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Powdered Peaks' location on the world map (marked by Dominic).


The Powdered Peaks (雪山の国 Yuki-yama no Kuni; Snow Mountain Land) are a vast, snowy mountain range overlooking the Arid Frontier.

The ground in front of the peaks is a vast white waste, filled with bending trees and ice. At the foot of the Tschilly Peak is a great glacier housing the Ghontu Cave.

In the Arid Frontier, the party can glimpse the range and Tschilly Peak by going north, but the route is never linked and the peak is not explored in the story.


  • Defeat the Yeti terrorizing the foot of Ghontu Waste.
  • Defeat the Ice Queen in Ghontu Cave to acquire a Sky Scraper Jewel.
  • Complete any Quest taking place at Tschilly Peak's summit.



  • According to the Roaming Gourmet, this region's signature grub is the Warming Soup.
  • It is possible to know about Powdered Peaks name early by going to the cliff side in Arid Frontier, exit and saving the game, starting it again, and checking the music journal, since when on the cliff side and saving, the Powdered Peaks title theme plays and gets added to the journal.
  • Two Campfire events occur in this area; one in Ghontu Waste, and the other in Tschilly Peak.
  • (In the Switch version) When entering the Powdered Peaks via the cliff side in Arid Frontier, it is possible to see a mistake in the map for a few frames. as on the far right of the map a black box can be seen.


List of Locations in Powdered PeaksList of Locations in Powdered Peaks
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