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"Travels Miitopia in search of uncharted lands. Ethusiastic, to say the least."

- Mii Cast description

The Scholarly Pioneer first appears as a supporting protagonist in Miitopia. She is a traveling pioneer that loves finding new places that have not been fully discovered like Galados Isle.

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A Scholarly Pioneer Mii wears (of course) a pink pioneer hat with goggles, as well as what looks to be a pink tuxedo.


She is always looking for new discoveries but do not really know what she is looking for, leading to her mistaking the player for a native at every encounter. She however knew about the island's treasure in the Uncharted region, locked behind a door.

Upon completion of the Uncharted region and getting the Elven Charm, talking to the Scholarly Pioneer afterwards reveals that the Worried Explorer is her older sibling.


  • The default Mii used for the Scholarly Pioneer in the Switch version is identical to the Mii used in the Mage’s artwork for the 3DS version, albeit with a darker hair color and skin tone.


Names in other languages

Default Mii

Language Name[1] Meaning
Japanese リサ
Phonetic pun on the first half of the word research.
French Laura
German Lara Same as her EU English name.
Italian Lara Same as her EU English name.
Spanish Lara Sagaz
Korean Reese Same as her US English name.
Dutch Lara Same as her EU English name.
Chinese Reese Same as her US English name.