The Tower of Dread is a boss gauntlet that appears in New Lumos after the player clears any three Districts and speak to the Reborn Mii, who summons it as "your last trial".

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It contains all eight District Bosses in District order ending with Dark Sun:

Floor Monster(s)
GF King Cow
2F Calc King
3F Frog King and Frog Queen
4F Dragon Lord
5F King of Hounds
6F Dark King and Dark Queen
7F Evil Sage
Apex Dark Sun

The player gets a Medal for entering the Tower of Dread, and then eight more, one for each time they clear a floor. The final medal is unique for being gold and worded differently.

After defeating the Tower, the party return to the Inn as normal.

Tip: It's not recommended you try this without having good enough stats first as the bosses there are hard to defeat and you don't get a rest or have your Sprinkles restored between battles. It is also recommended that you defeat all eight bosses individually beforehand so you have a better idea of what you are facing.



  • If the player enters the "Team" or "Stuff" menus while standing in front of the tower, the background will be the Tower's battle background instead of New Lumos.
  • All of the bosses fought here grant no EXP, grub, and G when defeated. They are the only enemies other than the Darker Lord to have this characteristic.
  • In the Tower, boss battles that would normally use Boss Battle II as their BGM will use Boss Battle III instead.
  • The Miitopia characters “FACE” and “KAO” (Face in Japanese) can be seen in the background.
  • The Tower Apex is extremely similar to Darker Lord's Domain, except colored green rather than purple.

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