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Outings (デート Date) are a feature introduced in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. By using an Outing Ticket, the player can send two Mii characters (or the Horse and a Mii) on an outing, and there will be a cutscene of them bonding in the area according to the ticket name. This will bring relationship up between the involved characters.

Outing Tickets can be obtained from the main storyline or by getting lucky with the Roulette. Daily letters may also gift the player with Outing Tickets.

The player may also have a chance to encounter a monster or get souvenirs from the outing (HP Bananas, MP Candies, or Grub). Very rarely this may include encountering a rare type of Snurp, even including the strong variations, such as the Very Rare Snurp.

Outing events

Main article: Outings/Events

Each time two Mii characters go on an outing, the events that take place will always be different, giving unexpected, sometimes funny, scenarios.

Available from start/demo

  • Café
  • Cinema
  • Fishing Spot
  • Library
  • Seaside

Unlocked after reaching Neksdor

  • Karaoke
  • Park
  • Botanical Garden
  • Gym (Fitness Studio in PAL regions)
  • Horsing Around (Horse Outing in PAL regions)

Unlocked after reaching Realm of the Fey

  • Ranch
  • Shopping

Unlocked after reaching Karkaton

  • Cooking Class (Cooking School in PAL regions)
  • Museum
  • Stargazing


Certain outing scenarios have a chance to drop certain grub (otherwise the reward will be simply snacks). There are four types of grub per outing scenario, three of which have drop rates mentioned in the game code, while the fourth one does not have it but does not necessarily mean a guaranteed drop. The following table details the possible grub from every scenario.

Note that grub obtained from defeating monsters (if encountered; drop rates still apply) before arriving at the outing destination will be given to the player as souvenir instead of obtained right after victory like normal battles.

(this section is currently under construction)

Event name Grub 1 (50%) Grub 2 (30%) Grub 3 (20%) Grub 4
Splashing Frog Juice Frog Juice ★ Frog Juice ★★ Cotton Candy
Warm-up Gorilla Protein Gorilla Protein ★ Gorilla Protein ★★ Cotton Candy
Ice Cream Iceberg Salad Iceberg Salad ★ Iceberg Salad ★★ Choc Rock
Bottle Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit ★ Penguin Treat ★★ Goblin Ham
Shooting Star Space Food Space Food ★ Space Food ★★ Turkey Curry
Cold Snowmilk Snowmilk ★ Snowmilk ★★ Shield Gratin
Snoozing Alien Gummy Candy Alien Gummy Candy ★ Alien Gummy Candy ★★ Roast Griffin
Baa Mouse Treat Mouse Treat ★ Mouse Treat ★★ Roast Griffin
Clouds Fluffy Marshmallows Fluffy Marshmallows ★ Fluffy Marshmallows ★★
Snack Hobgob Doughnuts Hobgob Doughnuts ★ Hobgob Doughnuts ★★ Roast Griffin
Fishing Spot
Clear Your Mind Fluffy Omelette Fluffy Omelette ★ Fluffy Omelette ★★ Slime Jelly
Bathroom Trip Sword Sashimi Sword Sashimi ★ Sword Sashimi ★★ Snurp Radish
No Bait Baby Food Baby Food ★ Baby Food ★★ Slime Jelly
Banana Snake Meunière Snake Meunière ★ Snake Meunière ★★ Goblin Ham
Fishing Sword Sashimi Sword Sashimi ★ Sword Sashimi ★★
Candy Spider Roll Spider Roll ★ Spider Roll ★★ Slime Jelly
Big Catch Sword Sashimi Sword Sashimi ★ Sword Sashimi ★★
Treat Sharp Stew Sharp Stew ★ Sharp Stew ★★ Roast Griffin
Lost Roast Griffin Roast Griffin ★ Roast Griffin ★★ Roast Griffin
Smells Yummy Golem Steak Golem Steak ★ Golem Steak ★★ Golem Steak
Hot Dogs Hell Dog Hell Dog ★ Hell Dog ★★ Golem Steak
Muscles Devil Protein Gorilla Protein ★ Devil Protein ★★ Gorilla Protein
Cooking Class
Taste Test Roast Lizard Tail Sandwich ★ Tomato Spaghetti ★★


  • The Café, Cinema, Fishing Spot, and Seaside are the only outings experienced in the demo.
  • Unlike the Jolly Jaunt Tickets, Mii characters that have resentment towards another will hang out together, giving a chance for them to repair the relationships.
  • When playing the American version, if the player receives MP Candy from an outing, the game will use the European version "MP Sweets" instead.
  • If the player gives an Outing Ticket to a Mii that knows Saddle Up II, both Mii characters will occasionally ride the horse to the outing, even if the other one does not know the assist.
  • In some ranch outings, a UFO will appear and abduct sheep, as the Mii chararcters on the outing sleep. This can sometimes occur even before fighting UFO enemies for the first time. However, that UFO will not be counted in the Journal.