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Going into the RPS challenge...

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a minigame within Miitopia that allows you to spend Game Tickets to challenge the confident robot to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The minigame is playable in the Inn arcade alongside the Roulette and costs 1 Game Ticket per try.

The base prize for beating it starts out at 500 G, however this amount increases throughout the story to up to 10000G. Also, the player can try for double-or-nothing on their winnings up to 4 times, increasing the prize up to x16 of the base gold (unless the player takes their earnings before the fifth win). This means the player can earn up to 160000G from one game ticket if they are 'lucky' enough (but this is only at the end game; the maximum prize available at the start of the game is 8000G (16 x 500G))

Losing results in the player exiting the minigame with no prize. If the player wins 5 times in a row, they will be forced out of the minigame with the maximum possible prize (x16 of the base prize money).

Base Prize money Maximum prize money (5 wins) (x16 base prize money) When the player gets to this prize amount
500G 8000G From start of game
800G 12800G After reaching Karkaton
1500G 24000G After defeating the Dark Lord
3000G 48000G After entering The Sky Scraper
8000G 128000G After defeating the Darker Lord
10000G 160000G After 1 team member reaches level 50