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The Sky Scraper (Japanese: 超摩天楼 Chou-Matenrou; Super Skyscraper) is the building where you battle quite a few bosses, including the Phantom of Evil. It is also where the portal to Otherworld is. It is only accessible after obtaining the four jewels (gained by finishing certain Travelers' quests at the Travelers' Hub) needed to open the door. It is in between Nimbus and Otherworld.


  • Defeat all bosses in the Sky Scraper to reach its top.


Travelers' Hub quest only

A quest dungeon exists by the entrance, which looks like an astronomer's globe.

Level 20-29 quests

Level 50 quests


  • Nimbus's map music is played when the player is outside the building in this region.
  • This region's battle music is also used for normal battles in Otherworld.


Map of Miitopia