Roulette arcade

The Roulette button in the Inn's Arcade menu.

The Roulette is a minigame within Miitopia that allows the player to spend Game Tickets to spin a prize wheel. There are four categories that remain consistent, but the amount of space they take up on the wheel is random.

In these cases, the player should prioritize what they really want and not use up tickets on a wheel that may not cater to them. The game saves right after spending a ticket, likely to prevent the player from cheating/manipulating for prizes. If the player resets after spending a ticket or getting an undesirable prize, it will result in the ticket spent lost (and the won prize will be also lost, making resetting pointless and a waste of a ticket). The wheel resets its prizes and chances after every venture, so spin wisely.


HNI 0067

Winning Gold Prize

Gold Prize (Yellow)

  • Equipment: Usually gives the next best class equipment for the Mii characters at their levels, or sometimes the Ragged clothing. If they already have it, the player can sell the duplicate for its exact buying price.
  • 10 HP Bananas: If the player has bought the best equipment already at the Mii characters' current level, the roulette may only give HP Bananas instead.
    HNI 0068-0

    Prize win screen.

Silver Prize (Blue)

  • Experience: Win extra EXP to boost a Mii to the next level. The amount of EXP gained is dependent on the wording. Comes in "A morsel", "A generous helping", and "A royal portion".
  • Grub: Take note in the words, there's a chance that a really rare food (Rare or Very Rare qualities) can show up on the wheel. Winning this will earn the player three servings of the food.

Bronze Prize (Orange)

  • Jolly Jaunt Tickets: The player can only get these tickets here at the Roulette. Comes in Budget, Fancy, and Luxury. When given to a Mii, that Mii and their roommate will gain relationship EXP depending on the ticket rank. If given to a Mii that has no roommate, is roomed with an ally bearing a quarrel with them (and in reciprocating situation), or is roomed with an ill ally, the chosen Mii will sell the ticket for G (500, 1,000, or 1,500 depending on ticket rank).

Runner-Up (Grey)


  • The player can expend a Game Ticket to get Ragged clothing for all jobs. However, once the player has one for a class, it won't pop up again and will be purchasable from the Catalogue once it becomes available.
  • The maximum expected value of a spin is 24,375 G. This occurs if the grand prize is a piece of legendary equipment, and the grand prize wedge has the maximum possible size of 26 spaces (out of 32).
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