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Pictured: Relationships with a teammate

Pictured: Resentments toward a teammate.

Relationships are a game mechanic in Miitopia. Party members can interact with each other, whether they're in battle or out of battle. Positive interactions result in the increase of the "friendship" meter, while negative interactions result in resentment.


Relationship Official Artwork.png

In Miitopia, having friends is truly a blessing.

Relationship improves when two Mii characters rest in the same room at an inn or through random actions during a combat such as the use of the assist skill "Concern", the Energetic quirk "Cheer" or healing a party member. The higher the friendship, the more assist skills are available. Assist skills activate randomly during combat and enable boosts for the attacking Mii, duo, trio or full team attacks, etc.

Reaching a new friendship level during battle will also fully heal both Mii characters' HP.

Although relationship is an advantage during battle, if two of the player's Mii characters fight or if a Mii gets jealous because his/her best friend is getting closer to another Mii, it will result in bickering and fights during battle.

The Relationship meter is symbolized by a pink heart.

In Miitopia for Nintendo Switch, the new horse ally can be bonded with a party member the same way as their teammates can.

Ways to build Friendship:

  • Rooming two Mii characters together.
  • A successful evasion following a Warning.
  • A Mii showing Concern to an ally that suffered a hit.
  • Using a Jolly Jaunt Ticket on two Mii characters in the same room.
  • Having a Mii perform certain support/assist skills on an ally, like healing skills. Examples:
    • A Mii being protected by a Warrior with Proud Protector.
    • Cat’s Playful Antics.
    • Successful revivals from an ally, like:
      • Warrior's Super Snap out of It.
      • Cleric's Resurrection.
      • Flower's Life Dew.
    • Flower’s Gentle Fragrance, Sweet Fragrance, Flower Bed, and Mega Flower Bed.
    • Elf's Healing Melody, Forest Aegis, and Forest's Blessing.
    • Thief's Huge Trap, when a monster attacks someone other than the Thief.
    • Cleric's healing skills.
      • If (Giga) Panacea is used, only one Mii will have their relationship increased.
    • Chef's Feast and Cooking-based skills.
      • If Feast is used, only one Mii will have their relationship increased.
  • Playing out random events (inn/stage) involving two or more Mii characters that result in a positive outcome (shows increase of "friendship" meter). Examples:
    • Having two Mii characters train together.
    • Having a Mii help another Mii when they have tripped.
    • Receiving a gift that makes a Mii at least "somewhat happy."
  • When in battle, a Mii having the "nervous" status ailment may interrupt an ally about to attack, which cancels out whatever action said ally is about to perform and raises relationship of both characters.
  • A Mii being protected by an Elf with Counter Arrow skill.

Note: The above methods aren't applied on guest party members as said guests cannot form a relationship of any kind with the player's Mii characters.

Assist skills

Skill Learned Description/Effect Image Condition
Show Off Lv. 2 "Impress your friend by doing extra damage to enemies." Showoff.jpg Standard attack, damage-dealing skills
Warning Lv. 3 "Call out to a friend to give them a chance to dodge an attack." If successful, raises friendship. Warning.jpg Friend is about to take damage, including attacks that target several Miis (but not all)
Concern Lv. 4 "Console a friend after they've taken a hit. 'Where does it hurt?'" Raises friendship. Assist skill - concern.JPG Friend has taken damage, can even happen when friend is affected by Shield Sprinkles. (verification needed)
Praise Lv. 5 "Shower a friend with compliments. 'See! I knew you could do it!'" Makes the Mii happy, making the next action or two more effective. Praise.JPG Friend defeats an enemy
Lend a Hand Lv. 6 "Help a friend out with their next action and boost its effects." Adds bonus damage/healing/MP recovery/success rate to the action, usually depending on Mii's applicable stat (attack/magic). All 3 other party members can assist at sufficient friendship levels.
HNI 0064.JPG
Standard attacks, most skills of friend
Get Well Soon Lv. 7 "Visit a friend in the Safe Spot to speed up their recovery." Causes additional health/mp recovery. All 3 other party members can assist at sufficient friendship levels.
HNI 0065.JPG
Friend spends the turn in the Safe Zone
Charity Lv. 8 "Give a snack to a friend when they don't have one on them." Raises friendship.
HNI 0070.JPG
Friend has low HP/MP and no matching snack
Avenge Lv. 9 "When a friend falls, flare up in anger with a vengeful strike." Grants an instant bonus attack. All 3 other party members can do so at sufficient friendship levels.

Airheaded, Cautious and Kind Miis will cry, while Cool, Stubborn and Energetic Miis will get angry. Laid-back Miis will get no status effect.

Avenge.jpg Friend gets knocked out
Sacrifice Lv. 10 "Take damage in place of a friend. 'They won't lay a finger on you!'" Take damage instead of the friend. Area attacks will hit twice. All 3 other party members can do so at sufficient friendship levels, splitting the damage taken for the friend between them though relationship will only increase on one of the Miis.
HNI 0081-1.JPG
Friend is about to take fatal damage
Pincer Lv. 12 "Attack in sync with a friend and hit from behind for great damage." Similar to Lend a Hand, but with higher damage. Converts standard attacks that hit all enemies to single-target.

All 3 other party members can assist at sufficient friendship levels.

Pincer learn.jpg Standard attacks, single-target damage skills
Lend a Hand II Lv. 14 "Increase the chance and effect of boosting a friend's action."
HNI 0066-0.JPG
Share Lv. 16 "Go halfsies on a snack with a friend when they don't have one on them." Effect of snack is split evenly. Raises friendship. Learn share.jpg Same as Charity, but the giver also lacks HP/MP
Last Wish Lv. 18 "Heal a friend when you've fallen and they take a critical hit." Fully heals friend. Last wish.JPG Knocked out, friend is about take fatal damage
Avenge II Lv. 19 "When a friend falls, land a heavy attack in the name of vengeance." Avenge 2.JPG
Resurgence Lv. 20 "Gain the strength to get up again if a friend falls in battle." Resurgence.JPG A Mii's friend gets knocked out after that Mii does
Pincer II Lv. 22 "Increase the chance and effect of a pincer attack. 'On three!'" Pincer2.jpg
Warning II Lv. 27 "Increase the chance of a friend dodging an attack after a warning." Warning2.jpg
Get Well Soon II Lv. 32 "Increase the chance and effect of speeding up recovery in the Safe Spot."
HNI 0082-1.JPG
Show Off II Lv. 38 "Really impress your friend by doing loads of damage to enemies."
HNI 0088-0.JPG
Avenge III Lv. 44 "When a friend falls, swear in the name of justice to fell the enemy."
HNI 0090-0.JPG
Sacrifice II Lv. 52 "Increase the chance and effect of taking a hit for a friend."
Sacrifice 2.jpg
Show Off III Lv. 60 "Seriously impress your friend by doing a ton of a damage to enemies."
HNI 0097-0.JPG
Pincer III Lv. 68 "Greatly increase the chance and effect of a pincer attack. 'NOW!'"
HNI 0020-0.JPG
Sacrifice III Lv. 77 "Greatly increase the chance and effect of taking a hit for a friend."
HNI 0016.JPG
Get Well Soon III Lv. 87 "Greatly increase the chance and effect of speeding up Safe Spot recovery."
HNI 0019.JPG
Lend a Hand III Lv. 99 "Greatly increase the chance and effect of boosting a friend's action."
HNI 0063-0.JPG


Two Miis going into a fight, and one got beaten out.

A Mii harboring resentment towards a party member can lead to actions such as:

  • Will begrudgingly heal the Mii they're harboring resentment at, resulting in less HP restored.
  • A Warrior may refuse to protect the offender Mii if the Warrior uses Proud Protector.
  • A Mii may not gain MP from a Pop Star using Cheer On if they house a resentment towards the Pop Star.
  • Distracted: A Mii lets their guard down, resulting in greater damage taken from a single-target attack.
  • Moody: A Mii becomes jealous when the offender defeats a monster, they will either do half damage or extra damage.
  • Sulk: A Mii attacks at half damage.
  • Interrupt: Interrupting the supposed offender's turn to attack instead. The 'offender' goes after.
  • Angry: A Mii becomes enraged once the offended does an attack that will cause resentment (i.e. Human Cannonball, Spicy Dish, etc.). The Mii will use two actions but cannot be controlled. Angry Mii characters can also guarantee quarrels towards their allies that have yet to be resented by the former if they are affected by the latter's actions that can cause resentment.
  • Trouble: Two Mii characters break out into a fight mid-battle, catching a random monster in the crossfire, damaging them four times. The two Mii characters battling also take damage. Unlike the Interrupt event, the 'offender' Mii does not get a second attempt.

The Resentment meter is symbolized by a blue arrow.

Ways to build resentment:

  • Stubborn Mii's Bluff quirk.
  • Kind Mii's Spare quirk when it fails.
  • Laid-back Mii's Hide and Cadge quirks.
  • Chef's Spicy Dish and Spicy Dinner skills.
    • Note that only one Mii will build resentment when a Chef uses Spicy Dinner.
  • Tank's Human Cannonball and Wild Shot skills.
  • Failed or negative random events involving two or more Mii characters. Examples:
    • The ‘Blackout’ cutscene if it results in the Mii bumping into another.
    • The ‘Tired and Cranky’ cutscene.
    • Jealous spying.
    • The ‘Tension’ cutscene.
    • Receiving a gift that makes the Mii not happy at all.
    • The "Left Sleeping" event if the sleeping Mii returns during the battle.
  • During battle, having a Mii afflicted with the "evil" status problem cause trouble on another Mii.

Note: Guest party members who can use either Spicy Dish, Spicy Dinner, Human Cannonball or Wild Shot will not cause resentment as said guests cannot form a relationship of any kind with the player's Mii characters.

There is no need to be afraid of a little bit of conflict as, so far, there isn't any extra depth to it like it does with friendships. Besides, it comes with a couple small benefits and makes for some extra fun in the already interesting battles throughout Miitopia. However, an active quarrel will prevent friendship perks from activating on the upset Mii towards the offender, but not the other way around.

Ways to dispel resentment:

  • Have the offender and the offended room together until they make up.
  • The offender desires to talk to the offended after a venture.
  • The offender performs skills that improve relationship on the Mii who resents them.
  • Random stage events occurring that improve relationships.
  • Pop Star's Love & Peace skill (Love Song will also temporarily remove quarrels towards the user). Note that a Stubborn Mii's Bluff quirk might activate and cause further resentment.

Role in Miitopia: Casting Call

Relationships and assist skills are prominently featured in Miitopia: Casting Call.

In the Chosen Ones trailer, the Cat is seen using Lend a Hand towards the Warrior, causing them to attack the Dark Lord at the same time. Afterwards, the Cat is shown giving Praise on the Warrior, with the latter being touched by it.

The Camaraderie trailer's main focus is relationships, specifically, the relationship between the Cleric and the Mage. Their relationship is shown to have begun when the Mage trips and the Cleric decides to help out, similar to the "Tripped" event in Miitopia. The two are then shown to have their relationship grow all the way to Level 15, and in an upcoming battle, the Cleric is seen using Lend a Hand to the Mage.

However, the Mage is then seen to grow resentment towards the Cleric, as he/she is seen receiving a present from the Warrior, which leads the Mage to get jealous. The Mage is then seen tripping over the Cleric on purpose, which leads the two to start a quarrel and activating Trouble.

While the Mage is seen about to be attacked by a Kind Golem, the Cleric is seen activating the Sacrifice assist skill, and is subsequently defeated. The Mage is then seen using Avenge after the Cleric is defeated.

The Venture Forth trailer doesn't feature relationships specifically, but it shows the Mage gaining resentment towards the Cat, due to the latter gaining the "evil" status effect from an Imp.

Differences in the Camaraderie trailer

The way that relationships and quarrels are shown are slightly different in the Camaraderie trailer than they are in Miitopia. The following are the differences between the presented features in the trailer and actual gameplay.

  • The Warrior and the Cat, who are unrelated to the Cleric and the Mage's relationship, would stalk the two's interactions with each other.
  • The "Likes" relationship level has many differences to its in-game counterpart.
    • The focus being quite closer to the center.
    • The Mii characters being closer to each other compared to how it is in Miitopia.
    • The Mii characters posing as if they had a Level 6-9 relationship, but with their eyes open.
  • This also goes for the "Likes a lot" relationship level.
    • The focus being much closer to the center, more so than it was in the "Likes" relationship level.
    • It having the color of Level 30+ relationships instead of the Level 10-19 color (likely to differentiate from "Likes").
    • The Mii characters being very close in distance.
    • The poses that two Mii characters have being the same as if they obtain a new assist skill at levels 2-5.
  • When the Mage is shown being jealous of the Warrior, who is seen giving a present to the Cleric, he/she gains resentment to the latter. In Miitopia, the Mage would gain resentment to the Warrior instead.
  • The two Mii characters are shown having the Moody status effect during the "That was the last straw!" message while saying a certain phrase. However, they will not be next to the Mii that they resent.
  • Unlike in Miitopia, where Trouble activates during a battle, the Camaraderie trailer shows the Mage and the Cleric seemingly activating it during exploration.


  • The relationship arrow's colour changes depending on the relationship level (from yellow to pink), so do the hearts when an assist skill is used.
  • When a Mii grows their relationship with another during an event but has resentment toward them, the Mii will act aloof and look away instead of dancing with the Mii.
  • The Trouble fight is the only relationship skill involving two Mii characters that will always result in a 4-hit combo on a single target once triggered.
  • Relationship levels are capped at 99.
  • Leveling up a relationship during a battle (or from a stage event) will restore all HP, but not MP, for both Mii characters.
  • Sometimes when a Mii with the angry condition uses a move that causes resentment, a quarrel can start between the 2 Miis without the transition effect happening.
  • If a Mii uses Cover, Sacrifice or Proud Protector but ends up running out of HP, the relationship will not increase.



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