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This article is about the two sub-areas of Realm of the Fey. For the greater region, see Realm of the Fey.

Realm of the Fey - West and Realm of the Fey - East are two sub-areas that cover most of the eponymous region. It's a forest where everything, except the Miis and monsters, is gigantic. Like Neksdor Desert, the West sub-area contains mostly weak monsters like Poms and Twerkeys, while the East sub-area, only accessible once the gate east from Elven Retreat is opened, features tougher monsters like Owlets.

There are certain exploration events unique to this environment (even areas outside this region, as long as they share the same environment as this location), like a variation of the "dream" event, the "dew drop"-related events, and the "tomato"-related events.


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