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This article is about the individual map. For the world itself as a whole, see Nimbus.

Nimbus is a sky world made up of pink clouds solid enough for walking on. It's also very technologically advanced if one goes by the electronics and space-age objects in the background as well as the robotic enemies which are frequently encountered. This place also eventually leads to three different scientific plants.

Nimbus is made up of several clouds, on which people can walk on. It must be crossed make it to the Sterile Plant, and for post game: the Sterile Plant 2.0 and Sinister Plant.


Travelers' Hub quest only

Level 20-25 quests

Level 36-40 quests

Level 41-45 quests

Level 50 quests

Areas around Nimbus


List of Locations in NimbusList of Locations in Nimbus