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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

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"Inspires the party with boundless energy and the magic of song!"

-Job description

Pop Star description


【Miitopia】 - Pop Star Play Demo

The Pop Star (Japanese: アイドル Idol) is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on party support and area-of-effect damage.

Their weapon of choice is the Microphone.

Their armor is called Outfits (Japanese: コーデ Coord; short for "Coordinates") for female Pop Stars or Threads (Japanese: スタイル Styles) for male Pop Stars. Unlike other jobs that have ~30 different gears, Pop Stars have 17 Outfits and 17 Threads. The choice in gear is not gender locked, thus a male Mii may wear outfits if the player chooses the job "Female Pop Star", and vice versa.

With a high pool of HP and MP as well as plenty of support abilities, the Pop Star will certainly be a big hit with the party.

Pop Star's default attack hits all enemies, but the strength progressively weakens as it goes down the line.

In the Switch version, both versions of the Pop Star are no longer specified as a gender.


Note that both the Male Pop Star and the Female Pop Star have the same base stats and stat growth.

Lv.1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 15 318 417
MP 6 104 203
Attack 6 57 335
Magic 4 103 202
Defense 4 73 335
Speed 6 60 159


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Attack multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra notes
Encore Lv. 2 2 "Encourage a friend to give them an extra turn." - 25% Encourages an ally to perform again on the same turn. Only works with allies that have already had their turn at least once (if used on the first turn).
Earworm Lv. 3 4 "Get enemies dancing to a catchy tune to distract them for one turn." 30% An area-of-effect skill that has a 50% chance of distracting opposing foes for a round. (Can distract for more than one round if used repeatedly with succession)
Out of Tune Lv. 5 5 "Hurt the enemy by singing badly. Your friends suffer a bit too." 1.5 30% A physical area-of-effect attack that hurts both enemies and allies. Does not make friends angry. Lend a Hand increases the damage dealt to both enemies and allies.
Love & Peace Lv. 6 12 "Spread the love and help a friend to let go of their quarrel." - 70% A single-target skill that dispels any negative attitude an ally bears for one of their "friends". Only ends one side of a two-sided quarrel (usually from events). It cannot be used on self. If used on a Moody Mii they will instantly cheer up. However, if used on a Stubborn Mii, it could possibly not work due to the Stubborn Mii's Bluff quirk.
Love Song Lv. 8 4 "Sing a touching ballad to temporarily deepen the party's bond with you." - 30% A relationship buff that raises the user's friendship with every other party member to whatever the highest-level friendship in your party is temporarily.
Cheer On Lv. 11 4 "Lift the party's spirits and get some of their MP back." 0.25 50% An ally-only MP restorative area-of-effect skill. Will not heal the user's MP.
Smooth Moves Lv. 16 1 "Perform some slick dance moves and recover some HP with style." 0.4 30% Primary effect: A self-heal skill.

Secondary effect: Should the user's allies choose to Lend a Hand out of friendship, those that participate will also get healed.

Way Out of Tune Lv. 21 15 "Sing atrociously to hurt the enemy greatly and friends quite a bit too." 2.5 15% A stronger Out of Tune skill. Still inflicts friendly fire, if a little harder, and will not generate hate among allies.
Angelic Voice Lv. 27 15 "Sing words that touch the soul and might bring back a fallen friend." - 100% Potentially affects all KO'd Miis, but has a low success rate of 30%.


  • "This one goes out to all of you!" (Earworm and Cheer on)
  • "Love you all!" (Love Song)
  • "A special song for you!" (Angelic Voice)


  • Pop Star is the only job that has different armor equipment for males and females, outside of the Macho variants of each armor type.
  • Pop Stars, Chefs, Cats, Tanks, Thieves, Flowers and Vampires are the only classes that have unique walking animations in exploration.
  • The description for the Pop Star is slightly different in the UK. Here, it says: "Rouses the team with boundless energy and unites them with song."
  • The Female Pop Star's name in one of the trailers is "Anna".
  • Pop Stars have a unique animation for "Get Serious".
  • The Pop Star job has the Mii winking in some of its job-specific animations. This is the only job to have this feature.
  • If Monsters get inflicted with the "Dance" status effect via the move Earworm, the user can rapidly use Earworm to make monsters keep dancing. This chain can also be kept by a Princess using Regal Dance. Oddly enough, this does not work with an Elf using Dancing Arrow.
  • Pop Stars have unique poses for almost every attack/skill they use.
    • If the Mii just has their left arm sticking out, they will use either the default attack, or Smooth Moves.
    • If the Mii jumps happily, and has their left arm in the air with their left foot extended, they will use either Encore, Out of Tune, Love Song, or Way Out of Tune.
    • If the Mii jumps happily, and has their arms extended outward around their waist with their weapon in front, they will use either Earworm, Cheer On, or Angelic Voice.
    • If the Mii spins around, side steps and makes a wink, they will use Love & Peace.
  • In the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia, Pop Stars are no longer explicitly called "Male Pop Star" or "Female Pop Star". When selecting the job, no text will appear alongside the clothing selection, and medals acheived by collecting Outfits or Threads simply say that they're "the preferred clothing of the Pop Star".
  • Miis aiding a Pop Star who is about to use Earworm or (Way) Out of Tune via Lend a Hand will have a unique animation played, much like a Mii aiding a Cat who is about to use Cat's Paw.
  • The Miis representing the Male and Female Pop Star as shown in the Nintendo 3DS version's artwork become the default Miis for the Lovey-Dovey Couple in the Nintendo Switch version, albeit with different hair in the case of the Male Pop Star and darkened hair and skin in the case of the Female Pop Star.