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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

This article is about the job. For the Princess of Greenhorne, see Royal Court.

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"Refined. Charming. Elegant. Friend and foe alike shall bow to such majesty."

-Job Description

Princess Description


【Miitopia】 - Princess Play Demo

The Princess (ひめ Hime; Princess) is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on afflicting status effects and MP Recovery.

Their weapon of choice is the Fan.

Their clothing is called Gowns.

This job is unlocked once the player gets to Realm of the Fey.

The Princess's abilities specializes in healing ally MP, afflicting status conditions to enemies, as well as guarding party from negative status effects.

The Princess's default attack is single target only.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 11 221 320
MP 9 151 250
Attack 6 65 354
Magic 6 149 408
Defense 4 62 300
Speed 9 90 189


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Base power Magic multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Regal Dance Lv. 2 4 "Teach enemies a splendid dance. If they join in, they lose a turn." - - 40% A status-inducing skill that targets all enemies and has a 70% chance to distract an enemy for one round. (Can distract for more than one round if used repeatedly with succession) This does not work on bosses.
Royal Wave Lv. 3 6 "Slice an enemy in twain with a quick gust of air. (magic)" 11 0.4 50%
Escort Lv. 6 "Be swept out of harm's way by one's friend. (auto)" - - 20% An ally gracefully helps the Princess move away from an incoming enemy attack. The ally will also dodge the attack, if it would have hit them. Also increases the friendship gauge. Can only activate (20% chance) if an enemy uses a regular or physical attack.
High Tea Lv. 10 0 "Restore you and your friend's MP in a moment of peace and quiet. (magic)"' 5 0.1 50% Increases the friendship gauge. Might not work on Stubborn Miis due to their Bluff quirk.
Blindfold Lv. 13 8 "Pretend not to notice enemy attacks that cause status effects. (auto)" - - 50% 50% chance of blocking incoming status effects for the user. Also can activate on an ally, raising the friendship gauge. Does not activate for Aging or Stone status effects. (If used on an ally, the princess does not get protection from the status effect)
Double Royal Wave Lv. 17 20 "Slice an enemy with not one, but two gusts of air. (magic)" 10 0.5 50% Can hit two enemies at once, or hit a single enemy for combined damage.
Eau de Cologne Lv. 20 12 "Release a bewitching perfume that might make enemies absentminded." - - 50% 70% success rate per target. Absentminded enemies take 1.5x more damage.
Ultimate Royal Wave Lv. 30 35 "Blast a superlative slipstream of air that cuts through all enemies. (magic)" 50 0.8 50% A greatly improved Royal Wave skill that hits all enemies at once.


  • "Can't see!" (US) / "You oughtn't look at this." (EU) / "No peeking!" (US) / "One shan't look." (EU) (Blindfold skill)
  • Someone, help!” (Escort skill, prior to dodging)
  • ”My oh my.” (Escort skill, after dodging gracefully)
  • "Shall we?" (Royal Wave skill)
  • "Prepare yourself!" (Double Royal Wave skill)
  • "How was that?!" (Ultimate Royal Wave skill)
  • "Time for a break. Tea, anyone?" (US) / "Time for one's break. Would you care for tea?" (EU) (High Tea skill)


  • Mii characters regardless of gender can wear the Princess' gown.
  • They are called "ひめ" (hime; princess) in the Japanese version.
  • This job and the Thief are the only jobs that can get an auto skill involving dodging attacks.
  • If Monsters get inflicted with the "Dance" status effect via the move Regal Dance: The user can rapidly use Regal Dance to make monsters keep dancing. That chain can also be kept by a Pop Star using Earworm. This "does not" work with an Elf using Dancing Arrow.
  • Excluding the Elf class, the Princess is the only class whose 3DS artwork’s Mii doesn’t appear as a default Mii in any role for the Switch version.