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The Nightmare Tower (Japanese: 悪夢の塔 Akumu no Tou) is a tower south-east of Greenhorne Castle and south-west of the Wayward Woods. It sits on purple stone surrounded by conifers.

During the quest to save the Princess's face, the party head into the tower.

Afterward, it's never needed to be explored again.

There is also a random dungeon called True Nightmare Tower which appears in certain Traveler’s Hub quests.



Areas around Nightmare Tower


  • There is an Easter egg in Nintendo Labo Toycon House which contains the first section of Nightmare Tower theme if the player turned off the lights and put their pet to sleep.


Stage 1

A path with two forking paths. Has 2 battles. The chest on the upper path of the second fork contains 3 Game Tickets. Gives 129-290 EXP.

Battle 1 - Imp, Lightning Cloud x2 (straight path) / Imp x2 (upper path)

Battle 2 - Apple Jelly x8

Stage 2

A path with two forking paths. Has 2 battles. The stage contains a golden chest, which gives either a new weapon or new clothing for a party member. The chest on the upper path contains 1,000G. Gives 345-352 EXP.

Battle 1 - Apple Jelly x8

Battle 2 - Apple Jelly x6, Mage Goblin / Apple Jelly x6, Imp

Stage 3

A forking path. Has 2 battles. The chest on the lower path contains random grub. Gives 353 EXP.

Battle 1 - Mage Goblin x2

Battle 2 - Imp, Mage Goblin x2

Stage 4

A path with four forking paths. Has battles. The topmost chest contains 980G. The middle chest contains 450G. The bottommost chest contains 650G. Gives 346-508 EXP.

Battle 1 - Lightning Cloud x4 / Lightning Cloud x3, Imp (top-right corner) / Lightning Cloud, Mage Goblin x3 (bottom-right corner)

Battle 2 - Green Snurp x4, Imp x2 / Imp x4 / Apple Jelly x2, Imp x3


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