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Sprinkles are beneficial items that are unlocked at certain parts of the game. They can be used at any time between turns during combat and exploration. As the player recovers more faces, the amount of Sprinkles allotted to the player will increase (this excludes Life, Shield, and Hyper sprinkles). There are 5 different kinds of Sprinkles.

In addition to Sprinkles, the player may influence the battle with the Safe Spot. The Safe Spot allows the player to place a party member in the back lines to recover from dangerous status effects. While they are there, they cannot attack or be attacked. They are essentially in a timeout zone to help get them back in the game. However, it cannot be used while venturing solo. If the rest of the party is taken down, the user is ejected from the Safe Spot and cannot be placed back in, unless another party member is revived with a skill or Life Sprinkles. For example, the Warrior's Super Snap Out Of It move or the Cleric's range of Resurrection moves.

Type Unlock Method Effect Base Stat Max Stat
HP Sprinkles First time a Mii is low on HP. Recovers 1 - 10 HP per use1. 20 HP 999 HP
MP Sprinkles First time a Mii is low on MP. Recovers 1 - 5 MP per use.1 10 MP 500 MP
Life Sprinkle First time a Mii is defeated (Only works if there are 2 or more Miis in the party) Revives one defeated party member and heals them to full HP. 1 use
Shield Sprinkles First time a party member is targeted2. (For example: Being targeted by a Robo-"Traveler" that is about to use Power Laser) Blocks any damage from the next attack, then breaks. Some status effects bypass shields. 5 uses
Hyper Sprinkles Start the Cerberus battle. Makes a party member Hyper, doubling all damage, but can only use normal attacks. The Player cannot choose a skill. 5 uses

1. Amount depends on how long the A button is held or how hard the shaker is shook. Longer/harder gives more.

2. Red crosshairs are pointed at the party for the first time, during the battle against Robo-"Traveler".


HP Sprinkles

For every 50 faces saved up to 400, 5 HP Sprinkles are gained. From there, every 50 faces saved nets 20 Sprinkles until 2,500 faces saved, where 199 are gained to reach the 999 cap. Note that if the HP Sprinkles are never unlocked, the player will not unlock it through the upgrade. The player must unlock it by having at least one Mii at critical health.

MP Sprinkles

For every 100 faces saved up to 500, 5 MP Sprinkles are gained, and at 600, 15 are gained. From there, every 100 faces saved nets 20 Sprinkles until 2,500 faces are saved, where 100 are gained to reach the 500 cap. Also note that, similar to the HP Sprinkles, the MP Sprinkles will not be unlocked through the upgrade and can only be accessed by having at least one Mii at a low MP relative to its current maximum.

Safe Spot

The Safe Spot is first upgraded at 300 faces saved, and the next upgrade is at 550 faces saved. From there, every 200 faces saved will increase the effectiveness of the Safe Spot until 1,750 faces saved, where instead it takes 250 faces saved for each upgrade. Once again, similar to the two Sprinkles, the Safe Spot is not unlocked by getting the upgrade if it is not unlocked previously. A status effect must be put on a Mii to unlock it. Additionally, the safe spot will not unlock if a party member is inflicted with a status effect that can be caused through personality traits and move abilities (Sleep, Anger, Crying, etc.). It also won't unlock if a party member is surprised by a monster hiding in tall grass. Lastly, if there is only one member in the active party, the safe spot will never unlock, no matter what the Mii is affected by.

Life, Shield, and Hyper Sprinkles

These sprinkles can't and will not upgrade as when they are granted by the guardian spirit as they are at their maximum amount. As said at the last sentence, Life Sprinkles can only be used once but Shield and Hyper Sprinkles can be used five times. Hyper Sprinkles may wear off by having the effect for a certain amount of time while for the Shield Sprinkles don't wear off but in case an enemy hits a party member affected with the Shield Sprinkles, the Shield breaks and disappears.