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Terror Fiends (Japanese: 恐怖の死神 Kyoufu no Shinigami; Terror Grim Reaper) are larger, two-eyed stronger Fiends which very rarely show up in The Sky Scraper and Peculia, and more commonly in New Lumos starting at the 3rd District.

They are notorious for being even deadlier than Fiends as their magic resistance and high HP mean it will take longer to kill it before it kills the party. Use a good-leveled party with a Vampire that knows Bat Tornado to deal with Terror Fiends more easily. You can also use Dancing Arrow to make it dance.


Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Attack The Terror Fiend smacks a Mii. 10% 100%
Magic The Terror Fiend's deadly attack. Inflicts magic damage multiplied by 50, making the inflict damage number to exactly 999. Only a shield can block the damage. (magic) 90% 100%

Enemy Statistics

Terror Fiend
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
Terror Fiend.png 666 190 30 10000 10000

Battle tip

By the time the party fights these monstrosities, the player should already have Shield Sprinkles. They will always out-speed the party no matter how high the level is and usually focuses on the highest-leveled Mii. Regardless, best play it safe rather than sorry and shield 1 to 2 physical attackers before the battle. Hyper Sprinkles can also be used on any physical attackers to boost their default attacks.


  • Despite being a magic skill, Bat Tornado will deal heavy damage to both Fiend types.
  • Besides Hobgoblin Bully, Fiend and Terror Fiend are the only monsters that use the same type of Mii eye every time they appear. They are also the only creatures to possess a red eye outside of Miis affected by the "evil" status condition.
    • Terror Fiend is coded to use the "Spite" expression in battle. This is the same expression used by heroes when their heart is dipped in darkness by an enemy such as Naughty Imp. Terror Fiend reverts to the "Normal" expression when it uses its regular attack or is defeated, which is why its eye turns normal.
  • Terror Fiend's HP is 666, the Number of the Beast and associated with the Devil.
  • Whenever you defeat the Terror Fiend (or normal Fiend), you will get 666 gold, regardless of the other monsters in the party.
  • Very rarely in a post-game quest, a formation of four Terror Fiends will appear at once. In Japanese culture, four is considered the number of death.
  • It is one of the few monsters with 10,000 Magic, the highest Magic among all monsters. The others are Fiend, Rare Snurp, and Very Rare Snurp.
  • Both this monster and the Fiend have 10,000 Speed, the highest among all monsters.


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