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This article is about the main Otherworld area. For the greater region, see Otherworld.

The Otherworld (Japanese: 魔空間 Makuukan; Evil Space) is a strange realm where countless Mii parts swirl in a vortex far above the clouds. The "ground level" is a pink solid miasma and dark purple stone levitates in the air. Just over the horizon is a bright object, possibly the sun.

The Darker Lord has taken refuge at the pinnacle of this area. An area filled with Snurps and bananas floats near the final rock where the Darker Lord awaits.

The realm resembles many fuchsia rings above Nimbus and The Sky Scraper.

Areas around Otherworld


  • Reach the top.
  • Defeat the Darker Lord.


Travelers' Hub quest only

The bosses are not listed as they are randomly chosen depending on the rank the quest is in, please see the Rank page to see what bosses are possible.

Rank VI quests (Lv.45-49)

Level VII quests (Lv.50)


  • One particular Otherworld stage is popular for being the best stage to level grind due to the "Snurp hunt" path that has a possibility of either spawning only Rare Snurps (2,000 EXP each) during the third enemy encounter or spawning two Rare Snurps alongside three Very Rare Snurps (20,000 EXP each) during that same encounter.
  • From the same stage as mentioned above, the "Banana hunt" path marks the only instance of a stage having replayable common events (in this case, related to obtaining HP Bananas) even after clearing the stage. Other stages with replayable events tend to have fixed unique events exclusive to those stages (like the "hidden path" event in Wayward Woods).


List of Locations in OtherworldList of Locations in Otherworld