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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.


Pictured: Resentments toward a teammate.

A Mii character may sometimes show an emotive bubble with an anger sign (scribble in the international Nintendo 3DS version) in it after certain interactions. This indicates that the Mii is upset with another Mii. If this happens three times, it will lead to Quarrels, signified by a message stating that it was "the Last Straw!". Relationship blunders (known as "hate EXP" internally) are counted one-sided; two Mii characters raising resentment toward each other at the same time may have different blunder counts depending on prior conditions, meaning having both of them upset at the same time can lead to a one-sided quarrel if one Mii already has received three blunders from the other. Once a broken relationship happens, the blunder count will freeze until the quarrel is resolved, at which point it is reset back to zero blunders.

A quarrel will temporarily break the friendship between the two characters, and the offended Mii will no longer provide any Assists for the offender. In addition to this act of non-cooperation, the offended Mii may even interrupt the offending Mii's actions. These phenomena can reduce damage dealt to enemies or increase damage taken. While some Quarrels may have positive effects, when factoring in the loss of all Assists while a Mii resents another Mii, it is a net negative for the team to be fighting among one another. Try to remove quarrels as soon as possible, especially if the player is approaching a boss or otherwise tough encounter.

There are a good number of ways to make Mii characters upset and potentially create resentment:

  • Certain Personality battle quirks, which are Laid-back's Cadge and Hide, Kind's Spare (when unsuccessful) and Stubborn's Bluff.
  • Certain skills from the Chef (Spicy Dish and Spicy Dinner) and Tank (Human Cannonball and Wild Shot) jobs.
  • As a side effect of a Present event.
  • Experiencing some map events.
  • As a result from the Spite status' secondary effect if it triggers.
  • The "spooky story" camp event.

Unlike with the relationship meter, there is no visual indicator to see how close a Mii is to quarreling. However, hate EXP gained is mostly constant (1) outside of the "Quarrel" map event, whose one of the outcomes raises the count by 5, more than the 3 allowed, which explains why it can start quarrels without fail.


Note: All quarrels, when their conditions are met, activate rather frequently.

Quarrel Effect Activation rate Requirement Image
Angry The offended Mii will become angry. This will result in him/her attacking twice, but he/she cannot be controlled in this state and will more likely use attacks above all over skills. 30% After the offending Mii performs a battle skill or personality quirk that causes the offended Mii to become upset.
Distracted The Mii takes 1.5 times as much damage as they normally would take from an enemy's physical attack. 30% When the offended Mii is about to receive a physical attack and the offending Mii is present.
Interrupt The offending Mii gets interrupted by the offended Mii, of whom will perform a physical attack on a random target first. If the offended Mii would normally attack all enemies with a physical attack, he/she instead attacks a single random target. 15% When the offending Mii's turn arrives and the offended Mii is present.
Moody The offended Mii gains the "Cranky" status effect. This causes him/her to spend every turn either striking a target with double power by "lashing out" or with half power by giving a "half-hearted try". 50% When the offending Mii performs an action while the offended Mii is present. More likely to activate if the offending Mii eliminates the target.
Sulk The offended Mii performs 30% less damage or healing with their next action. 30% When the offended Mii performs a physical attack or a skill/spell that deals damage or restores health.
Trouble (US)/Scuffle (EU) Requires both Mii characters to resent each other at the same time to activate. A random enemy is selected and both offended Mii characters brawl with each other, dealing minor damage to each other and dealing 4 heavy hits to the random enemy. This will waste the current acting Mii's turn. 10% Both Mii characters must resent each other simultaneously. May activate instead when one of the quarreling Mii characters' turns arrive and the Interrupt Quarrel activates from the other.

Removing Quarrels

As detailed earlier, quarrels are a temporary setback. Removing quarrels can be done once either three events that would increase relationship from the offending Mii towards the offended Mii occur. This can be commonly accomplished by having the two Mii characters sleep together at the Inn after participating in at least one battle, among many other actions.

Quarrels can be removed immediately if after resting at an Inn, an Inn event occurs between the offending and offended Mii characters. This will always be the "Repair" event, where the offending Mii will apologize to the offended Mii, and will always result in the offended Mii forgiving the offender.

Quarrels can also be removed immediately if the offended Mii is the target of the Pop Star's "Love & Peace" skill. This removes all quarrels towards all active teammates that the offended Mii may have.

Note that the Pop Star cannot use their "Love & Peace" skill on themselves if they're the one that has resentment towards or is in a two sided quarrel with another Mii.

A temporary way to remove quarrels is through the Pop Star's "Love Song" skill. If a Mii is harboring resentment towards the Pop Star using the skill, it will be temporarily disabled while Love Song's effects are active, but it won't temporarily disable if vice versa.

With the Outing Tickets introduced in the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia, it becomes another way to remove resentments, as Mii characters that resent will go out with the offender. However, it usually takes more than 3 tickets to remove it, while if the user is lucky enough, or the Mii characters are in a two-sided quarrel, it requires less tickets.


  • The Trouble fight is the only relationship skill involving two Mii characters that will always result in a 4-hit combo on a single target once triggered.
  • Some people believe that some things, such as a Pop Star's Out Of Tune and Way Out Of Tune (in which the Pop Star damages all enemies and allies), a Cool Mii's Shan't quirk (in which the Cool Mii refuses to cover an ally), or the "Copycat" and "Gossip" events (if a third Mii eavesdrops the two Miis while saying "Did someone say my name?"), may cause resentment, but those are common misconceptions, so they actually don't cause resentment.