Miitopia Job - Tank

"A wicked weapon on wheels, packing a large cannon and plate armor."

-Job Description

Tank description

【Miitopia】 - Tank Play Demo

【Miitopia】 - Tank Play Demo

The Tank is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on high physical damage and high defenses.

Their weapons of choice are Shells.

Their clothing is called Tanks.

The Tank is all about pure physical offense and defense. However, its reckless attitude causes other party members to become annoyed, meaning you must be careful when using the Tank as it can cause a lot of resentment. Because of this, they are best when paired up with a Pop Star, due to their Love & Peace skill.

The Tank's default attack is single target only, and consumes two MP.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 11 284 383
MP 4 62 161
Attack 8 111 453
Magic 2 52 151
Defense 6 100 421
Speed 0 0 99


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Attack multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Human Cannonball Lv. 3 10 "Hit an enemy, using a friend as ammo. Not very fun for friends." 2.4 20% The ally used as ammo will be upset with the user.
Wild Shot Lv. 5 6 "Fire scattershot, hitting enemies—and sometimes friends—at random."' 0.6 25% Hits 4 random targets, maxing out at 7 from "Lend a Hand" assists, rarely hitting allies. A shot may sometimes miss completely. Allies hit with this attack will be upset with the user.
Defense Lv. 7 12 "Hole up inside extra-thick armor, reducing the damage taken. (auto)" - 10% Allows the user to take half damage during an enemy's turn. Only has a 10% chance to activate if an enemy is about to attack the user with a regular or a physical attack.
Laser Lv. 10 15 "Fire a high-powered laser, zapping all enemies in its path." 1 25% Allows the user to attack all the enemies in one hit.
Repair Lv. 15 12 "Perform emergency maintenance to restore HP. Takes some time." - 50% Assume a defensive mode that halves damage taken on the first turn, then restore some HP on the second.
Hot Shot Lv. 21 12 "Fire three huge blasts of energy into enemy ranks." 0.7 50% Hits 3 random enemies. Every "Lend a Hand" assist adds an extra fireball to Hot Shot, maxing out at six fireballs.
Ultra Laser Lv. 27 20 "Fire an extremely powerful laser, searing all enemies in its path." 1.7 25% Same as Laser, but more powerful.


  • This class and the Chef are the only jobs that have skills that may cause teammates to be upset with the user (resentment).
  • Tanks are the only job to never naturally gain any Speed, being stuck at 0, the lowest among all jobs. However, it may be raised with food.
  • Tanks, Cats, Chefs, Thieves, Flowers, Pop Stars and Vampires are the only classes that have unique walking animations in exploration.
  • They are called "せんしゃ" (sensha; tank/military vehicle) in the Japanese version.
  • Tanks are the only class that can't wear amiibo clothes.
  • Tanks consume two MP per default attack. If a Tank runs out of MP, the game says they are out of ammo and are unable to attack until it gets restored.
    • The Tank is the only one to utilize this mechanic, meanwhile other classes like Elf that would also realistically run out of ammunition (Arrows) are strangely unaffected.
    • However, if an Airheaded's Oops or an Energetic's Charge activates, it will not consume MP as the Tank would directly smack an enemy with their weapon instead.
  • This is the only job whose hat cannot be removed due to it being their main cannon used for attacks.
  • The Tank is tied with the Warrior and the Cat for having the lowest base max MP among all jobs, at 4.
  • The Tank is tied with the Thief, the Imp and the Elf for having the highest base Defense among all jobs, at 6.
  • Tanks are the only job that can be rendered near-useless (or outright useless if their relationship levels aren't high enough) if their weapon is stolen. This doesn't stop them from using attack-based assists such as Pincer, but will always miss.




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