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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

Pixel Grub ★ is a pixellated form of Roast Griffin. It's a tan-colored griffin leg with the bone in-tact along with cherry tomatoes and lettuce. It's served on a white plate.

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  • In the PAL versions of Miitopia, the description has a major variation, as follows: "Roast griffin - the special taste of your youth."
  • The pixellated griffin leg looks very similar to the 'pork chops' found in the walls of the Castlevania series.
  • Despite the US description calling it "8-Bit" the sprite does not follow the traditional format of actual 8-bit sprites (almost all sprites from said era were usually limited to 3 colors at a time.)