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The message a player will get when the Questionnaire pops up.

The Questionnaire is a feature in Miitopia. It is a daily feature that allows player feedback on Mii characters submitted to Mii Central. This feature is only available on the Nintendo 3DS version; in the Nintendo Switch version, it was replaced with Letters.


The Questionnaire automatically pops up every new day (around 4 a.m.) after 24 hours after booting up the game in a while, whenever the game is booted up or, if the game was left in Sleep mode (3DS simply closed), during certain screen changes (like setting out of an Inn). When the Questionnaire is active, the player has to answer two questions given, each involving a random selection of 8 Mii characters. Completing all questions will earn the player 3 Game Tickets.

The purpose of this feature is to provide better recommendation on which Mii characters will show up in the Mii Central's main page, which is limited to a certain number of Mii characters without resorting to using the "Search" feature, when the player is going to decide a specific role. It also increases the likeliness of an autoassigned Mii to be the one more suitable for the assigned role trait-wise.

Like in the Mii Cast menu, the player can also choose to report inappropriate Mii characters by pressing the "Report" button on the lower left part of the bottom screen.


Well-designed Mii characters

"Pick well-designed Mii characters that you like!"

In this question, the player is given the option of picking between 0-8 Mii characters displayed on the top screen. To proceed to the next question without choosing any Mii characters, simply tap the "OK" button.

Trait-specific Mii

In this question, a randomly-generated question related to a personality trait is shown. The Mii selection is once again random, not reusing the same group as the previous question. Unlike the previous question, the player has to choose one Mii that they think is the closest to the trait talked about by the question before finishing the Questionnaire.