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Peculia (Japanese: フシギの国 Fushigi no Kuni; Wonder Land), as its name suggests, is a very bizarre and odd place filled with weird and wacky quirks and creatures.

There are numerous white swirling portals that will take the player (when entered) to a completely different dimension that can include the desert or the forest.

The very first quest the player has to complete involves them traveling to Peculia in order for a Chef Mii to taste their unusual hamburger which turns out that it wants to eat them more than they want to eat it. Another quest includes the player once again traveling to Peculia in order to scare off a ghost haunting a mansion (completing this quest allows the player to obtain the Vampire job).




  • According to the Roaming Gourmet, this region's signature grub is the Mysterious Crepe.
  • This region is named "Deliria" in the French localization.
  • In the German localization this region is called "Watsum-Geia" (supposed to mean "Was zum Geier") which roughly translates to "What the heck".


List of Locations in Peculia
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