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Status effects (internal name: Battle Feeling) are conditions which affect both Mii characters and enemies in different ways. Effects can turn the tide of battle and many skills can inflict them.

Some effects cast from enemies can be blocked by the Scientist's Safety Mask and the Princess's Blindfold, unless the effect also causes damage. Bosses in general are immune to most negative status effects.

Only one status effect can be active on any target at the same time and the current status will either block others or be replaced by them. However, there are a few similar effects that fall outside of that rule (Shield Sprinkles, Vampire's Enthrall)

If a Mii with a status effect is placed in the Safe Spot, almost status effect, even if beneficial, is removed when they take their next turn to rest.

In addition, no Status effect persists after battle. Knocked out Mii's will be revived with 1 HP.

Miis have a limited amount of effects they can deal, but enemies have many to pick from.


Name Afflicted message Condition Effects Works on bosses Source Quote when inflicted
Aging Target got old! The target's hair turns grey, their face wrinkles, they will not stop complaining about what they would do to be young again, and they lean on their weapon like a cane. Damage dealt is halved and damage taken is increased. N/A Alien-types' Aging "*cough cough*"
Angry Target is angry at enemy!


Angry because... angry!

(When Anger spreads to another Mii)

Burning Rage!

(When having a turn that is in an Angry quarrel)

Target just can't let it go!

(During second turn)

Causes the player to lose control of their Mii.

Acts twice per turn, but can only use attacks (including attacking skills). Can guarantee quarrels happening if the angered Mii ends up resenting another. Certain skills may spread the anger to the non-guest Mii characters next to them.

Can override other emotions, including "Excite" if caused by the Avenge assist.

N/A "Hmph!"
Anxious Target got nervous! Targets become clingy and will sometimes tell another unaffected Mii not to go and cling on to them. It also stops healing moves and other non-attacking moves.

The attacking Mii will stop and friendship will go up a bit.

N/A Demon-types' Anxious "This is it!"
Barrier The target gains a green barrier which reduces damage by half. The barrier persists even through death until the end of battle. Can only be removed by Shield Sprinkles and the Juvenile Snurp's Crash Attack. N/A
Blow Blown away!

The target gets blown away from the battlefield, temporarily removing the character from battle. Lasts for a few turns.

Up to three Mii characters can be blown away, and if the last Mii on the field gets knocked out while the other Mii characters are blown away it will result in a defeat and the battle lost. If there is only a single Mii in the party that enters the battle, enemies will never blow them away.

N/A Harpy-types' and "Traveler" Wind's Blow

Bottom got burned!

The target's bottom gets burned with fire, causing it to run in circles.

The burn causes damage every turn.

N/A Flaming Wind "Ouch ouch ouch!"
Calm Target is feeling calm. Sharply lowers the target's defense, causing it to take 1.5x the normal damage. Yes
Cranky Getting mean! (Inflicted)

Plotting something... (During their move)

Target tripped 'em up!


The target's eyes turn black with red pupils and have a shadowy aura.

The victim has a possibility of tripping an ally about to perform their action, wasting their turn and can possibly cause resentment.

N/A "*grin*"
Cry Target is crying profusely! Causes the target to cry profusely. They are unable to control their actions and their regular attacks will sometimes miss.

Can override other emotions, including Excitement.

N/A "Boo hoo!"

Target is dancing in a trance! (Inflicted)

Target started dancing! (User in nflicted)

Target is dancing harder! (Reapplied)

The target performs a dancing animation specific to their type (e.g. all Snurps bounce about) and cannot take any other action. The effect can be reapplied to stall the enemy. No "What's that now?"

Target is inside User! (Inflicted)

User spat out its catch! (Removed)

The target is stuck eaten by the monster performing the Eat action for a few turns until the target is spat out. During these turns, the target can not make a move and can not be assisted or given Sprinkles, but the monster Eating the target can still attack. Up to one target can be Eaten by one monster at a time. If the monster is defeated, the target will immediately be spat out.

When a Mii is about to attack the monster of the target having been eaten, they will say, "Give him/her back!" before attacking.

N/A Burger-types' and Eat Plant-types' Eat
Excite Losing control! The target goes crazy and can only use normal attacks, but will deal 2x damage. The effect goes away on its own in a few turns.

Overrides other emotion-based effects like Sadness.

Faceless Target's face was stolen! (Inflicted)

Flustered (US)

Discombobulated (EU)

(During their turn)

The Mii loses their face and cannot take any action. The effect cannot be removed whatsoever unless the party dies or the monster with the Mii's face is killed.

This is treated the same as a knocked out Mii regardless of HP remaining, so if the rest of the Mii characters unaffected by this are defeated, the battle will be lost.

N/A Dark Lord's Face Steal
Finished Off



The target takes fatal damage (disguised behind the "Finisher!" pop-up), enough to deplete its HP to 0.

See Cautious for details.


Cautious Mii's Finisher


Touched by ally's praise!

In a good mood and full of energy! (During their turn)

The affected will deal x1.5 damage with all attacks, take less physical damage when hit, and get a Speed boost.

This can override other emotion-based effects and Hyper Sprinkles' effect.

N/A "Wow!"
Ice Turned to ice! The Mii is frozen solid and cannot perform any action. The effect wears off after a while. N/A Yeti's Magic Ice All
Instant Death "Sayonara!" (Scorpions)



Instantly knocked out regardless of HP.

Excludes the (Terror) Fiend's 999-damage attack.

Note: Kind Mii's Spare also removes enemies from battle, but they will not give EXP or a face.

  • Imp's Demonic Whispers
  • Chef's Monster Dinner
Knocked Out Target was defeated! The target faints (Mii) or dies (enemy). A defeated Mii's turn is always skipped (unless a vampire uses Revive or a Mii is revived by Enthrall). If all of the Miis in the party are defeated, they will flee and leave the stage. If all enemies are dead, the battle is won. A fainted Mii cannot be revived with the Safe Spot; only revival skills, some assist skills and Life Sprinkles will work. Yes Depleting HP to zero
Laugh Target burst out laughing!

Target can't stop laughing!

The target laughs uncontrollably. They cannot take action and miss their turn. N/A Smileshroom's and Skulleton-types' Laugh "Pffft!"
Nightmare Target was lulled into a nightmare!

Having a nightmare. (During their move)

Target was rudely awakened! (After taking damage)

Prevents the target from moving. They also take damage at their turn, but the Safe Spot will prevent them from damage. If they take damage from attacks, they will wake up. N/A
  • Dark Lord's Nightmare
  • Various monsters' Nightmare
Pharaoh Caught by pharaoh's curse!

Target is cursed. (During their turn)

The target gains a color-coded headdress and chants "I. Am. Pharaoh."

On their turn, if they have any HP Bananas, they will offer one to their master to heal them. Otherwise, they will miss their turn.

N/A "I. Am. Pharoah."
Puppet Target is being controlled like a puppet! The target is held in place like a marionette. Until the effect wears off, the target can not take any action. N/A Puppet-type monsters' Puppet "Oof, no!"
Sleep Sleeping!

Target was rudely awakened! (After taking damage)

The target will fall asleep. When sleeping, they will regain lots of HP. However, if the target takes damage from any attacks, they will wake up. N/A *yawn*
Spider Target was covered in spiders! The target is infested by spiders. They may not move and will take minor damage from them. Goes away on its own. N/A Arachno"Middle Fab Fairy"'s Spider "Agh! I don't like spiders!"
Spite Target is so mad at offender!


Target's in a bad mood.

(During their move, if lashing out)

Target can't be bothered.

(During their move, if half-hearted try)

The target will either inflict double damage to "lash out", or inflict half damage out of spite. Unlike the other conditions, the condition can last the whole battle, unless the quarrel ends before the battle is over. N/A Quarrels "Now you've done it!"
Stone Target was turned to stone! The target turns completely gray and is frozen in place. They cannot move or take action. N/A Medusa-types' Stone
Terror Legs turned to jelly! The target shivers and will not do anything. N/A "Yikes!"
Weapon stolen Target's weapon was stolen The target temporarily loses all the stats given by their weapon and is unable to use skills. The thief will spit the weapon out after a few turns or when defeated. N/A
  • Mummy enemies'Eat Weapon
"Oh no!"
Vacancy Zoned out! The target will inflict less damage, heal less and take more damage from attacks. N/A


  • If a Mii under the Cranky condition trips up an ally or tells another ally to not go, they will always approach the ally from the left side of the screen no matter where they actually are.
  • If a Mii with the Spite condition manages to defeat a monster, their victory message will sometimes be "Hmph. Whatever."
  • A Mii that wakes up from the Sleep condition will say "Good morning!" disregarding the actual time.
  • The Angry, Excite, Burn and Laugh conditions all speed up the battle music depending on how many Mii characters are affected by it. If a Mii with one of these conditions change to the Gleeful condition, the music will not go down in speed until the Mii calms down.
  • The Vacancy condition could be based off the Calm condition as the Mii takes more damage in this condition, as well as the face expression during the condition.
    • However, the Calm condition does not make enemies inflict less damage.
  • A Mii under the Dance condition will use the same dancing animation as Goblin-type monsters.
  • If a Mii protects another Mii with Sacrifice it's still possible for the Mii they're protecting to get the status effect.
  • The enemy that can cause the most status effects is the Boss Snurp, with the ability to give 5 different effects.
  • Teammates do not use Instant Death skills against the Red Fiend, most likely since it is paired with two Blue Goddesses, which are bosses. However, when the Blue Goddesses are defeated, teammates will be able to use Instant Death skills.