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Riverdeep Cavern (Japanese: 川底の洞窟 Kawazoko no Dōkutsu; Riverbed Cave) is a submerged cave in Greenhorne that is the only pathway to reach the Castle View that is south of Greenhorne Castle.

It is home to some of the strongest common monsters of the whole area and in the demo.


Areas around Riverdeep Cavern


  • Back when the West only had the demo version, the southern (straight) path was a popular spot to grind for the most G and levels.


Stage 1

An upside-down T-shaped path. Has 3 battles. The upper path leads to a chest stage. The right path leads to a Castle View stage where you fight Imp "Cheery Granny". Gives 48-290 EXP.

Battle 1 - Banshee x3

Battle 2 - Banshee x2, Cumulus (upper path) / Apple Jelly x7 (right path)

Battle 3 (right path only) - Apple Jelly x4, Banshee, Cumulus

Chest Stage

A straight path. The stage’s second chest is a golden chest, which gives either a new weapon or new clothing for a party member. The first chest contains 280G.


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