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The Sterile Plant (Japanese: クリーンな工場 Clean-na Koujou; Clean Factory) is a robot factory located in Nimbus.

The factory is required to be clean, spotless, and sterile (hence the name) to remain in peak condition, but it appears to be devoid of workers. This is likely due to the factory being automated.

The Sterile Plant is visited once while hunting for the Sky Scraper Jewels, as the Nose Jewel was left there by a traveler by mistake. After that, the plant is no longer necessary to visit.


Areas around the Sterile Plant


  • If the party re-enters the boss stage, there will be a regular encounter as normal, but the "boss encounter" intro music will play, and the Boss Battle theme plays while fighting a Robo-Pengy, Healing Cloud, and two Lizardmen. It is unknown why these music tracks play during this battle.


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