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The Neksdor Desert (Japanese: トナリーノ砂漠 Tonarīno Sabaku) is a vast desert that covers most of the Neksdor region. Several tall cacti can be found in this area. It's the first area accessible when the player first arrived at Neksdor. It's divided into West, North, and East sub-areas.

At least in the West sub-area, weak monsters such as Scaredy-Scorpions and Cacti Stacks are common encounters, taking account of the first time the player is forced to pick a new job (thus a level reset) and start with a new team, but watch out for Griffins on the "risky shortcut" in one of this sub-area's stages. Stronger monsters can be encountered in the other sub-areas.

West Neskdor desert is also where the player obtains their very first Horse Outing Ticket


Areas around Neksdor Desert





Stage 1

A zigzagging path. Has 2 battles. The chest at the end of the path contains 3 Game Tickets. Gives 17 EXP.

Battle 1 - Scaredy-Scorpion

Battle 2 - Cacti Stack

Stage 2

A forking path. Has 1-3 battles. The straight path is labeled "Risky Shortcut", and the lower path is called "Safe Route". The chest along the Safe Route contains 320G. The chest along the Risky Shortcut contains . Gives 43 EXP.

Battle 1 - Goblin x2 / Griffin x2 (Risky Shortcut)

Battle 2 - Cumulus, Scaredy-Scorpion x2

Battle 3 - Cacti Stack, Cumulus x2

Stage 3

A forking path. Has 2 battles. The chest on the upper path contains a Cactus Juice ★★. The chest on the lower path contains 200G. Gives 55-57 EXP.

Battle 1 - Lady Mural, Cacti Stack (upper path) / Scaredy-Scorpion, Cacti Stack x2

Battle 2 - Lady Mural, Scaredy-Scorpion x3

Stage 4

An upside-down T-shaped path. Has 2-3 battles. Gives 29-84 EXP.

Battle 1 - Goblin, Lady Mural / Goblin x3

Battle 2 - Lady Mural, Scaredy-Scorpion x2 (upper path) / Scary Scorpion (straight path, buried)

Battle 3 (straight path only) - Lady Mural, Cacti Stack x2

Chest Stage

A straight path. The stage contains a golden chest, which gives either a new weapon or new clothing for a party member. This stage has no battles and gives no EXP.


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