HNI 0071

Stubborn personality action.

Stubborn (Japanese: がんこ Ganko) is a personality, giving the Mii stubborn quirks that involve self-defense and possibility of performing a second attack in the same turn.


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture
Patience The Stubborn Mii braces for impact. This allows them to take half damage for that turn only. 20%
Stubborn Quirk Patience
Again The Stubborn Mii attacks a second time with the same attack. 3%
Stubborn Quirk Again
Bluff The Stubborn Mii refuses help from an ally. May cause resentment from the helping ally. 20%
Stubborn quirk bluff

Outside battle

  • Stubborn Miis will keep digging if nothing is find during his attempt with no interruption from the player during the "buried treasure" event.
  • Stubborn Miis will throw away a bottle of unknown liquid without leaving the choice from the player during the "drink" event.