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Party members are Mii characters who travel with their friend, the hero, to defeat the Dark Lord. Unlike the hero, the party members choose their attack automatically.

Greenhorne party members

The first party member will be recruited when two Rock Moths appeared to attack the player but the party member notices the situation and helps them defeat them. Afterwards, the party member asks the player if they can join and they accept it.

The second party member will be recruited some time before encountering the Great Sage for the first time.

The third party member will be recruited some time before facing Rocky "Sarcastic Guy" or "Lovey-Dovey Woman" Mouse.

After completing Greenhorne, those party members get kidnapped by the Dark Lord who brings them to a dark room (possibly the Dark Lord's Castle) After waking up, they wonder what the place is and look around to see if the player is there with them but they aren't there. The Greenhorne party members hope that the player will find them.

Neksdor party members

The fourth party member will be recruited after clearing the first route in Neksdor.

The fifth party member will be recruited after clearing the second route in Neksdor.

The sixth party member will be recruited when you're tasked to find The Genie.

After completing Neksdor, those party members get taken away and is brought to the same place as the Greenhorne party members are at. Upon meeting the Greenhorne party members, they find out that they are friends with the player which makes six of them friends. The six party members decide to find their way out by working as a team.

Realm of the Fey party members

Just like the fourth party member, the seventh party member is recruited after clearing the first route in Realm of the Fey.

The eighth party member is recruited some time after encountering the Youngest Fab Fairy for the first time.

The ninth party member is recruited after finishing the first route in Bigg Forest.

After completing Realm of the Fey, those party members are also captured and end up joining the rest of the player's party members with their escape plan (off-screen).

Saving the party members (Karkaton)

In Karkaton, the player can no longer recruit any more party members until post-game, instead they team up with the Great Sage in Haven Hollow to rescue their friends' faces after they were caught when they were fleeing from Dark Lord's castle. Their faces were placed on monsters around Karkaton. It is discovered that the faces of the third, sixth and ninth party members have been placed on the Burning Golem, Magma Slime and Paincloud randomly.

When their captors are defeated, they are saved at the Hollow.

Karkaton volcano

The next three party members are found at the end of the volcano, where they have been placed on the Cerberus, revealed in battle by the Cerberus looking down at the player. The second, fifth and eighth party members are then rescued upon the beast's defeat.

Dark Lord's Castle

In the final stretch, the last three have been turned into guards to impede the party's progress.

After completing Karkaton and defeating the Dark Lord, the player's party members will no longer get kidnapped again and stay with the player for the rest of the game.


After defeating the true final boss, the Villa opens alongside New Lumos and Galados Isle. Five party members then move to the Villa afterwards. These five party members are the ones who fought the left and right hand of the true final boss. The player can now recruit up to 90 more party members as they please.


  • The singing in the title screen depends on the party members' personality with the Hero singing the first part and the first, second or third party member singing the last part.
    • Once all nine party members are rescued, the singing now depends on the Hero and their first three party members.
  • The Dark Lord has to be fought with you alongside 3 party members, while the Darker Lord has to be fought with 10 party members (3 for the left hand, 3 for the right hand and 4 for the face).
  • It is unknown how The Realm of the Fey party members met the Greenhorne and Neksdor party members since there is no cutscene of them meeting the captured party members, however according to the third party member, they said, "There were nine of us when we fled from the Dark Lord's castle.", so the Realm of the Fey party members might have met them before fleeing from the Dark Lord's Castle.
  • Even if one of the party members becomes the leader, they still choose their attacks automatically. You can only control their movement in the overworld and the safe zones/towns.
  • The turn order for battles determines on the party members' and enemies' speeds, meaning there's a chance the order will be random or none of them will get a turn before the battle begins.
  • The last teammate to get knocked out during a battle will have a slightly slower falling animation to draw out the moment.
  • All of the teammates get their face stolen at least once, in Karkaton, during the battle with the Dark Lord, and before the second half of the final battle.
  • It is explained/joked in the Nintendo Switch version that the ninth party member took the longest to join was because they were simply waiting behind the Inn until the Hero arrived there.


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