"An oddball who foists quizzes on unsuspecting adventurers."

- Mii Cast description


The Quizmaster wears fuchsia top hat and pink suit. The top hat has a blue question mark with a white outline on its front and is decorated with stars. He wears a blueish green bow tie.


The Quizmaster (upper center) on the overworld.

Like the Roaming Gourmet, the Quizmaster appears on a certain part of a map and disappears after being visited. Visiting him will have him introduce himself and offer the player to take on his quiz. If the player agrees to play, the quiz session will begin. If not, the Quizmaster will be disappointed and the player will be taken back to the map.

During the quiz, depending on the quiz type, the player will face against either one or three questions. However, regardless of quiz type, the player has to answer all questions correctly to obtain the best possible prize. Answering wrong or letting the 10-second timer run out will immediately end the session. The only exception to this rule is the Travelers' Hub quest given by this NPC, as failing a quiz will simply stop the player from progressing through the quest until you win. Prizes from winning can be either 5 HP Bananas/MP Candies or 3 Game Tickets.

During the main story, the Quizmaster never gives random quiz types. Only starting from the post-game does the Quizmaster give out random quizzes, which not only vary by type, but also difficulty.

Quiz types

The following are the quiz types offered by the Quizmaster.

Who Is It?

There are three questions, all involve picking a correct Mii from a pool of four. The question involves party members. As an added twist, a question can even involve either one of the following: four different Mii characters with some traits of one correct Mii, four Mii characters of the same character but with varying facial features, or four Mii characters of the same character but with exactly only one small difference (eye position, body height, etc.).

In the Nintendo Switch version, which has the Makeup & Wigs feature, these modifications are not shown at all on the Mii characters featured on this type of quiz.

Who Am I?

There are three questions, all involve picking a correct NPC Mii from a pool of 4. While mostly simple as long as the player remembers which NPC is which, higher difficulties can put twists such as having all four different Miis in the same role as one correct NPC Mii. Sometimes it can be the Quizmaster themselves.

General Knowledge

There are three questions, all involve general knowledge. Due to its premise, questions can vary from asking what the current question's number is to real-life facts to even in-game mechanics.

Possible questions
Question Correct answer Incorrect answer
Which of these monsters wears glasses? Mage Goblin Red Goblin
What do camel humps contain? Fat Water
On which side does the sun rise? East West

Silhouette Shenanigans

A set of three questions involving silhouettes of Miis, much like Tomodachi Life's silhouette quiz. Each question shows a black silhouette of a Mii on the top screen and four choices on the bottom screen.

Treasure Chest Shuffle

A treasure chest variation of the shell game. The Quizmaster will hide a treasure in one of the three or four treasure chests and shuffle their positions. After that, the player will get to pick one of the chests. If the player picks the correct one, they will claim whatever's inside it.

Curtain Conundrum

There are three questions in this quiz type. The quiz involves most of the top screen being covered by curtains, leaving only a small gap where a random in-game Mii will show up briefly, and four possible answers on the bottom screen. The Mii can be either one of the party members or an NPC. In higher difficulties, the gap between the curtains becomes smaller, requiring more focus.

Mii Parade

A short parade will play involving some NPCs you've encountered, requiring the player to pay attention to them as it's only played once. The question can ask either how many Miis are present in the parade, whether a Mii is present in the parade or not, or even how many Miis performed a certain action during the parade.

Unlike other question types, there's no countdown timer.

Quiz Remix

Travelers' Hub quest only. As its name suggests, the player will face against three consecutive questions of a random type and difficulty.


Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Switch


  • It's possible to cheat in the Quiz by holding the Y Button to completely stop the game.
  • If the Reborn has been given a face, he can appear in the quiz too. It is rare, though.
  • In a General Knowledge quiz, the Quizmaster incorrectly states that squids have 10 arms. They have only 8 arms, and two tentacles.
  • On any "Who Is It?" quizzes, makeup and wigs will not apply to the Mii characters shown. This alone can make these quizzes harder, especially if the makeup is structured in a way that it requires many parts of the face to be adjusted to match up with the makeup. On the other hand, "Who Am I?" questions that ask which outfit and Mii combination is correct become easier if the Mii characters are given distinct makeup and/or wigs due to said customization not copied over to the "incorrect" roles shown.
  • The General Knowledge and the Treasure Chest Shuffle quizzes are the only quiz types to be not used in the Quiz Remix.
  • In order to unlock all music you must lose at least one quiz.
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