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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

The Mini "Sassy Child" Slime (Japanese: ミニ"Mii's name"スライム Mini "Mii's name" Slime) is a boss encountered in Miitopia, and the first major enemy the player faces. It serves as the tutorial on how to fight.


The Mini "Sassy Child" Slime is simply a yellow blob of slime with the Sassy Child's (Traveler's in post-game) face on it.



The Sassy Child's face placed on the slime.

After the Dark Lord steals the faces of several citizens of Greenhorne, the Worried Mother begs the protagonist to save her son, giving them the prized family heirloom. The protagonist then rushes out of the town, finding the Dark Lord soon after. While the protagonist tries to get the Sassy Child's face back, the Dark Lord reveals his face, then the faceless mini slime, asking the protagonist how good are they in a fight.

  • The Dark Lord: Mwaa ha ha haaaa! Is someone trying to be the big hero?
  • Protagonist: Give [Sassy Child's name]'s face back!
  • The Dark Lord: What, this ol' thing? Hrrm. Maybe I'll give it back to you... But you'll have to earn it. How good are you in a fight?
  • Protagonist: Eeep!
  • The Dark Lord: Be seeing you! If you survive, that is!

His face is then placed onto the mini slime, and then the Dark Lord flees. Due to lacking any experience in a fight, the protagonist panics, not being able to do anything about the situation. However, the Antique Charm given by the Worried Mother glows, leading the Guardian Spirit to help them out by giving them a choice of six jobs. As soon as the protagonist gains their brand new fighting capabilities, they fight the Mini "Sassy Child" Slime, determined to rescue his face. In battle, the Mini Slime is by far the easiest enemy in the game, as it is mainly a tutorial for the battle system. It will only attack in battle, and easily goes down in a set number of turns. The protagonist is able to defeat it in the end, rescuing the Sassy Child. The Worried Mother will then rush to her child's side, thanking the player and rewarding them with 200 G.


The Travelers' Hub quest variant can randomly show up in the end of a temporary dungeon, this time with the client's face. Defeating it will clear the quest. It can appear alongside 2 Retroputers or 4 Licorice Jellies.


Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Attack Deals damage. (tutorial only) 100% 100%
Wide Attack Inflicts physical damage on one party member and other party members adjacent to him/her. (quest boss) 100% 100%
One More Time! (auto) Attacks twice per turn. (quest boss only) - -

Enemy statistics

The Mini Slime is the first boss encountered in the game, and is by far its easiest.

Mini "Sassy Child" Slime/"Traveler" Slime
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
Mini sassy child slime official artwork.png 7 7 6 0 6 Easin Hills
Sassyslime.png 1130 159 85 0 64 Temporary Dungeons

Rank 2

Mini mii slime switch.webp 1780 207 96 0 88 Temporary Dungeons

Rank 4



  • When encountered in post-game quests, this boss is referred to as "Traveler" Slime rather than Mini "Traveler" Slime, but still counts as the same monster in the Journal when defeated.
  • In addition, when fought during the post-game, it's basic attack will deal splash damage similarly to the "Mischievous Witch" Slime, unlike the one created from the Sassy Child much earlier in the game.
  • Despite the fight with the Slime being a boss fight, the boss battle music does not play during the fight and the default Greenhorne battle music plays instead, similar to the Naughty Imp.
  • It is technically the first post-game boss in the journal, due to being the first enemy in the journal.

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