bananas for the Dark Sun battle). HP Sprinkles completely emptied after the Dark Sun's Big Bang, coupled with Hyper Sprinkles used. Life and Shield Sprinkles not used.

Miitopia-Meow6First try, Completed. 47 ~ 50

Team: Kind Cat, Cool Chef, Cautious Elf and Energetic Cleric (Cat and Chef Level 50, Elf and Cleric 48)

Friendships (With Kind Cat):

  • Kind Cat and Chef - 54 
  • Cat and Elf - 27
  • Cat and Cleric - 39

Sprinkles Used:

  • All HP (Saved until Big Bang)
  • Half MP (About 150 of it) 
  • Life, All (Saved until Dark Sun killed Cleric)
  • 4 Hypers (Used 1 On Evil Sage, 3 on Dark Sun)
  • 1 Sheild (Used at Evil Sage)


  • Cat: Legendary Cat Suit, Legendary Claws
  • Chef: Sushi Chef Uniform, Legendary Frying Pan
  • Elf: Dragon Raiment, King Bow
  • Cleric: Japanese Vestements, Legendary Staff{|

| |


[1] cosmoKinesis420

Completed first try. Second clear, did once in an earlier save file. Levels 45-50.


Cool Elf: Level 45

Energetic Warrior: Level 50

Cool Cleric: Level 46

Kind Vampire: Level 46

Sprinkles used:

HP: 953

MP: Around 250

Life: Used when cleric died to Dark King

Hyper: All

Shield: 1, used on Evil Sage


Elf: Legendary Raiment, Legendary Bow

Warrior: Legendary Armor, Legendary Sword

Cleric: Legendary Vestments, Legendary Staff

Vampire: Legendary Suit, Legendary Bat


MurdererMinji (20/2/2021) First try on new save file, completed before.


Kind Cat - Level 44 (Leader)

Cool Chef - Level 44

Cautious Mage - Level 44

Energetic Cleric - Level 44

A Random Elf I stole From The Travelers Hub: Level 45


72 with Cool Chef, 29 with Cautious Mage, 34 with Energetic Cleric.

Sprinkles and Safe Spot Used?:

HP: All HP, first used at Dark Sun.

MP: None.

Life: Used when Dark Sun killed Cleric.

Hyper: None.

Sheilds: Used 1 with Evil Sage, and another on the Cleric when the Dark Sun was very low health.

Safe Spot: ABUSED.


Cat - Dinosaur Cat Suit & Red Demonic Claws

Chef - Mater Uniform & Blue Moon Frying Pan

Mage - Sorcerer Robe & Mystic Wand

Cleric - Holy Vestments & Miracle Staff

Brittanmii: Finished every floor but the Apex floor, and got defeated by the Dark sun. All of my fighters are level 50, all with Legendary gear. Fighters are Kind Tank, Airheaded Mage, Cautious Imp and Cool Thief. I abused the safe spot, not using sprinkles until the Dark King and Dark Queen. Due to memory, I think I had 57 sprinkles when I got defeated, no MP sprinkles, no shield sprinkles, and no hyper sprinkles. Relationships are:

(LEADER) Kind Tank + Airheaded Mage: Level 87

(LEADER) Kind Tank + Cautious Imp: Level 18

(LEADER) Kind Tank + Cool Thief: Level 7

Airheaded Mage + Cautious Imp: Level 3

Airheaded Mage + Cool Thief: Level 8

Cautious Imp + Cool Thief: Level 17

This is my first try, and I will try again soon.

GhostlyCoild First try, beaten


Stubborn Elf (MC), Energetic Cleric, Cautious Mage, Laid-Back Vampire + Cat guest mii

All LVL 50 with legendary equipment


Elf - 76 - Cleric

Elf - 31 - Mage

Elf - 58 - Vampire

Cleric - 27 - Mage

Cleric - 30 - Vampire

Mage - 25 - Vampire

Sprinkles & Safe Spot

HP: All used when Dark Sun used Big Bang

MP: Over half used when Dark Sun used Big Bang

No Life, Hyper, or Shield Sprinkles used

Safe Spot used very frequently throughout to restore HP, MP and status effects

KorkOnTheFork: second attempt since I accidentally entered the tower for my first try, lost to Dark Queen and Dark King. My team was: Cool Imp ( Leader ), Cautious Warrior, Cool Flower, and Energetic Chef. All teammates were at lvl. 37, everyone except my chef had an HP stat over 200. All relationships between my team were all above lvl. 10, highest relationship lvl. was 29. My warrior had resentment towards my Chef, but thankfully that got resolved during battle. Used most of all sprinkles, and abused safe spot to restore HP and MP. (Also screw you King of Hounds for killing half my teammates right before being defeated)

AssassinPerson (Nintendo Switch Version)

1st Try. Team Level 40. 23rd May 2021 (Yes that is three days after the game was released you are reading that correct).

Vampire (me), Chef, Mage, Pop Star.

Safe Spot absolutely used, Sprinkles also absolutely used. Perhaps my proudest achievement yet. Video Link: YouTube Vid :)


Completed on Nintendo Switch version.

Attempted directly after the Dark Sun, Easily won first try. Will link a video later.

DreilDream - Nintendo Switch Version

1st try! The team had two lv48 and two lv49.

Team: Kind Vampire, Energetic Mage, Cool Cleric, Airheaded Warrior.

I used the Safe Spot a lot, the most being 17 times on the Apex and not using it at all on GF and 3F. The only Sprinkles I used was a single Shield on 6F. Used Enthrall on all teammates on the Apex since that's where I really needed it and it so paid off.


Almost First Try! I abused the Safe Spot starting at around Dragon Lord and I used hardly any Sprinkles, Then I made it to the Apex but sadly, the Dark Sun defeated me with it's Black Hole attack... Still great run though!

Team: Cool Elf (Me), Cool Mage, Cool Warrior, Energetic Cleric, All Level 38.


2nd try! Beat dark sun!

Used safe spot loads, due to my scientist not using safety most of the time,

Team Cool Mage (me), Kind Cleric, Cool Cat and Energetic Scientist, lvl 46 mage lvl 44 cleric 45 scientist and 30 cat


Celebrity robe

Mystic Wand

Enlightened Vestments

Mystery Staff

Space Armour

Magma Katana

Golden spiked Gloves

Gentleman Cat Suit

List of Districts in New Lumos