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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

Stubborn personality action.

Stubborn (Japanese: がんこ Ganko) is a personality, giving the Mii stubborn quirks that involve self-defense and possibility of performing a second attack in the same turn.


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture
Patience The Stubborn Mii braces for impact. This allows them to take half damage for that attack only (example: it will not block the special attack "One More Time!".) 20%
Patience first time Switch v.gif
Again The Stubborn Mii attacks a second time with the same attack. 3%
Stubborn again quirk first time switch v.gif
Bluff The Stubborn Mii refuses help from an ally. May cause resentment from the helping ally. Does not activate if receiving help from a traveler. 20%

3DS version

Nintendo Switch version

Outside battle

  • Stubborn Miis will keep digging if nothing is found during his/her attempt with no interruption from the player during the "buried treasure" event.
  • Stubborn Miis will throw away a bottle of unknown liquid without leaving the choice from the player during the "drink" event.
  • When a Mii's face is about to be put on a monster, Stubborn Miis will shake angrily.
  • During one of the Library Outings, when asked by a Mii if they could read what the stubborn Mii is reading, they will say they have not finished reading it yet.
  • When a Stubborn Mii is singing, they squat from side to side while flexing their arms.
    • This shares the same animation as Energetic Miis.


  • "I'll handle this." (Not selected)
  • "That's what I like to see!" (Selected)
  • "Onward!" (US) /"Onwards!" (EU) (Starting adventure)
  • "That's very you!" (Commenting on war cry)
  • "Oh, new outfit? Hm, not bad!" (Complimenting new Clothing)
  • "Ah, you caught me!" (US) / "Ah, you noticed?" (EU) (Complimented on new Clothing)
  • "Nope!" (Drink event, throws it away)
  • "Hm? What's in my pocket?!" (Friend Mail event, feels it in pocket)
  • "Dear (Mii), You don't need HP Bananas to taste sweet victory! But here's one on the off chance that you do." (Mailing a friend)
    • "(Mii) worries too much." (Mail reaction, Kind Mii)
    • "Hmm, well then... I'll hold on to it." (Mail reaction, Laid-back Mii)
    • "A man/woman after my own heart!" (Mail reaction, Stubborn Mii)
    • "I'll take all the HP Bananas I can get!" (Mail reaction, Cautious Mii)
    • "All right, fine. Since you went to all that trouble..." (Mail reaction, Energetic Mii)
    • "(Mii) needs to be more honest with himself/herself." (Mail reaction, Cool Mii)
    • "He/she just does his/her own thing, doesn't he/she?" (Mail reaction, Air-headed Mii)
  • "Right. I've got your back!" (Standing guard at camp)
  • "How could you fall asleep!?" (Camp event, waking up to a sleeping Mii)
  • "ZZZzzzzzZZZzzzz..." (Camp event, sleeping)
  • "Morning." (Camp event, greeting good morning)
  • "Heads up! Monsters incoming!" (Camp event, ambushed)
  • "We owe you one!" (Camping event, waking up to a guard who stayed awake)
  • "Argh, my eyes." (Camp event, reacting to two Miis who quietly kept watch)
  • "OK, let's get to it, team!" (Camp event, reacting to two Miis who chatted long into the night)
  • "I'm not leaving you alone out here." or "I'll keep watch with you." (Camp event, joining a Mii stand guard)
  • "Hufffff!" or "Huuun!" (Using a regular attack)
  • "How about that?" (Defeated monster)
  • "Prepare for indigestion." (In a Mii-eating monster)
  • "I'll get you out, (Mii)!" (Reacting to teammate being in a Mii-eating monster)
  • "Thanks for the help!" (Out of a Mii-eating monster)
  • "Never give up!" / "We will not back down!" / "It ends here!" / "Put your backs into it team!" (US) / "Put your backs into it, team!" (EU) (When exiting the Safe Spot menu)
  • "I'm not going down yet!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and has low HP)
  • "I'll fight to the bitter end!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is alone)
  • "It's on!" / "Grrr!" / "You're going down!" (exiting the Safe Spot menu on a solo adventure)
  • "NOT... YET..." (exiting the safe spot menu on a solo adventure with low HP)
  • "Pfft..." (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a cranky state)
  • "Arrgh!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in an angered state)
  • "Waaaah!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a crying state)
  • "Wahoo-hoo!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in an excited state)
  • "Let's do this!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a gleeful state)
  • "Mwahaha..." (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a spiting state)
  • "I won't let you down, (Mii)! " (Reacting to a fallen teammate)
  • "Drat..." (Defeated)
  • "Hmph!" (Patience quirk)
  • "Not satisfied!" (US) / "Not good enough!" (EU) (Again quirk)
  • "Don't need it!" (Bluff quirk)
    • "That's..." (Teammate's response)
  • "Good job, (Mii)!" (Praise assist)
  • "Who ate all the HP Bananas/MP Candies?" (US) / "What? No more HP Bananas/MP Sweets?" (EU) (Out of HP Bananas or MP Candies/Sweets)
  • "You can have this." (Charity assist)
  • "You'll pay for this!" (Avenge assist)
  • "Grrr! Get clean!" (Cleaning event)
  • "It's just common sense to clean up after yourself." (Cleaning with another Mii)
  • "You can do it! Gotta clean it all!" (Watching a Mii cleaning)
  • "I believe in you, (Mii)! Go!" (Cleaning event, cheering on the sidelines)
  • "Went shopping. Got you something." (US) / "I went shopping. For you, that is!" (EU) (Giving a present)
  • "Hand it over!" (US) / "Hand it over then." (EU) (Accepting a present)
  • "Not bad at all." (Present event, kind of likes it)
  • "I like this!" (US) / "Good stuff!" (EU) (Present event, very pleased)
  • "This is amazing!" (US) / "Now this is something else!" (EU) (Present event, amazed)
  • "Ugh." (Present event, dislikes it)
  • "The heck is this?" (Present event, hates it)
  • "Ooh ooh ooh, yeah!" (Singing)
  • "Whoah, oh yeah!" (Singing event, joining in)
  • "Shazam! Woo!" (Cheering a Mii singing)
  • "You have my thanks." (US) /"You've my thanks." (EU) (Getting revived/healed by another teammate)
  • "Hm!" (Face saved)



  • Stubborn Miis will always be referred to as the gender of the Kind Mii in their letter reactions, regardless of their actual gender. This error was not fixed in the Nintendo Switch port.





Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese がんこ
Rocky, as in stubborn.
French Déterminé Determined.
German Stur Stubborn.
Italian Caparbio Stubborn.
Spanish Terca (US)

Cabezota (EU)
Korean 완고
Dutch Koppig Stubborn.
Chinese 顽固 (CN)

頑固 (TW)