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  • ...that the The Darker Lord's theme and the Great Sage's theme are variants of the song 'The Path to Victory'?
  • ...that the boss with the highest HP is the Dark Sun in the Nintendo 3DS version and the Boss Snurp in the Nintendo Switch version?
  • ...that completing a Mii's non-Errand quest in the Travelers' Hub will grant the player the ability to add them to the party, even ones that do not involve the Mii as the player's guest party member, as long as that Mii is not one of the game's preset ones? If there is a duplicate Mii of such in the Villa, however, they will still be able to join.
  • ...that the Roulette's icon changes in the Nintendo Switch version to reflect the odds of the roulette wheel for that Inn?
  • ...that the most damage you can do in one turn is 15984, with 4 maxed out Warriors or Cats using Pincer III, with all their attacks doing 999 damage?


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  • ...that in the game's code, Powdered Peaks and Peculia are both in the Travelers' Hub region, meaning there are actually 10 worlds instead of 11?
  • ...that there is an unused level 99 code in the Mage's stats?
  • ...that the last party member to be defeated will have a slightly slower falling animation to draw out the moment?
  • ...that, when pressing Y, some music in the game will be paused while others will continue to play? Some examples of those that will continue to play are battle music and stage music. Some examples of those that will be paused are the level up music and battle intros.
  • ...that the Chinese Uniform has white and black color options? The colors white and black in Chinese folklore mean death.
  • ...that for the role of the Old Man in Neksdor, regardless of the Mii's hair color, it will always be grey to fit the role?
  • ...that Miitopia was the first Nintendo 3DS game that uses non-Mii Maker colors in their editor, unlike Tomodachi Life, in which it is only possible via Hair Color Spray?
  • ...that the Pop Star's Out of Tune and Way Out of Tune skills can break shields?
  • ...that, outside of the roulette, 92730 is the highest value of EXP obtainable in the game? This is achieved by defeating three Very Rare Snurps and two Black Snurps with a weak team and getting the 1.5x multiplier afterward.
  • ...that you can hold down the B button makes battles, walking in exploration and eating grub to make them go quicker?
  • ...that, with high enough stats, Cats can do 999 damage (max damage) by simply using Sharpen Claws and then using Hyper Sprinkles before their attack can be executed?
  • ...that Miitomo mentions Miitopia during one of its loading screen tips?
  • ...that you can import Miis into your Miitopia game using Mii Maker, Tomodachi Life, and even Miitomo QR codes?
  • ...that although all attacks against Rare and Very Rare Snurps do 1-4 damage, a Vampire’s Curse when they get hit still does half the damage dealt?
  • ...that quest difficulty (Easy, Normal, Tough) is determined by your current party's set-up? So, for example, one quest that is rendered "Tough" when you see it with your current party can be rendered in a lower difficulty (Normal/Easy) when seen by a stronger party.
  • ...that the reaction of a party member falling (one of the relationship skills: Avenge) most of the time depends on the personality of the one reacting? Cool, Energetic and Stubborn Miis will always become enraged while Airheaded, Cautious and Kind Miis will always cry. Laid-back Miis will only do one strong attack.
  • ...that AI-controlled Imp Miis/Pop Star Miis will always use Butt Jab/Encore on an ally with the highest Attack regardless of their regular attack's range?
  • ...that despite the max upgrade for HP and MP Sprinkles being reached after 2,500 Miis rescued, the "Rescued" counter can still go up to 9,999 without giving any more rewards?
  • ...that, while a rare occurrence, the game has a possibility to freeze in the Inn's "Eat Grub" menu if a grub given happens to be bugged/glitched?
  • ...that there are puns hidden in the descriptions of the Mushroom Sauté dishes? The common dish says 'Delicious mushrooms for the fun guy (or girl) in your life!' and "fun guy" said fast sounds like "fungi." The rare dish says 'After a plateful, you won't have mush room for more!' and this one speaks for itself. The very rare dish says 'The morel of the story is the bigger, the better!' and a 'morel' is a type of mushroom.
  • ...that the chanting in the Great Sage's theme is actually meaningless gibberish?
  • ...that the Fiend and Terror Fiend's Scythe attack always does 999 damage, which is the highest damage possible from one attack and can only be stopped by Shield Sprinkles?
  • ...that the voice pitch of the title screen is determined by your personality?
  • ...that the voice pitch of you and your teammates depend on what personality you give them?
  • ...that Bat Tornado bypasses a (Terror) Fiend's magic resistance?
  • ...that you can cheat and pause the Quizmaster's timer by holding down the Y Button?
  • ...that the Scary Scorpion and Metal Scorpion have the ability to instantly kill someone, but it doesn't happen often? And only Shield Sprinkles will be able to stop it?
  • ...that Realm of the Fey is the first area of the map whare people join your party temporarily? Other locations where this may happen is Karkaton and the Traveler's Hub.

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