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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

The Replica Dark Lord (Japanese: レプリカ大魔王 Replica Great Demon Lord) is a hidden boss which shows up when the party reaches the end of Uncharted Galados.

After its defeat, it never returns to that spot but leaves behind a chest containing the Elven Charm.

Multiple Replica Dark Lords also appear as regular enemies in post-game temporary dungeons, and on outings in New Lumos. Unlike the boss version, they're just as vulnerable to status ailments and one-hit kill skills as any other non-bosses.


It is physically identical to the Dark Lord without his eye necklace. It is smaller and tinted pink all over with rosy skin. Its cloak is red-tinted with violet mist. It has circles on its robe, unlike the other variants of the Dark Lord, who have diamonds on their robes.

Its Mii parts are a pair of eyebrows, eyes, and a mustache. Its mustache never changes and its facial hair is always brown in the Nintendo 3DS version, while the Nintendo Switch version can have more color variations.


Outside of its hidden boss status, Replica Dark Lord is also one of the possible bosses that show up in a quest dungeon. Defeating it will clear the quest, though it should be noted that this only applies to the boss version. If a Replica Dark Lord is defeated in a non-boss stage in the same area as the boss version, the battle doesn't count towards quest completion.


Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Attack The Replica Dark Lord slams its hand into a Mii. 40% 100%
Nightmare The boss traps one Mii in a Nightmare. That Mii takes damage and cannot move. 30% 100%
Magic All A rockslide is dropped on the party, doing damage. (magic) 30% 100%
One More Time! (auto) The boss gets two actions per turn. - -

Tip: If encountered as a regular enemy, or in Uncharted Galados, apparently, it is susceptible to one-hit kill skills such as the Cleric's Righteous Anger and the Imp's Demonic Whispers as well as status ailment-inducing skills such as the Elf's Dancing Arrow and certain quirks like Kind Mii characters' Spare.

The boss version's magic attack is significantly more powerful due to its higher stats.

Enemy statistics

Replica Dark Lord
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
Phantom Lord.png 3100 280 198 90 85
Phantom Lord.png 5555 320 127 160 84

Temporary dungeons (Boss)



  • As it is a replica, it is implied either the Dark Lord or something else tried to partially copy it. This implication is shared by another secret boss.
  • Replica Dark Lord, Light Lord, Phantom of Evil, and Dark King are all identical to the Dark Lord, with the only differences being that the former four do not use Face Steal, and all five are different in appearance.
  • Replica Dark Lord, Light Lord, Phantom of Evil, and the Dark Lord share the same color hierarchy as the Imp family line, corresponding to their respective implied strength:
    • The Replica Dark Lord, being an implied copy of the Dark Lord, is pink like the Imp (enemy).
    • The Phantom of Evil, being another clone imbued with the Ex-Dark Lord's face, is green like the Naughty Imp.
    • The Dark Lord himself is bluish purple like the Imp "Cheery Granny".
    • The Light Lord, which even the Darker Lord could not control, is yellow like the Clever Imp.
  • It has the second most HP among all non-boss monsters. In the Nintendo Switch version, the Red Fiend surpasses it, at 4,000 health.

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