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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

A present being given to another party member.

Presents are items exclusive to Inn events and Errand quests from the Travelers' Hub. These items are not kept in the player's inventory, instead they are shown off in a scene to be given away to another Mii, who will react accordingly. Presents are randomly-generated, so there is no telling if a given item will be good or bad, though the items can be categorized further by box size.

At Inns, this scene is played out like a normal Inn event as it also shares the same speech bubble icon to initiate it. The Mii with the present box will give it to his/her roommate. If the present elicits at least a "Normal" response, the relationship meter will increase, though this may have a random chance of another Mii peeking in and getting jealous, raising the relationship blunder of said Mii against the Mii he/she is jealous of by one. A "Bad" response either will not give any boosts or will raise the relationship blunder of the receiver against the gifting Mii by one, potentially starting quarrels. A "Different" reaction means that one present may elicit different responses from multiple Mii characters.

Presents are also used in quests. In this case, the player's leading Mii will be the one giving the present box to one random NPC Mii as specified by the quest giver. The same reaction mechanic also applies like in the Inn event, but regardless of the response, the quest is considered complete.

List of presents

The following table lists all possible present items that can be shown off, separated by present quality. The cheapest quality presents tend to have varying reaction outcomes, while the highest quality presents are more likely to elicit the "Best" reaction.

Image Name Size Reaction
Present Toy Ring.png
Toy Ring Mini Good
Present Bead.png
Bead Mini Different
Present Glass Ball.png
Glass Ball Mini Different
Present Wooden Spoon.png
Wooden Spoon Mini Normal
Present Quill Pen.png
Quill Pen Mini Good
Present Brick.png
Brick Mini Bad
Present Magnifying Glass.png
Magnifying Glass Mini Good
Present Spider Cricket Specimen.png
Spider Cricket Specimen Mini Different
Present Centipede Specimen.png
Centipede Specimen Mini Different
Present Spider Specimen.png
Spider Specimen Mini Different
Present Balloon.png
Balloon Normal Normal
Present Bashed-Up Bike.png
Bashed-Up Bike Big Different
Present Bar of Soap.png
Bar of Soap Mini Good
Present Toothbrush.png
Toothbrush Mini Normal
Present Log.png
Log Huge Bad
Present Empty Can.png
Empty Can Mini Different
Present Pencil.png
Pencil Mini Good
Present Acorn.png
Acorn Mini Different
Present Poem.png
Poem by "Mii" Mini Normal
Present Cuddly Bunny.png
Cuddly Bunny Normal Different
Present Teddy Bear.png
Teddy Bear Normal Different
Present Cuddly Pony.png
Cuddly Pony Normal Different
Present Cuddly Cow.png
Cuddly Cow Normal Different
Present Copper Goblet.png
Copper Goblet Mini Good
Present Silver Candelabra.png
Silver Candelabra Normal Good
Present Tambourine.png
Tambourine Normal Different
Present Castanets.png
Castanets Mini Different
Present Silver Spoon.png
Silver Spoon Mini Normal
Present Silver Ring.png
Silver Ring Mini Good
Present Mirror.png
Mirror Mini Good
Present Music Box.png
Music Box Mini Good
Present Handkerchief.png
Handkerchief Mini Normal
Present Perfume.png
Perfume Mini Different
Present Candle.png
Candle Mini Different
Present Butterfly Specimen.png
Butterfly Specimen Mini Different
Present Rhinoceros Beetle Specimen.png
Rhinoceros Beetle Specimen Mini Good
Present Portrait.png
Portrait of "Mii" Normal Normal
Present Photo.png
Photo of "Mii" Normal Normal
Present Bouquet of Roses.png
Bouquet of Roses Normal Good
Present Crystal Ball.png
Crystal Ball Normal Different
Present Lyre.png
Lyre Big Different
Present Guitar.png
Guitar Big Different
Present Violin.png
Violin Big Different
Present Trumpet.png
Trumpet Big Different
Present Gold Ring.png
Gold Ring Mini Good
Present Rainbow Shell.png
Rainbow Shell Mini Different
Present Satin Cushion.png
Satin Cushion Normal Best
Present Doll.png
"Mii" Doll Normal Personal
Present Thank-You Vase.png
Thank-You Vase Normal Different
Present Avant-Garde Painting.png
Avant-Garde Painting Normal Different
Present Grand Piano.png
Grand Piano Huge Best
Present Platinum Ring.png
Platinum Ring Mini Best
Present Chandelier.png
Chandelier Big Best
Present Sofa.png
Sofa Huge Best
Present New Car.png
New Car Huge Best
Present Statue.png
Statue of "Mii" Huge Normal


Giving present

  • "Surprise! This is for you." (NTSC) / "I saw this... and thought of you." (PAL) (Kind)
  • "Totally got you a present! Take it, take it!" (Energetic)
  • "Saw this and thought of you. Have a present." (NTSC) / "So, I bought a thing. Have a prezzie." (PAL) (Laid-back)
  • "There was a sale. So I picked this up." (Cool)
  • "Went shopping. Got you something." (NTSC) / "I went shopping. For you, that is!" (PAL) (Stubborn)
  • "Look what I bought! Here!" (NTSC) / "Look what I bought! You're gonna love it!" (PAL) (Airheaded)
  • "I, er, got this for you. I hope it's OK..." (Cautious)

Thanking the giver

  • "Thanks!" (Kind)
  • "Ooh, gimme gimme!" (Energetic)
  • "Don't mind if I do." (Laid-back)
  • "Wow. Thanks." (NTSC) / "Cheers." (PAL) (Cool)
  • "Hand it over!" (NTSC) / "Hand it over then." (PAL) (Stubborn)
  • "What, for me?" (Airheaded)
  • "You're sure?" (Cautious)



  • "Oh dear..." (Kind)
  • "Eek!" (Energetic)
  • "Don't think I need this!" (Laid-back)
  • "..." (Cool)
  • "The heck is this?" (Stubborn)
  • "Gross." (Airheaded)
  • "Are you mad at me?" (NTSC) / "What a shame..." (PAL) (Cautious)


  • "Oh... It's... Right." (Kind)
  • "Ack!" (Energetic)
  • "Well, it's..." (US) / "Yeah...no." (EU) (Laid-back)
  • "Hrm." (Cool)
  • "Ugh." (Stubborn)
  • "But... why?" / "I don't get it..." (EU) (Airheaded)
  • "Uh..." (Cautious)


  • "This is great." (Kind)
  • "Oho!" (NTSC) / "O-ho!" (PAL) (Energetic)
  • "Thanks." (NTSC) / "Heh, thanks." (PAL) (Laid-back)
  • "Cheers." (NTSC) / "Nice." (PAL) (Cool)
  • "Not bad at all." (Stubborn)
  • "How nice." (Airheaded)
  • "Thank you." (Cautious)


  • "I feel so happy!" (NTSC) / "I'm so happy!" (PAL) (Kind)
  • "Wahoo!" (NTSC) / "Wahey!" (PAL) (Energetic)
  • "How'd you know?" (Laid-back)
  • "I'll treasure this." (NTSC) / "Nifty!" (PAL) (Cool)
  • "I like this!" (NTSC) / "Good stuff!" (PAL) (Stubborn)
  • "Ooh, shiny!" (Airheaded)
  • "W-wow..." (Cautious)


  • "How did... I'm speechless!" (NTSC) / "I... I don't know what to say!" (PAL) (Kind)
  • "Wow!" (NTSC) / "Wowzy-yowzy!!!" (PAL) (Energetic)
  • "Ooo-ooh!" (NTSC) / "Huh. Didn't expect this." (PAL) (Laid-back)
  • "...I'll keep it forever." (NTSC) / "Not...half...bad..." (PAL) (Cool)
  • "This is amazing!" (NTSC) / "Now this is something else!" (PAL) (Stubborn)
  • "Thanks!" (NTSC) / "Aww, you shouldn't have!" (PAL) (Airheaded)
  • "So happy..." (NTSC) / "I really don't deserve this..." (PAL) (Cautious)

Jealousy scene

  • "Always [Mii], it's unfair!" (NTSC) / "Always [Mii]... It's not fair!" (PAL)
  • "Sigh..."